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Fujitsu NEORE B User Manual Installation Instruction

Comfort series; high power series
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User manual
Installation instruction
Heat Pump Neoré
08/2016 - All rights and changes reserved



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  • Page 1 User manual Installation instruction Heat Pump Neoré 08/2016 - All rights and changes reserved...
  • Page 2: Quick Setup

    QUICK SETUP Descriptions of the controls The upper bar displays time, successfully connected Neoré Route (cloud) service and Ethernet connection. Object section Overview section Displays mode of Displays important heating / cooling, object temp., temperatures and paremeters, circulator state, object state, operation states, outdoor unit main switch operation power, icon of economic...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

  • Page 4: Important Notice

    Dear consumer, thank you for purchasing the heat pump Neore. We hope you will be satisfied with the device which shall bring heat comfort to your house.The pump is a quite complicated device therefore pay high attention to this manual, please.
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    4. SAFETY The heat pump is an electrical appliance operating with voltage of 400V! It can be installed and maintained only by an authorized electrician. In case of fire do not extinguish with water or a foam extinguisher. Use only powder or carbon-dioxide extinguisher! In case of refrigerant leakage turn off all circuit breakers placed inside of indoor unit.
  • Page 7: Principle Of Operation

    6. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION A heat pump is a device gaining low-temperature energy from a selected source and transforming it to a higher temperature level. A heat pump air-water system utilizes heat of surrounding air. Its core is a high-performance compressor which presses down the refrigerant in a hermetic circuit and expands it while using convenient features of the cooling medium.
  • Page 8: Connecting Of The Refrigerant Circuit

    BASE FOR OUTDOOR UNIT The outdoor unit is recommended to be placed on a concrete base. The gap between breeze blocks shall be filled with pebbles. It allows defrosted liquid to leak deep enough and avoids frozen lumps. If you have impermeable ground, you can improve the condition by using a drainage pipe and spreading the liquid to a larger area.
  • Page 9: First Start Of The Heat Pump

    BIVALENT SOURCE Heat pumps Neore contain integrated electric boiler of capacity 6kW. The boiler compensates power loss of the heat pump at extreme conditions. When external bivalent boiler is used, it is necessary to equip it with all safety elements (temperature protection, pressure valve, el. protection). The added bivalent source is controlled by the heat pump only passively.
  • Page 10: Settings And Service Of Regulator Neore Unity Color

    10. Settings and service of regulator Neoré Unity Color Description of the control panel NeoRé Basic controls: For basic controls of the heat pump use graphical touch panel. Main menu (press button „MENU”) Graphs of important values Main screen - summmary. Used for switch on / off Heat pump, DHW heating. Outdoor unit temperature, object temperature, output water temperature, Displays the overview of most important values and allows entry to states and DHW temperature, required output power.
  • Page 11 Description of sections - Overview - main screen The upper bar displays time, successfully connected Neoré route (cloud) service and Ethernet connection. Object section DHW section Overview section Displays mode of Displays temp. of Displays important temperatures and heating / cooling, DHW, DHW paremeters, operation states, outdoor object temp.,...
  • Page 12 Description of sections - Overview - main screen Section - More... 2. circ - secondary circuit mixing valve opening 2. equi. - temperature computed by equithermal curve for secondary circuit 2. outp. - output water temperature for secondary circuit Outdoor temp. - outdoor temperature Comp.
  • Page 13 Description of sections - Object pg. 1 Follow energy tariff - follow electricity supplier energy tariff for heating / cooling of object Mode - heating / cooling - heating / cooling mode switch Use an object sensor - switch specifies, if an object temperature sensor is used for equithermal curve correction (IQ equitherm)(for this option must be indoor temperature sensor connected) Required T of object - target object temperature for IQ equitherm and target object temperature for cooling Required T of cooling water - required cooling water temperature;...
  • Page 14 Description of sections - Object pg. 2 Sec. equitherm. T - actual temperature computed by equithermal curve for secondary circuit and access to quithermal curve settings (same principle as the primary circuit) Attenuation time schedule - attenuation settings for output water temperature and potential outdoor unit power limit after a certain time.
  • Page 15 Description of sections - Settings pg. 1 Current limit per 1 phase - at one phase units may experience overloading when runs together with bivalent source; this function cause that first stage of bivalent source will not be used for bivalent operation Secondary circuit - define if the seconadry circuit control is used (external mixing valves) Outdoor unit max power - enable to set outdoor unit maximal power (mainly used for noise reduction) Only in the attenuation - outpdoor unit power limit is active only when attenuation is active...
  • Page 16: Service Extension Possibilities

    11. SERVICE EXTENSIONS POSSIBILITIES ETHERNET 100Mbit FD WI-FI WI-FI INTERNET INTERNET WEB SERVER SERVICE To connect to the heat pump web site the controller must be plugged into an Ethernet network and configured correctly. Then you can access the web interface from the computer Internet browser with support of XML standard. Enter IP address of heat pump into your browser address bar.
  • Page 17 NEOTA ROUTE SERVICE Neota Route is new service of NeoRé heat pump, which secure user accessto web server through the Internet network without need of public IP address and exactly router mapping. The heat pump needs only Internet connection as well as any computer. For Neore heat pump connection to Neota Route, you have to contact yours heat pummp supplier, or apply for openning an account by email at
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    12. MAINTENANCE This heat pump because of its construction requires really low maintenance. The basic maintenance will be provided by service company once a year. During this service will be checked all crucial parts of the heat pump. Especially the amount of refrigerant in circuit and refrigerant circuit function. It´s important to check outdoor unit exchanger.
  • Page 19: Instalation

    13. INSTALATION MANUAL Attention Models: NeoRé 8, 11, 14, 16 (HP) refrigerant This product contains refrigerant R410A and polyester oil This product can be installed only by producer-approved companies For authorized person This sign informs about the most important information such a protection against the danger DANGEROUS of electric shock, injury caused by leaking refrigerant etc.
  • Page 20 WORKING CONDITIONS The heat pump can be used as heat source for heating or cooling and for heating of water. Working environment: environment by ČSN 33 2000-3 for outside unit AA2-AA5; AB7; AD3 environment by ČSN 33 2000-3 for inside unit. AA5;...
  • Page 21 WARNING 1 Install only according to this manual. 2 Connect inside and outside unit (refrigerant, electric) only by using the material mentioned in the manual. 3 Installation of refrigerant and electrical circuit can be performed only by authorized persons. 4 Don´t use flexible cords and pipelines for the units connection. 5 Don´t run the device which is not completely installed.
  • Page 22 Connection of refrigerant circuit Attention Don´t exceed maximum lenght of connecting pipeline. In other case preformance parameters can´t be fulfilled and the device could be destroyed. Max. height Pipeline size Lenght Model diffefence Liquid MAX. MIN. 50 m Neoré 8 9,52 mm (3/8 in.) 15.88 mm (5/8 in.) 30 m 75 m...
  • Page 23 Apply alkylbenzene oil (HAB) for refrigerant leak prevention. Don´t use mineral oils! 3-way valve (liquid) 3-way valve (gas) ATTENTION Hold torque wrench at the right angles to the pipe. This is the only way to the correct function. rozměr potrubí utahovací...
  • Page 24 REFRIGERANT REPLENISHMENT Every unit is prefilled by R410A refrigerant. It is not necessary to replenish any refrigerant. In a case of refrigerant leak and loss, add necessary amount according to the external unit label or according to this table. Model Fill of regrigerant 1,7 kg Neoré...
  • Page 25 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION The scheme of connecting to the elecric installation see on the picture undet the text. Connection, repairs and check of the electric installation may do only authorized person. Proffesional involvement must be confirmed on the warranty certificate. Electric installation must respond to the applicable electrical standards ČSN, especially ČSN 37 5215. Check of the electrical circuits will be done after the installation of the heating system and its flooding.
  • Page 26: Indoor Unit

    Indoor unit DHW tank max 2000W If the heat pump heats DHW, connection of electric heater is needed. It is used for tank desinfection and as a backup heat source. Otherwise software will not work correctly and might actuator (servo) mix.
  • Page 27 HEAT PUMP CONNECTION TO HEATING SYSTEM Designing The heating system design quality is very improtant, as well as quality of heating water and used materials. Insufficient flow of heat transfer medium causes increase in condensing temperature and thereby significant reduction of COP (Coeficient Of Performance). Badly designed regulation system has the same effect. On the other hand, too high flow causes erosion corrosion attack.
  • Page 28 Principles of commissioning and operation of heating systems In modern heating systems is important to take care of heating water quality, install, commisioning and operation. Otherwise rapidly and clearly show problems. The aim of this part is to warning about rules which are related to this problematic.
  • Page 29 Settings of safety relief valve (Psv) * presssure of safety valve Psv should be about 0,5bar higher than operation pressure Pe; it is pressure inside of system when is heated to its maximum; this condition suits for pressure Psv < 5bar; for pressure Psv > 5bar suits Pe + 0,9 Psv 4) Heating system bleeding Bleeding is carried out when heating system is filled, commisioning and operated...
  • Page 30 HEAT PUMP CONNECTION TO HEATING SYSTEM - hydraulics Only professional company can do installation of the heat pump to heating system. Eventually the heating company with adequate training. Attention, desk exchanger can not be contaminated by pool water. Use of exchanger is required Example 1 - Standard type connection of Neoré...
  • Page 31 Hydraulic and electric scheme of NeoRé heat pump DHW output description note Heat pump indoor unit Heat pump outdoor unit DHW tank The tank must be equipped XOU1:3 XOU1:2 with electric heater, XOU1:1 max. 2.4kW The tank must be provided XcircT exchanger with minimal XOTUV...
  • Page 32 Hydraulic and electric scheme of Neoré heat pump DHW output description note Heat pump indoor unit Heat pump outdoor unit DHW tank The tank must be equipped XOU1:3 XOU1:2 with electric heater, XOU1:1 max. 2.4kW The tank must be provided XcircT exchanger with minimal XOTUV...
  • Page 33 Hydraulic circuit design documents The Neoré heat pump is designed according to the simple installation. All important elements of the hydraulic circuit are integrated in the indoor unit. The indoor unit contains efficient circulator, exchanger, 3-way valve for heating DHW, 8 l expansion tank, 6 kW backup electric heating, DN20 / 2,5bar safety valve. In the hydraulic circuit design is neccessary to take into account high demand of heat pumps on sufficient flow of heating water.
  • Page 34 Hydraulic circuit design documents Indoor unit equipment 1. Refrigerant/water exchanger 2. Circulator 3. Safety valve 2,5 Bar 4. Manual bleeding valve 5. Pressure sensor 0-4 Bar 6. Electric heater 2kW 7. 3-way valve 8. Expansion tank 8l 9. Heating water output 10.
  • Page 35: Protective Function

    14. PROTECTIVE FUNCTION Protective Description Note / function variable Freeze Static (output water If the indoor unit is connected to power protection temperature lower than 5°C) supply, output water temperature is monitored. When it is lower then 5°C, so circulator and first stage of bivalent (2 kW) are switched ON.
  • Page 36 Protective Description Note/ function variable Sensor control Critical sensors - output If temperature sensor is out of range (-50 to Error autoreset water, input water 120°C) critical error is signalized and heat max. 5 times pump stops operation. Other sensors Error is signalized, but have not got any influence to primary heat pump operation.
  • Page 37: Service Information

    15. Service information for indoor unit C onte nt ELECTRIC SCHEMA ERRORS Note: Outdoor unit service informations are located in separatee manual.
  • Page 38 DIMENSIONS Indoor unit 565 mm 305 mm Mounting plates POSITION IS NOT USED COULD BE USED MIRROR...
  • Page 39 PWM signal brown blue...
  • Page 40 Errors States and errors Section - Status Errors Code of states and errors - four-digit code (read from left) 1. digit: 1 - Freeze protection (output water temperature dropped below safe limits) 2 - Insufficient water flow (water flow dropped below safe limits) 3 - Outdoor unit disorder 4 - Low water pressure (water pressure dropped below 0,9 Bar) 5 - Faulty temperature sensor MX (communication unit)
  • Page 41 Bill of material Indoor unit Model IO 16 - 15..I.12 I.13 I.11 I.10 Label Decription Part number Exchanger I0002090001 Bivalent and output part I0002090002 Expansion tank I0002090003 3-way valve with pipes I0002090004 Input part I0002090005 Circulator I0002090006 Flowmeter I0002090007 Barometer I0002090008 Control unit...
  • Page 43 WARRANTY LIST Warranty conditions: 1. The NeoRé heat pump is under warranty for ___ months from installation date. 2. The warranty only applies to hidden production and assembly defects. 3. The heat pump must by installed and during warranty time serviced by authorised company. 4.
  • Page 44 Installation protocol Customer: Addess: Street: City, zip code: Phone num: Email: Company: Addess: Street: City, zip code: Phone num: Email: Device: Serial number: Power: Bivalent source: Location of out. unit Company representative signature " This part belongs to installation company HANDOVER CONFIRMATION I confirm that device was installed by conventional and by both sides accepted technical dispositions.
  • Page 45 Service access Enterance into service access is in Settings -> Service access. Password is "2008" Default values are inside of brackets Section: Outdoor unit data (works with Toshiba outdoor unit only) - displays data from outdoor unit; allows to set type and parameters of outdoor unit;...