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GENDRON Regency XL 2000 Owner's Manual Page 2

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Thank you for choosing Gendron!
Founded in 1872, Gendron is the oldest manufacturer of wheelchairs in the United States. Gendron
occupies over 65,000 square feet of manufacturing space utilizing state-of-the-art equipment,
technology and manufacturing processes. Because we control, in house, most all manufacturing,
we can guarantee superior quality and unparalleled service that you can rely upon.
Your wheelchair has been carefully assembled at our plant in Northwest Ohio. With proper care and
maintenance, it will provide many years of reliable service. Before using your chair, please read this
manual thoroughly.
"Uni-Mold" Mag Composite Wheels- Our exclusive wheel design provides high strength, low
maintenance, and lightweight. One piece molded construction guarantees superior rollability and
performance. Outlasts conventional tires by up to three times. Periodically examine tires for wear.
Worn tires will make your wheelchair difficult to propel. Both wheels should be replaced at the same
time to prevent chair from pulling to one side
6-8" Casters- Wheel is secured to the caster fork by an axle bolt and nut. To adjust, rotate bolt and
lock with nut. Wheel should be snug but free spinning. If the caster flutters, remove the caster cap.
Adjust the lock nut located under the caster cap. Take-up all play. Back-off about ¼ turn. Replace
caster cap.
20-24" Wheels- Adjust loose or wobbly wheels. First remove hub cap. Remove all dirt and lint from
outside of bearings. Loosen axle locknut. Tighten axle bolt until all wobble is eliminated. Back off
about 1/4 turn. Retighten locknut. Tilt the wheel chair to one side and spin the wheel. If it stops
abruptly, it is too tight. Readjust the axle bolt. Replace hub cap.
X-Braces- The pivot bolt's nuts must be snug, but not over tight. If pivot bolt becomes worn,
Lubrication- Periodically, lubricate all pivot and wear points on your wheelchair with a good grade
of silicone spray. All bearings are sealed and lubricated at the factory for the life of the bearing.
Cleaning and Polishing- The upholstery, vinyl components, wheels and tires may be cleaned with
warm water and a mild detergent. Wipe dry immediately with a soft clean cloth. Metal parts were
polished at the factory to provide a bright shiny appearance. To maintain new appearance, use a
good grade of car wax.
Opening and Closing Chair - To open, apply pressure to both seat tubes located at the sides of
the seat and force downward until the chair is fully open. Keep fingers away from pinch points
under seat tube while opening chair. Fold the chair by gripping the center of the seat upholstery at
the front and rear edges and lift upward, then push side frames together.
Seat and Back Upholstery- Only premium grade nylon is used. Inner liners are made of quality,
tested material to prevent sag and wear. All seats and backs are sewn, not heat sealed. Replace
immediately if upholstery is ripped or sags. To ensure comfort and uniform appearance, both seat
and back upholstery should be replaced together.


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