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A6. Setting the Microphone Sensitivity
The built-in microphone has 3 sensitivity levels. Which you use will depend on where you
are using the recorder.
In particularly noisy places use 'Low' or 'Middle' sensitivity, with the recorder very
close to the speaker.
In normal situations use 'High' sensitivity and hold the recorder not quite so close.
You can change the sensitivity at any time:
1. Press the STOP/MENU button for 3-4 seconds until the display changes
2. If necessary, press the SKIP/SEARCH button at one end until 'VOICE' appears
3. Press PLAY (this gives you access to the 'voice' options)
4. Press SKIP/SEARCH at one end until the words 'MIC SENSE' appear
5. Press PLAY – the current sensitivity should be shown at the end of the display
6. Press SKIP/SEARCH to change as required
7. Press PLAY to finish, then press STOP twice to get out altogether
Note that recorder has three microphones – Left, Right and Centre. The Centre mic can be
turned On or Off by repeating the steps above but selecting CENTER MIC at step 4.
However it makes almost no difference to sound quality so can be safely ignored.
Part B – Recording & Playback
This section assumes that you are a tutor making recordings of learners in one way or
another. Most of the information applies to other situations as well.
B1. Recording
1. Select the folder you want to use by pressing the FOLDER/REPEAT button until
the letter for that folder is shown at the top of the display (with a square round it)
The ICR-A190M has 4 folders labelled A-D for recording. You might choose each
folder for a different purpose (eg all initial assessments go into folder A, all on-
course reflections into folder B). Or if you have more than one group of learners you
might want to use each folder for a different group (eg Tuesday's class in A,
Wednesday's in B). There is also a fifth folder labelled with a 'musical notes' sign.
This is not available for recording purposes – see B2 and C4 below
2. Check that the recorder is in HQ or SP mode (shown in the display) – see A5 above
3. Press REC/PAUSE (the red light should go on) – you are now recording
4. Press STOP when finished
5. You may then want to press PLAY to check that what you just recorded sounds OK
If it is too quiet or muffled you may need to change the sensitivity – see A6 above
The recording is automatically given the next available 'track' number in that folder. So if
you already have 16 recordings in the folder then the new recording becomes track 17.
If you want to pause whilst making a recording, press the REC/PAUSE button. Then press
it again when ready to resume.
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