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GENDRON Regency XL 2000 Owner's Manual Page 3

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Gendron recommends that users not be transported in vehicles while seated in the
wheelchair. We do not approve of any tie-down system for transportation of users in any
moving vehicle while seated in the wheelchair.
Do not tilt the wheelchair back when occupied. This may cause serious injury to wheelchair
user or assistant.
Do not attempt to go up or down steps.
Do not ride over curbs or obstacles. This may cause the wheelchair to become unstable and
cause bodily harm to you or damage the wheelchair. Always use curb cuts.
Do not use your chair on a slope grade steeper than 10%. (A 10% slope grade means one
foot in elevation for every ten feet of slope length.)
Do not park the wheelchair on an incline.
Do not operate the wheelchair on slippery surfaces.
Do not lift the wheelchair by any removable parts including armrests and footrests. Lifting the
wheelchair by these parts, occupied or not, may damage the wheelchair.
Do not stand on footrests. When entering and exiting chair always fold up footrests.
Do not move forward in seat to reach for objects. Do not pick objects up from the floor by
reaching down between your knees.
Do not lean over the top of the back upholstery.
The back height, caster position, rear wheel position, and anti-tip position all define the
stability of the wheelchair. Any of these setting changes must be done in accordance with the
descriptions in this manual.
When opening or preparing the wheelchair to use, do NOT grab side seat tubes with fingers
underneath. This could pinch fingers between seat rest tubes and the seat tube rest.
Before sitting in wheelchair to use,
First, lock both wheel brakes
Second, place hands on arm rests, do NOT place hands in corners of wheelchair
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