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Motorola RDU2020 User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Motorola RDU2020

  • Page 3: Introduction

    ® Thank you for purchasing a Motorola Series Radio. Your radio is a product of Motorola’s 70 plus years of experience as a world leader in the designing and manufacturing of communications equipment. The Series radios provide cost- effective communications for businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, schools, construction sites, manufacturing, property and hotel management and more.
  • Page 4 For product-related questions, please contact: 1-800-448-6686 in the USA 1-800-461-4575 in Canada 1-888-390-6456 on your TTY (Text Telephone) On the web, please refer to:
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Talking and Receiving ....28 Signal Strength Indicator/ Introduction........1 Channel Busy......28 FCC Licensing Information..5 Talk Range ....... 28 Safety and General Keypad Lock......29 Information.......7 Hands-Free Use/VOX ....29 Getting Started......17 With Compatible VOX Installing the Swivel Belt Accessories......
  • Page 6 Programming Call Tones ..37 Motorola Limited Warranty .....55 Programming Microphone Software Copyright Notice....63 Gain ........38 Patent Notice........63 Editing the Scan List ....38 Export Law Assurances ....64 Cloning ........39 Index ..........66 Advanced Features ......41 Troubleshooting ......43 Use and Care........45 Frequencies and Bandwidths..47...
  • Page 7: Fcc Licensing Information

    Demand system at: 1-800-418-FORM 1-888-CALL-FCC 1-202-418-0177 1-888-225-5322 1-800-418-3676 Or: Before filling out your application, you must decide which frequency(ies) you can operate on. See Frequencies and Bandwidths. For questions on determining your radio frequency, please call Motorola Product Services at: 1-800-448-6686.
  • Page 8 Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Motorola may void the user’s authority granted by the FCC to operate this radio and should not be made. To comply with FCC requirements, transmitter adjustments should be made only by or under the supervision of a person certified as technically qualified to perform transmitter maintenance and repairs in the private land mobile and fixed services as certified by an organization representative of the user of those services.
  • Page 9: Safety Instructions

    1. To reduce risk of injury, charge only the rechargeable Motorola authorized batteries. Other batteries may explode, causing personal injury and damage. 2. Use of accessories not recommended by Motorola may result in risk of fire, WARNING electric shock, or injury.
  • Page 10: Operational Safety Guidelines

    5. To reduce risk of fire, electric shock, or injury, do not operate the charger if it has been broken or damaged in any way. Take it to a qualified Motorola service representative. 6. Do not disassemble the charger – it is not repairable and replacement parts are not available.
  • Page 11 Product Safety and RF Exposure for RF Energy Exposure Awareness and Control Information and Operational Portable Two-Way Radios Instructions for Occupational Use The information provided in this document Note: This radio intended supersedes information contained in user guides occupational/controlled conditions where users published prior to February 2002.
  • Page 12 Your Motorola two-way radio has a RF Exposure All Motorola two-way radios are designed, Product Label. Do not remove this RF Exposure...
  • Page 13: Operating Instructions

    300 GHz" and "Attachment to resolution # limits at usage factors of up to 50% talk. 303 from July 2, 2002" Your Motorola two-way radio complies RF Exposure Compliance and Control with the following RF energy exposure Guidelines and Operating Instructions...
  • Page 14: Approved Accessories

    Phone Mode (TETRA only) - Operating a Motorola-approved clip, holder, holster, case, or Instructions body harness for this product. Using approved body-worn accessories is important because the • When placing or receiving a phone call, hold use of non-Motorola-approved accessories may...
  • Page 15: Medical Devices

    Facilities Turn the radio OFF immediately if you have any reason to suspect that interference is taking place. To avoid electromagnetic interference and/or compatibility conflicts, turn off your radio in any Hearing Aids facility where posted notices instruct you to do so. Some digital wireless radios may interfere with Hospitals or health care facilities may be using some hearing aids.
  • Page 16: Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

    OPERATIONAL WARNINGS The areas with potentially explosive atmospheres referred to above include fuelling areas such as For Vehicles With Air Bags below decks on boats, fuel or chemical transfer or storage facilities, areas where the air contains Refer to vehicle manufacturer's WARNING chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust or metal manual prior to installation of...
  • Page 17: Information

    Warnings for Radios Approvals, CSA, UL, CENELEC or ATEX) and Approved as Intrinsically Safe certifies that a particular product meets the Radios must ship from the Motorola Agency's applicable intrinsic safety standards for manufacturing facility with the WARNING specific types of hazardous classified locations. A...
  • Page 18 Motorola intrinsically safe equipment. Using a non Motorola intrinsically safe battery and A repair constitutes something done internally to or accessory with the Motorola approved radio unit the unit that would bring it back to its original will void the intrinsically safe approval of that radio condition.
  • Page 19: Getting Started

    Series models, and may detail some features your radio does not have. Your model number is shown on the front of the radio, underneath the speaker, and tells you the following information: Transmit Model Number Frequency Power Number of Model Location Band (Watts) Channels RDU2020 RDV2020...
  • Page 20 Installing the Spring Action Belt Clip 1. Slide the spring action belt clip grooves into the belt clip rails on the back of the battery pack and slide it down into place until it snaps. 2. To remove, push the release tab on the back of the battery surface and pull the spring action belt clip upward to remove.
  • Page 21 Your radio is powered by an Li-Ion battery pack, which provides up to hours* of usage. 1. With the Motorola logo side up, the battery pack, place the battery into the radio. 2. Push the battery into the battery compartment to fit...
  • Page 22: Turning Your Radio On Or Off

    Turning Your Radio On or Off Turn clockwise for On or counterclockwise for Off. The radio chirps and the briefly lights up.. Adjusting the Volume You can set the volume by turning. Note: Do not hold the radio too close to your ear when adjusting the volume or if it is at a high setting.
  • Page 23 Basic Operation Use P to: Indicator Light Turn power on/off Adjust radio volume Use B to: Transmit call tone Use Accessory Jack for: Use M to: Radio plug-in charging Talk Audio accessories Exit a menu Use J to: Use \ to: Monitor the frequency Lock the keypad Turn scan on/off*...
  • Page 24: Battery And Charging Options

    Battery and Charging Options You have several battery and charging options on your RDX Series Two-Way Radio. Li-Ion Battery See “Installing the Lithium Ion Battery Pack” on page 19. Alkaline Batteries Your radio can also use 5 AA Alkaline batteries with the purchase of an Alkaline Battery Frame (sold separately);...
  • Page 25: Charging Tray

    3. Plug the AC adaptor into a power outlet. Insert the battery or radio into the tray with the Motorola logo or radio front facing the front of the charger. Note: To extend battery life, do not overcharge.
  • Page 26: Battery Life

    Battery Life Watts Li-Ion Alkaline 22 Hours <TBD> Hours <TBD> Hours <TBD> Hours RDX Series Factory Defaults Your RDX radio is programmed at the factory to the following settings. If you need to change settings, refer to Programming Features on page 27. Channel Frequency Code...
  • Page 27: Talking And Receiving

    Talking and Receiving Signal Strength Indicator/Channel Busy When transmitting the LED on the front of the radio will be solid green. When receiving, the LED on the front of the radio will be solid red. Note: Obstacles that block the signal path may affect the strength of the incoming signal.
  • Page 28: Hands-Free Use/Vox

    Hands-Free Use/VOX Motorola RDX radios can operate hands-free (VOX) when used with compatible VOX accessories. A short delay occurs between when you start talking and the radio transmits. With Compatible VOX Accessories 1. Turn radio off. 2. Open accessory cover.
  • Page 29: Monitoring A Channel

    = Off (VOX with accessories only, default settings) = Low sensitivity = Medium sensitivity = High sensitivity Monitoring a Channel Check for channel activity. 1. Press and hold Q . You will hear static if the channel is clear. 2. Press side button 1 icon again to release. Programming Features You can change the following features by entering the programming mode.
  • Page 30: Entering Programming Mode

    Entering Programming Mode You must enter Programming Mode to change your communication settings. 1. Press and hold MJ for three seconds while turning on your radio. The radio beeps. Programming a Channel Each channel has its own Frequency, Interference Eliminator Code, and Bandwidth Settings.
  • Page 31: Programming The Interference Eliminator Code

    For example: UHF frequency code 12 = 461.1125 would be programmed as M + SB1 + M + SB1 + SB1 M gets you to the 10's numeral placement SB1 gets you to scroll up to the number 1 (only one press) M confirms your placement &...
  • Page 32: Programming Bandwidth

    Programming Bandwidth (when FCC allowable) Some frequencies have selectable channel spacing, which must match other radios for optimal radio quality. Bandwidth settings are programmed for each channel. 1. Enter Programming Mode as necessary, refer to “Entering Programming Mode” on page 28. Note: Spirit GT radios operate at 12.5 kHz.
  • Page 33: Cloning

    2. Press sb1 or sb2 to select the sensitivity level. = High sensitivity, for quiet environments = Medium sensitivity, the default setting = Low sensitivity, for loud environments 3. Press and hold M to exit. Cloning You can duplicate RDX Series radio settings from one radio to another by using optional accessories.
  • Page 34 Using the Multi-Unit Charger (RLN6309) 1. Enter programming mode on the programmed radio (M + SB1 + ON) 2. Place the programmed radio in one of the front pockets of the multi unit charger. 3. Turn the non-programmed radio ON and place it directly behind the programed radio.
  • Page 35: Advanced Features

    Advanced Features You can set the following features by pressing and holding additional button(s) while you turn on your radio. Press this Key While Turning Default To Do This On the Radio Setting Turn End-of-Transmission Tone on/off When enabled, your two-way radio transmits a tone when you finish transmitting.
  • Page 36 To Do This On the Radio Setting Toggle Phase Shift Changes your phase shift for optimal communication with other Motorola radios. 180° 180° XTN Series (factory default), M Series, Spirit M-Series, and Radius SP21 240° Spirit HP and Radius SP50...
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Symptom Try This: Recharge or replace battery RLN6305 battery pack. Reposition No Power or replace alkaline batteries if the Alkaline Battery Frame (RLN6306) has been purchased. Make sure M is completely pressed while transmitting. Message not Recharge or replace batteries. transmitted Verify the transmit light is illuminated solid green while speaking.
  • Page 38 Symptom Try This: Steel and/or concrete structures, heavy foliage, buildings or vehicles decrease range. Check for clear line of sight to improve Limited talk transmission. range Wearing radio close to body such as in a pocket or on a belt decreases range.
  • Page 39 Symptom Try This: Reinsert radio/battery. Charger light Clean battery/charger contacts. does not come Verify that the USB connector is inserted correctly into the charging tray. Cannot enter Programming Unplug any audio accessories and retry. mode...
  • Page 40: Use And Care

    Use and Care Use a soft damp cloth Do not immerse Do not use alcohol or to clean the exterior. in water. cleaning solutions. If the radio is submerged in water... Turn radio off and Do not use radio until Dry with soft cloth.
  • Page 41: Frequencies And Bandwidths

    Frequencies and Bandwidths The charts on the next few pages provide frequency information. These charts are useful when using Motorola RDX Series two-way radios with other business radios. Frequency Programming Number is identical to Spirit M, GT and S-Series frequency position (where applicable).
  • Page 42 UHF Frequencies Programmi Frequency Programmi Frequency ng Number (MHz) Bandwidth ng Number (MHz) Bandwidth 464.5000 12.5/25.0 461.1875 12.5 464.5500 12.5/25.0 461.2125 12.5 467.7625 12.5/25.0 461.2375 12.5 467.8125 12.5/25.0 461.2625 12.5 467.8500 12.5/25.0 461.2875 12.5 467.8750 12.5/25.0 461.3125 12.5 467.9000 12.5/25.0 461.3375 12.5 467.9250...
  • Page 43 UHF Frequencies (Continued) Programmi Frequency Programmi Frequency ng Number (MHz) Bandwidth ng Number (MHz) Bandwidth 462.9125 12.5 466.2625 12.5 464.4875 12.5 466.2875 12.5 464.5125 12.5 466.3125 12.5 464.5375 12.5 466.3375 12.5 464.5625 12.5 466.3625 12.5 466.0375 12.5 467.7875 12.5 466.0625 12.5 467.8375 12.5...
  • Page 44 UHF Frequencies (Continued) Programmi Frequency Programmi Frequency ng Number (MHz) Bandwidth ng Number (MHz) Bandwidth 462.1875 12.5 451.6375 12.5 462.4625 12.5 452.3125 12.5 462.4875 12.5 452.5375 12.5 462.5125 12.5 452.4125 12.5 467.1875 12.5 452.5125 12.5 467.4625 12.5 452.7625 12.5 467.4875 12.5 452.8625 12.5...
  • Page 45 Programmi Frequency Programmi Frequency ng Number (MHz) Bandwidth ng Number (MHz) Bandwidth 457.3125 12.5 457.7625 12.5 457.4125 12.5 457.8625 12.5 457.5125 12.5...
  • Page 46 Interference Eliminator Codes Display Code Display Code Display Code Number (Hz) Number (Hz) Number (Hz) 67.0 107.2 167.9 71.9 110.9 173.8 74.4 114.8 179.9 77.0 118.8 186.2 79.7 123.0 192.8 82.5 127.3 203.5 85.4 131.8 210.7 88.5 136.5 218.1 91.5 141.3 225.7 94.8...
  • Page 47 Digital Interference Eliminator Codes Display Digital Display Digital Display Digital Number Code Number Code Number Code...
  • Page 48 Digital Interference Eliminator Codes (Continued) Display Digital Display Digital Display Digital Number Code Number Code Number Code...
  • Page 49: Motorola Limited Warranty

    United States and Canada What Does this Warranty Cover? Subject to the exclusions contained below, Motorola, Inc. warrants its telephones, pagers, and consumer and professional two-way radios (excluding commercial, government or industrial radios) that operate via Family Radio Service or General Mobile Radio Service, Motorola-branded or certified accessories sold for use with these Products (“Accessories”) and Motorola software contained on CD-ROMs or...
  • Page 50 Products and Accessories Products Covered Length of Coverage Products and Accessories as defined One (1) year from the date of purchase above, unless otherwise provided for by the first consumer purchaser of the below. product unless otherwise provided for below. Decorative Accessories and Cases.
  • Page 51 (c) use of the Products or Accessories for commercial purposes or subjecting the Product or Accessory to abnormal usage or conditions; or (d) other acts which are not the fault of Motorola, are excluded from coverage. Use of Non-Motorola Products and Accessories. Defects or damage that result from the use of Non-Motorola branded or certified Products, Accessories, Software or other peripheral equipment are excluded from coverage.
  • Page 52 (b) broken seals or that show evidence of tampering; (c) mismatched board serial numbers; or (d) nonconforming or non-Motorola housings, or parts, are excluded form coverage. Communication Services. Defects, damages, or the failure of Products,...
  • Page 53 This warranty extends only to the first consumer purchaser, and is not transferable. What Will Motorola Do? Motorola, at its option, will at no charge repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any Products, Accessories or Software that does not conform to this warranty. We may use functionally equivalent reconditioned/refurbished/pre-owned or new Products, Accessories or parts.
  • Page 54 You will receive instructions on how to ship the Products, Accessories or Software, at your expense, to a Motorola Authorized Repair Center. To obtain service, you must include: (a) a copy of your receipt, bill of sale or other comparable proof of purchase;...
  • Page 56 Laws in the United States and other countries preserve for Motorola certain exclusive rights for copyrighted Motorola software such as the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute copies of the Motorola software.
  • Page 57: Software Copyright Notice

    Motorola. Furthermore, the purchase of the Motorola products shall not be deemed to grant either directly or by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license under the copyrights, patents, or patent applications of Motorola, except for the normal, non-exclusive license to use that arises by operation of law in the sale of a product.
  • Page 58: Export Law Assurances

    Export Law Assurances This product is controlled under the export regulations of the United States of America and Canada. The Governments of the United States of America and Canada may restrict the exportation or re-exportation of this product to certain destinations.
  • Page 59 Cloning ..........39 Audio accessories ......29 Code Adjust volume ......21, 22 Interference eliminator ....35 Advanced features ......41 Alkaline batteries ......24 Diagram Function ........22 Bandwidth......... 36 Drop-in charger ........ 25 Basic operations ....... 22 Battery End-of-transmission tone ....
  • Page 60 Internal VOX....... 30, 38 Diagram ........22 Introduction ........1 Display........26 Functions and settings ....23 Keepad tones ........41 Off..........21 On..........41 Operating........28 Licensing information Out of range .......28 FCC ..........5 Range Talking ........28 Meter Battery ........26 Safety information .......7 Microphone gain......
  • Page 61 Internal........30 Use and care ........46 Sensitivity level ....30, 38 Warranty .......... 54 External ........29 Website Accesories ......... 29...
  • Page 62 RDX Series Programming Quick Reference Function Appearance Press & hold side button 1 for 3 sec. and turn on radio to enter programming mode. Press \ until displays. To Frequency change, press [or ]. *depending upon model depending upon model Interference Appears after shows.
  • Page 63 RDX Series Programming Quick Reference Radio On Visual \as needed, then [or ] Choose: 1 Low Sensitivity Microphone Gain 2 Medium Sensitivity 3 High Sensitivity...
  • Page 65 • MOTOROLA, the Stylized M Logo,RDX Series and all other trademarks indicated as such herein are trademarks of Motorola, Inc. ® Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.

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