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Renaming files on the PC
You may want to rename the recorded files to help you remember what each contains.
To rename the files on the PC:
1. Click once on the name of the file, pause, then click a second time
2. Type in an appropriate name, press the Enter key on the keyboard and the name
should be changed
Warning. Do not rename the files on the recorder itself as this means they can no longer be
played back on the recorder.
C4. Copying TO the recorder
You can copy any 'WMA' or 'MP3' audio file (eg music or other track 'ripped' from a CD)
from the PC to the recorder and then play it back on the recorder later on. This could be
useful if you have powered speakers to plug in to the recorder to allow play-back to the
whole class – but remember to observe any copyright limitations.
To copy a file to the recorder simply drag it from where it is kept on the PC and put it into
the MUSIC folder in the recorder. This leaves the original file exactly as it was and makes a
copy of it on the recorder.
You can also use the recorder as a portable memory device by copying files across to its
DATA folder. Note that, once unplugged from the PC, there is no way of seeing the DATA
folder on the recorder itself until you plug it back in to a PC again.
C5. Safely removing the recorder
To avoid damaging data files, you should:
1. Make sure that the recorder display is not showing any moving/flashing symbols
2. Click on the 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon (or similar), normally at the bottom-right
of the computer screen
3. Click on the 'Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device' option that should pop up
4. Wait till you see the 'Safe to Remove Hardware' message
5. Unplug the recorder cable from the PC and from the recorder
What to do if 'device cannot be stopped right now' message appears at step 4:
First, wait 30 seconds or so then try again. If the message still comes up, the safest thing to
do is to shut down the PC completely, then unplug the recorder.
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