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GENDRON Regency XL 2000 Owner's Manual Page 7

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Anti-Tip- (optional) Anti-tip settings are shown below. These settings must match the illustrations
for your wheelchair's seat height. If seat height is changed make sure the anti-tip settings are
changed. All anti-tips are the same for each seat height, only configuration defines correct anti-tip
for your wheelchair's seat height.
Push Bar- (optional except on reclining back models and 6800 series) Push bar is inserted over
Push Bar
Spring Button
Adjusta-Front- (6800 series only) The foot
rests or leg rests are adjustable across the
full width of the wheelchair.
riggings across the front for the most
comfortable placement. To enter or exit the
chair, slide the front riggings out of the way.
To attach riggings; lift lock levers, hang
rigging slots over pins and push until fully
engaged with pins. To lock riggings in place
move the lock lever down.
must always be installed while chair is in
wheelchair pusher handles. Make sure spring buttons
are fully extended through handles before use. Push
bar may be retained on the left side while wheelchair
is folded by swinging the push bar down and
extending spring button through push bar. Push bar
must always be properly attached to all reclining back
models and 6800 series chairs while in use.
Wheelchair Push Handle
Slide the
Lock Lever


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