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5. Inspection
Recommended frequency: 1680 X 1050@60Hz
5.1 Electric Performance Inspection
Check for OSD control switch
*The monitor with remote control does a similar inspection about remote control.
(1) Receive recommended frequency, cross hatch pattern.
(2) Check that the picture is shown after 4 seconds from power on.
(3) Check that the LED on line indicator is blinking blue.
(4) Check that any noise is shown on the display with power on and off.
(5) Check for OSD control switch
a. Check that OSD menu is displayed when the OSD menu button is pressed.
b. The adjustment menu of various OSD confirms the normal function with the adjustment volume button.
(Brightness and sound volume, etc.)
c. And at this time, check that each value changes smoothly and any noise are not shown on display.
(Brightness and sound volume, etc.)
d. Check that OSD menu becomes off when the OSD menu button is pushed again.
e. Check that the input signal is changed when the button of signal change is pressed.
5.2 Check for the received recommended frequency
Check that the recommended frequency signal is received and displayed successfully. Check that the display is
shown in 5 minutes after the received signal is changed.
5.3 Check the performance
(1) Receive recommended frequency, the color bars pattern and the grays scale pattern is displayed.
(2) Check whether the color bars pattern is displayed smoothly, and all data are shown.
5.4 Inspection for Audio function
Purpose: Confirm the audio function works well. This inspection is unnecessary in case of the monitor without
the audio output. And when it is a monitor with the external speaker terminal or the headphone terminal, the
speaker or headphone is connected.
(1) Connect Audio input terminal with PC or Audio player, then input sound.
(2) Receive recommended frequency.
(3) Display the sound adjustment stage.
(4) Press the sound adjustment button to change the sound.
(5) Check that the sound is out normally from right and left speaker.

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