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NEC S401 Brochure

S series 40”, 46” & 52” business-grade lcd displays ideal for corporate and digital signage applications
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NEC S Series
40", 46" & 52" business-grade LCD displays
ideal for corporate and digital signage applications
Head-turning display technology. The NEC S Series, featuring
46" S461
screens and is ideal for those looking for professional-level
digital signage displays at a lower cost. The series is highlighted
by an industrial-strength design, broad connectivity, wide
display control and the Enhanced Digital Signage Technology
Suite (DSTS), which boasts more than 30 advanced features.
These displays deliver stunning visual impact for environments
such as corporate boardrooms, rental and staging, quick-service
restaurants, airports, healthcare and retail.
¤ Cooling capabilities start with a fan-based technology specially designed to work in both landscape and portrait modes and be
controlled locally or remotely. Internal temperature sensors control self-protective circuits, while special self-diagnostics communicate
the status of the thermal characteristics.
¤ Sealed panel design provides protection in less than optimal environments, while protecting against particles like dust, grease, or
steam from getting behind the glass and damaging the unit*
¤ Enhanced video wall capabilities allow you to expand your messaging options. Technologies include:
· TileMatrix™ allows you to create video walls (up to 100 displays in a 10x10 matrix)
· TileComp™ works in tandem with TileMatrix to compensate for the bezel width and create a more seamless video wall
· Copy function allows the user to apply the settings from one display to all others in the RS-232 daisy chain, reducing setup time and
saving money
· Individual and Group ID functions allow users to control settings for a defined individual display or group of displays within a
video wall
· Display Wall Calibrator Kit (optional) provides a quick, accurate and easy-to-use means of matching all displays in color and
brightness to create uniformity across the video wall
¤ Eco-friendly features include an ambient light sensor, which ensures consistent brightness no matter the lighting conditions, and a
carbon footprint meter, which helps track and calculate the conservation of green gas emissions
¤ Built-in expansion slot future-proofs your display investment, allowing for seamless integration of NEC and third-party components,
including an HD-SDI card, single-board computer and DVI daisy chain capability.
¤ Extensive control, diagnostic and communication provide the highest level of remote display management. These include:
· RS-232 enables multi-display control and daisy chain, allowing for individual and group-addressable control, and simple,
effective setup and monitoring of the display
· Ethernet connectivity adds the same RS-232 control plus automatic email notification for diagnostic purposes
· NaViSet™ software offers an intuitive graphical interface, allowing for easy adjustment of display settings via mouse and
keyboard. NaViSet Administrator provides all the advanced control to remotely located IT professionals.
· DDC/CI standard allows for PC control of the display based on the VESA command set
¤ Improved input options include quick input change, customized detection and naming
¤ Real-time clock/round-the-clock scheduling allows for advanced scheduling of monitor powering up/down
¤ CableComp+™ uses a digitized signal delay circuit to automatically compensate for each red, green and blue cable's length and
video signal delay, ensuring sharp image reproduction despite long cables and low output level
¤ Built-in tuner delivers high-definition broadcasting capabilities (-AVT models)
¤ ENERGY STAR 5.0 is proudly offered for all S Series displays, which meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, helping you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
* use under the environmental conditions noted in the specifications and user's manual
S521, touts full high-definition
Large-Screen LCD



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  • Page 1 ¤ Built-in expansion slot future-proofs your display investment, allowing for seamless integration of NEC and third-party components, including an HD-SDI card, single-board computer and DVI daisy chain capability.
  • Page 2 Calibrator Kit (KT-46UN-CC), SpectraView bration Kit (SVII-PRO-KIT), Digital IP tuner (MPD-DTi) Third Party TTUFF media player (DMD-80HD-NEC), TTUFF single board computer (APE-20HD-NEC; DPE-80HD-NEC), Magenta CAT5 receiver (NEC600), Minicom CAT5 receiver WARRANTY/SERVICE Limited Warranty* *Warranty restrictions apply. Contact your NEC representative for details.

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