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Operating Instructions - Honeywell 50206 Manual

Duval series
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23. Use the fan reverse switch, located on the side
of the light kit, to optimize your fan for seasonal
performance (Fig. 23).
Using a ceiling fan will allow you to raise your
thermostat in the summer and lower your
thermostat in the winter without sacrificing comfort.
Important: Wait for the fan to stop before moving the
reverse switch. The reverse switch must be set either
completely left or right in order for the fan to function
correctly. If the reverse switch is set in the middle
position, the fan will not operate.
24. In warmer weather, push the reverse switch left,
which will result in downward airflow creating a
wind chill effect (Fig. 24).
Note: Energy savings are possible by turning on the
ceiling fan and setting the thermostat a few degrees
warmer. To maximize savings, turn ceiling fan off
when no one is in the room.
25. In cooler weather, push the reverse switch right
and the fan to low, which will result in upward airflow
that can help move stagnant, hot air off the ceiling
area. By mixing the air, the heat may not have to run
as often and may yield energy savings (Fig. 25).


Fig. 23
Fig. 24
Fig. 25

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