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Grounding Method - LG T7267TDDL SERIES Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
rounding Method
Earth wire should be connected.
If the earth wire is not connected, there is possible a danger of electric shock caused
by the current leakage .
Grounding Method with Ground insert space Terminal
If the AC current outlet has a ground terminal, then
separate grounding is not required.
Concerning the Power Cord
Most appliances recommend they be placed upon a dedicated circuit; that is, a single outlet circuit which powers only that appliance and has no additional
outlets or branch circuits. Check the specification page of this owner's manual to be certain. Do not overload wall outlets. Overloaded wall outlets, loose or
damaged wall outlets, extension cords, frayed power cords, or damaged or cracked wire insulation are dangerous. Any of these conditions could result in
electric shock or fire. Periodically examine the cord of your appliance, and if its appearance indicates damage or deterioration, unplug it, discontinue use of
the appliance, and have the cord replaced with an exact replacement part by an authorized servicer. Protect the power cord from physical or mechanical abuse,
such as being twisted, kinked, pinched, closed in a door, or walked upon. Pay particular attention to plugs, wall outlets, and the point where the cord exits the
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Other Grounding Method
Burying Copper Plate
Connect the Ground Wire to a Ground Copper
Plate and bury it more than 75cm in the ground.
Using Ground Wire
Connect the ground Wire to the socket provided
exclusively for Grounding.
Using a Short Circuit Breaker
If grounding methods described above are not possible,
a separate circuit breaker should be employed and
installed by a qualified electrician.
Disposal of your old appliance (as per e-waste Rules)
When this crossed out wheeled bin symbol is depicted on
the product and its operator's manual, it means the product is
covered by the e-waste Management and Handling
2011 and are meant to be recycled, dismantled, refurbished or
disposed off.
Do's :
a. The product is required to be handed over only to the
authorized recycler for disposal.
b. Keep the product in isolated area, after it becomes non-functional/un-
repairable so as to prevent its accidental breakage.
Don't :
a. The product should not be opened by the user himself/herself, but only
by authorized service personnel.
b. The product is not meant for re-sale
agencies/scrap dealer/kabariwalah.
c. The product is not meant for mixing into household waste stream.
d. Do not keep any replaced spare part(s) from the product in exposed
3. Any disposal through unauthorized agencies/person will attract action
under Environment (Protection) Act 1986.
4. "This product is complied with the requirement of Hazardous
Substances as specified under Rule 13 (1) & (2) of the E-Waste
(Management & Handling) Rules, 2011".
5. To locate a nearest collection centre or call for pick-up (limited area only)
for disposal of this appliance, please contact Toll Free No.
1800-315-9999 / 1800-180-9999 for details. All collection centre and
pick up facilities are done by third parties with LG Electronics India Pvt.
Ltd. Merely as a facilitator.
For more detailed information , please visit :
Rules ,
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Ground terminal
Grounding is
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Ground Copper Plate
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es a dkW y djs a A vf/kd tkudkjh ds fy, gekjs Vks y Ýh uEcj
1800-315-9999 / 1800-180-9999
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Ground Wire
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LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.

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Table of Contents