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Motorola RDM2070d User Manual

Rdx series
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Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Motorola RDM2070d

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    The Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery ..8 CONTENTS Battery Features..... . . 8 About the Li-Ion Battery ....8 Safety .
  • Page 4 Battery Save ..... .19 to Operate with RDM2070d... . . 33 Reset to Factory Defaults .
  • Page 5: Safety

    For a list of Motorola-approved antennas, SAFETY batteries, and other accessories, visit the following website which lists approved PRODUCT SAFETY AND RF accessories: EXPOSURE COMPLIANCE Before using this product, read the operating instructions and RF energy awareness information contained in the Product...
  • Page 6: Batteries And Chargers Safety Information

    Use of accessories not recommended by To reduce risk of electric shock, unplug the Motorola may result in risk of fire, electric charger from the AC outlet before attempting shock, or injury.
  • Page 7: Operational Safety Guidelines

    OPERATIONAL SAFETY • The outlet to which this equipment is connected should be nearby and easily accessible. GUIDELINES • Maximum ambient temperature around the power • Turn the radio OFF when charging battery. supply equipment must not exceed 40°C (104°F). •...
  • Page 8: Introduction

    Thank you for purchasing the Motorola® RDX • Spring Action Belt-Clip Series™ Radio. This radio is a product of • Lithium-Ion Battery Motorola's 80 plus years of experience as a • Power Supply world leader in the designing and • User Guide manufacturing of communications equipment.
  • Page 9: Fcc Licensing Information

    Take into account that change or modifications FCC LICENSING not expressly approved by Motorola may void INFORMATION the user’s authority granted by the FCC to operate this radio and should not be made. To REGULATION ON MURS (MULTI-USE comply with FCC requirements, transmitter...
  • Page 10: Radio Overview

    RADIO OVERVIEW PARTS OF THE RADIO Antenna Lithium-Ion On/Off/ Battery Volume Knob LED Indicator Accessory Microphone Connector PTT (Push-to- Talk) Button Model Label SB1 - Monitor Use ‘Menu’ button Button to scroll up/ to lock keypad down through channels and menu setting Front Buttons English...
  • Page 11: On/Off/Volume Knob

    On/Off/Volume Knob Front Buttons Used to turn the radio ON or OFF and to adjust the radio’s volume. Accessory Connector Used to connect compatible audio accessories. Model Label Indicates the model of the radio • Button M E N U Microphone No options are enabled under the button...
  • Page 12: Side Buttons

    Select, Scan/Nuisance Channel Delete, “Battery Features” on page 8 and Monitor and Call Tones. Contact the “Accessories” on page 43. Motorola Service Support Center at 1-800- 501-8614 option # 9 for programming BATTERY FEATURES support. RDX Series™ radios provide Lithium-Ion...
  • Page 13: Battery Recycling And Disposal

    Motorola batteries are designed specifically to recycled and cannot be disposed of in landfills be used with a Motorola charger and vice or incinerators. Contact your local waste versa. Charging in non-Motorola equipment management agency for specific requirements may lead to battery damage and void the and information in your area.
  • Page 14: Installing The Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery

    Turn OFF the radio. Pull the battery away from the radio. With the Motorola logo side up on the battery pack, fit the tabs at the bottom of the battery into the slots at the bottom of the radio’s body.
  • Page 15: Installing Spring Action Belt Clip

    Frame accessory (P/N RLN6306A) as an the belt clip tab and push the spring action belt alternative battery solution. If you plan to clip upward to remove. use this accessory, please contact Motorola Power Supply, Adaptor and Drop-in Tray Service Support Center (1-800-501-8614 Charger Option # 9) to ensure your radio settings are updated to work will alkaline batteries.
  • Page 16 The radio comes equipped with a Standard Charging with the Drop-in Tray Single Unit Charger (SUC) Charger. To charge the battery (with the radio attached), place it in a Motorola-approved Drop-in Tray Single Unit Charger or Drop-in Tray Multi Unit Power Supply Charger. (Transformer)
  • Page 17 Charging a Standalone Battery Charging the Standard Battery The drop-in tray charger has a removable bracket that is adjustable depending on the type of battery that needs to be charged. It is designed to charge either the battery (with the radio) or a standalone battery.
  • Page 18 Power ON indication for 3 powered up seconds RDM2070d is 12 hours. Charging time with the standard drop in tray charger is estimated at 7 The charger is Charging Blinking red (slow) currently charging hours.
  • Page 19: Getting Started

    READING THE DISPLAY GETTING STARTED Keypad Vox / For the following explanations refer to "Parts of Lock iVox Scramble the Radio" on page page 6. Scan Signal Strength TURNING RADIO ON/OFF Battery Level Turn the On/Off/Volume knob clockwise to turn Channel Number ON the radio.
  • Page 20: Talking And Monitoring

    Program each channel separately. Each RECEIVING A CALL channel has its own Frequency and Select a channel by pressing the toggle Interference Eliminator Code. buttons until you reach the desired TALKING AND MONITORING channel. It is important to monitor traffic before Make sure the PTT button is released and listen transmitting to ensure that you do not ‘talk over’...
  • Page 21: Talk Range

    TALK RANGE radios for optimum audio quality. Estimated talk range for RDM2070d is up to For details of how to set up frequencies and 220,000 sq ft (inside steel/concrete industrial PL/DPL codes in your channels refer to the buildings) and up to 13 floors (inside multi-level ‘Programming Mode’...
  • Page 22 RADIO LED INDICATORS RADIO STATUS LED INDICATION Channel Alias Edit Red heartbeat Channel Busy Solid orange Cloning Mode Two orange heartbeats Cloning In Progress Solid orange One green blink, one orange blink, one green blink, then repeat for 4 Fatal Error at Power up seconds Low Battery Orange blink...
  • Page 23: Hands-Free Use/Vox

    Connector PTT button or removing the audio accessory. Note: Please contact the Motorola Service Motorola RDX™ radios can operate hands-free Support Center at 1-800-501-8614 option # 9 to modify sensitivity levels for the audio (VOX) when used with compatible audio accessories in your radios.
  • Page 24: Reset To Factory Defaults

    RDM2070d (*). while turning ON the radio. Keypad Lock/Unlock Note: (*) Contact the Motorola Service Support Center at 1-800-501-8614 option # 9 if you You can lock the keypad to avoid accidentally require special programming support. changing your radio settings. Press and hold...
  • Page 25: Programming Pl/Dpl Codes

    To exit ‘Programming Mode’, long press the PTT PROGRAMMING PL/DPL button to return to normal operation. CODES Once you are in Programming Mode, scroll up/ down to select the different channels by Before you can program PL/DPL codes, you pressing the buttons: should first enter “Programming Mode”...
  • Page 26 PTT button to go back. M E N U Alternatively, you can exit Programming Mode without saving changes by turning the radio OFF. RDM2070d has many programmable features like Channel Alias, Scramble, Important Call Tones, Channel Nuisance Delete, Scan, Bandwidth, Time Out Timer, etc.
  • Page 27: Cloning Radios

    • a Source radio (radio which profiles will be CLONING RADIOS cloned or copied from) and • a Target radio (the radio which profile will be CLONING RADIOS cloned from the source radio). You can clone RDX™ Series radio profiles from The Source radio has to be in Pocket 1, 3 or 5 one radio (also known as the ‘Source’...
  • Page 28: Cloning Radios Using The Radio To Radio (R2R) Cloning Cable (Optional Accessory)

    • (*) MUC pockets numbers should be read successful) or a ‘fail’ tone (cloning process has from left to right with the Motorola logo facing failed). The ‘pass’ tone sounds like a good key front. ‘chirp’ whereas the ‘fail’ tone sounds similar to a Cloning Radios Using the Radio to Radio ‘bonk’...
  • Page 29 Target Radio: Radio to which the configuration On the “Source Radio”, power the radio of the “Source Radio” will be copied (cloned). following the sequence below: Before beginning the cloning process, make • Long press the Push-to-Talk (PTT) and Side sure you have: Button 2 (SB2) simultaneously while turning the radio ON.
  • Page 30 Note: This cloning cable is designed to operate What to Do If Cloning Fails only with compatible Motorola RLN6175 The radio will emit an audible “bonk” indicating (Standard) and RLN6304 (Rapid) Single that the cloning process has failed. In the event Unit Chargers.
  • Page 31: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom Try This... Recharge or replace the Li-Ion battery. Reposition or replace AA batteries. No Power Extreme operating temperatures may affect battery life. Refer to See “About the Li-Ion Battery” on page 16. Confirm Interference Eliminator Code is set. Frequency or Interference Hearing other noises or Eliminator Code may be in use.
  • Page 32 Symptom Try This... Steel and/or concrete structures, heavy foliage, buildings or vehicles decrease range. Check for clear line of sight to improve transmission. Wearing radio close to body such as in a pocket or on a belt decreases range. Change location of radio.
  • Page 33 Symptom Try This... VOX feature might be set to OFF. Use the CPS to ensure that the VOX Sensitivity level is not set to ‘0’. Cannot activate VOX Accessory not working or not compatible. Refer to “Hands-Free Use/VOX” section on page 17. Recharge or replace Li-Ion battery.
  • Page 34 Symptom Try This... Check drop-in tray charger is properly connected and correspond to a compatible power supply. Ensure that you have the drop-in tray charger adjustable piece placed on the Battery does not charge right position. although it has been placed in Refer to “Charging with the Drop-In Tray Single Unit Charger”...
  • Page 35: Use And Care

    USE AND CARE Use a soft damp cloth Do not immerse Do not use alcohol or to clean the exterior in water cleaning solutions If the radio is submerged in water... Turn radio OFF and Dry with soft cloth Do not use radio until remove batteries completely dry English...
  • Page 36: Frequency And Code Charts

    RDM2070d CHANNELS DEFAULT SETTINGS The following are the default frequencies, codes and bandwidth settings programmed in the RDM2070d (RDX) radio, which complies with latest FCC regulations. In order for the RDM2070d Important to inter-operate with the Walmart XV2600 (XTN) or CP100 radios, you must make sure you choose the exactly the SAME channel settings (frequency, code and bandwidth) for all radios.
  • Page 37: Re-Programming Xtn Radios To Operate With Rdm2070D

    Channel 2 25.0 KHz (Fixed) Factory defaults for both XV2600 and RDM2070d are identical on Channels 1 and 2. If you want to make sure you’re operating with these settings you can turn your radio ON while holding the MENU and PTT buttons simultaneously for three seconds in order to do a Factory Reset.
  • Page 38: Programming More Than One Radio (Cloning Into Other Radios)

    Select Channel. Once you enter the Programming Mode, the channel number blinks. Frequency and Code will be displayed alternately. Press until the desired channel is selected. Program the Frequency. Press until the indicator illuminates and the frequency number blinks. Press to select the frequency.
  • Page 39: Ctcss And Pl/Dpl Codes

    CTCSS AND PL/DPL CODES CTCSS Codes CTCSS CTCSS CTCSS 67.0 107.2 167.9 71.9 110.9 173.8 74.4 114.8 179.9 77.0 118.8 186.2 79.7 192.8 82.5 127.3 203.5 85.4 131.8 210.7 88.5 136.5 218.1 91.5 141.3 225.7 94.8 146.2 233.6 97.4 151.4 241.8 100.0 156.7...
  • Page 40 PL/DPL Codes (cont.) Code Code Code English...
  • Page 41 PL/DPL Codes (cont.) Code Code Code English...
  • Page 42: Motorola Limited Warranty For The United

    This limited warranty is a consumer's exclusive Repaired or Replaced. to the consumer, whichever is longer. remedy, and applies as follows to new Motorola Products, Accessories and Software purchased by consumers in the United States, which are accompanied by this written warranty.
  • Page 43 (c) use of the Products or Accessories for nonconforming or non-Motorola housings, or commercial purposes or subjecting the Product or parts, are excluded form coverage. Accessory to abnormal usage or conditions; or (d) other acts which are not the fault of Motorola, are excluded from coverage. English...
  • Page 44 Accordingly, any copyrighted software all defects in the software products will be contained in the Motorola products may not be corrected. modified, reverse-engineered, distributed, or English...
  • Page 45 For further patent applications of Motorola or any third party information contact the U.S. Department of software provider, except for the normal, non- Commerce.
  • Page 46 NOTES English...
  • Page 47: Accessories

    BATTERY ACCESSORIES Part No. Description AUDIO ACCESSORIES RLN6351 Standard Li-Ion Battery Part No. Description Ultra High Capacity Li-Ion RLN6308 HKLN4606 Remote Speaker Mic Battery HKLN4599 Earpiece w/Inline Mic Dual Pin Surveillance with HKLN4601 CARRY ACCESSORIES HKLN4604 Swivel Earpiece with PTT Part No.
  • Page 48: Chargers

    Certain accessories may be or may not RLN6309 – North America be available at the time of purchase. For latest information on accessories, contact Standard Drop-in Tray RLN6175 your Motorola point of purchase or visit: Charger or en_us/products/two-way-radio- accessories.html Note:...
  • Page 49: Icons Chart

    Icons Chart Icon Symbol Comments Displayed during normal radio mode operation, displays battery life Battery Level remaining. Displayed during normal radio operation and when programming channel Channel features. Displayed during normal radio operation and when programming codes Code features. Displayed during normal radio operation and when programming Frequency frequency features.
  • Page 50 Icon Symbol Comments Scramble Displayed whenever scramble is enabled. Displayed whenever the radio is transmitting or set to a high-power Power Select selection. RSSI Display Icon numbers of bars will indicate the strength of the Signal Strength received signal. Displayed when VOX/IVOX enabled or when programming MIC/MIC gain VOX/IVOX features.
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