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Form No. A/02/00
Part No. 8113P254-60
Installer: Please leave this guide with this
Consumer: Please read and keep this guide
for future reference. Keep sales receipt
and/or cancelled check as proof of pur-
Model Number
–– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– ––
Serial Number
–– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– ––
Date of Purchase
In our continuing effort to improve
the quality and performance of our
cooking products, it may be neces-
sary to make changes to the appli-
ance without revising this guide.
If you have questions, call:
1-888-4MAYTAG (1-888-462-9824)
1-800-688-2080 ( U.S. TTY for
hearing or speech impaired)
(Mon.-Fri., 8 am-8 pm Eastern Time)
For service information, see page 14.
h t t p : / / w w w . m a y t a g . c o m
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   Summary of Contents for Maytag ACCELLIS 2X MER6750

  • Page 1

    MAYTAG ACCELLIS 2X ELECTRIC RANGE MER6750 ® SAFETY Pages 1-3 ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ SURFACE COOKING Pages 4-5 ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ OVEN COOKING Installer: Please leave this guide with this Pages 6-11 appliance.

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS NEVER heat unopened containers on Read and follow all instructions before us- General Instructions the surface unit or in the oven. Pressure ing this appliance to prevent the potential risk build-up in the container may cause con- of fire, electric shock, personal injury or dam- WARNING: NEVER use appliance tainer to burst resulting in burns, injury...

  • Page 3: Heating Elements

    Turn pan handle toward center of cooktop, NEVER allow children to sit or stand on any Do not use oven cleaners. No commercial not out into the room or over another sur- part of appliance. oven cleaner or oven liner protective coat- face element.

  • Page 4

    Use this appliance only for its intended sories, specifically described in this oven that come together on closing use as described in this manual or in the guide or in the Maytag Accellis door, use only mild, nonabrasive soaps Maytag Accellis 2X Cooking Guide. Do Cooking Guide.

  • Page 5: Surface Controls

    Surface Cooking CAUTION: Surface Controls Before Cooking After Cooking Always place a pan on the surface Clean up messy spills as soon as unit before you turn it on. To prevent possible. Use to turn on the surface elements. An damage to range, never operate sur- infinite choice of heat settings is available face unit without a pan in place.

  • Page 6: Cooking Areas

    Glass-Ceramic Cooking Surface NOTES: Never let a pan boil dry as this will permanently damage the surface and On Canadian models, the cooking surface will not operate during a self-clean pan. cycle. Never use foil-type disposable contain- Cooktop may emit light smoke and odor the first few times it is used. This is normal. ers or place a trivet or wok ring between When a control is turned on, a red glow from the element can be seen through the the surface and pan.

  • Page 7: Setting The Clock

    Oven Cooking The electronic control is designed for ease in programming. The display window on the control shows time of day, timer and oven functions. Messages will scroll to prompt your programming steps. All indicator words are displayed in the diagram below to show location. Oven Control Pads Setting the CLOCK CAUTION:...

  • Page 8: Keep Warm

    BAKE PAD NOTES: Use for baking and roasting. BAKING KEEP WARM Press BAKE pad. Press the BAKE pad to recall the set For optimal food quality and nutri- temperature during preheat. tion, oven cooked foods should be Press BAKE pad again for 350° F or press kept warm for no longer than 1 to 2 the AUTO SET pad.

  • Page 9

    COOK TIME/STOP TIME PADS TIMER PAD CLOCK CONTROLLED OVEN COOKING The timer may be set for any time period Use to program the oven to start and stop To Delay Start and Turn Off up to 99 hours and 59 minutes (99:59). automatically when baking or roasting.

  • Page 10

    Speed Options SETTING THE SPEED OPTIONS Speed Option - The Speed Options use a combination of conventional radiant heat from the bake Place the food in the oven and close the Speed Options - and broil elements with added microwave oven door.

  • Page 11

    Control Options 12 H Press the AUTO SET pad - each press changes the temperature by 5° The oven may be set to turn off after 12 To Change Factory Set Control Options: F. The control will accept changes hours or stay on indefinitely. The default from -35°...

  • Page 12: Rack Positions

    Care & Cleaning RACK POSITIONS – To Delay the Start of a Self-Clean Cycle: CONVENTIONAL OVEN Follow steps 1-4 above. Cleaning the Oven Press the STOP TIME pad. STOP TIME must be flashing to set the desired stop time. CLEAN PAD As STOP TIME flashes, press the ap- propriate number pads to enter the time Use to set a self-clean cycle.

  • Page 13: Oven Interior

    Cleaning Procedures COOKTOP GLASS-CERAMIC Do not use abrasive materials such as scouring pads, steel wool or powdered CAUTION: Never use oven cleaners, chlorine bleach, am- cleaners as they will scratch glass. monia or glass cleaners with ammonia. NOTE: Be sure appliance is off and all parts Call an authorized servicer if the glass- OVEN INTERIOR are cool before handling or cleaning.

  • Page 14: Oven Door

    The storage drawer at the bottom of the CAUTION: range is safe and convenient for storing is used, order bulb from Maytag Cus- metal and glass cookware. DO NOT store tomer Service. Call 1-800-688-8408, ask Do not place excessive weight on or plastic, paperware, food or flammable for part number 74004458 - halogen bulb.

  • Page 15: Before You Call For Service

    Before You Call For Service MOISTURE COLLECTS IN FOR MOST CONCERNS, TRY BAKING RESULTS ARE NOT AS OVEN OR ON OVEN WINDOW. THESE FIRST: EXPECTED OR DIFFER FROM This is normal when cooking foods high Check if oven controls have been prop- PREVIOUS OVEN.

  • Page 16

    National Standard of Canada service. unless the appliance was brought into Canada If the dealer or service company cannot resolve the problem, write to Maytag due to transfer of residence from the United ® Appliances Sales Company, Attn: CAIR Center, P.O.

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