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B5. How Much Time Left - Sanyo ICR-A190M Manual

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4. Press ERASE a second time and hold down for 3-4 seconds to confirm
5. The recording has now been erased
When you erase a recording (unless it's the very last one) all the recordings after it
'shuffle back one'. So if you have 17 recordings and erase track 14, you magically get a
new track 14 in its place - which is actually the 'old' track 15 that has simply shuffled
back one. Similarly the 'old' 16 shuffles back to be track 15 and the old 17 shuffles back
to be 16. Sounds confusing but easy to get used to.
At step 3, only press ERASE briefly. If you hold it for 2 seconds or more you end up
erasing everything in that folder – which can be useful, but only if you intended to do it.

B5. How much time left?

To find out how much free space/time there is left on the recorder, simply look at the display
when the recorder is doing nothing. The remaining free time is shown in the lower half of
the display. It will vary according to the recording mode currently selected – see the table in
section A5.
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