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Part C – Copying across to a PC Computer
The audio files on the ICR-A190M voice recorder can be copied over onto a PC computer
and moved around just like any other type of file. The computer will need to have a 'USB'
port (socket) to plug the recorder in to, and have Windows 2000/ME or later as its operating
system. It may also work with Windows 98 but for that requires a downloadable driver (see
Sanyo instruction booklet or website). It may not work on Apple computers.
The instructions below assume you are using Windows XP.
C1. Plugging in to the PC
It doesn't matter whether the recorder is On or Off before you start.
A standard lead (supplied with the recorder) is required to connect to the PC.
1. On the side of the recorder is a flexible grey cover with 'I/O' written on it (this stands
for Input/Output in case you are wondering). Using a fingernail or similar, lift the end
nearest the letter O; you should see a small socket underneath.
2. Plug the appropriate end of the lead into this socket.
3. Assuming the computer is already powered up and running normally,
plug the other end of the lead into the USB port on the computer.
The recorder screen should then show symbols which indicate it is connected.
If you know how to copy files from a USB device (eg a 'pen' or 'flash' drive) you can do so in
the normal way. If you're not sure, look at sections C2 and C3 below.
C2. Locating the recordings
When you plug the recorder into the USB port, one of two things will normally happen:
a small window headed 'Removable Disk' appears on the computer screen OR
it doesn't.
If the small window appears:
1. Click on the option saying 'Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer'
2. Click OK to do this
You should end up with a list of three folders (DATA, MUSIC, VOICE) in the right
hand part of the window
3. Click on the word Folders (or an icon for this) at the top of the window
You should now see the same three folders in the left of the window too
4. In the left of the window, click on the VOICE folder
You should see four 'sub-folders' (A, B, C, D) below it
5. In the left of the window, click on each of these four folders (A-D) in turn
You should see their contents (files) in the right of the window.
If the small window did not appear:
1. Start up My Computer (eg click the Start button, then click on 'My Computer')
2. Click on the word Folders (or an icon for this) at the top of the window
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