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3 7 63 1515 0
This service manual should be used together with the following manual(s):
Model No.
L 13942296513
For details, refer to "Important Check Points for Good Servicing".
PIONEER ELECTRONICS (USA) INC. P.O. Box 1760, Long Beach, CA 90801-1760, U.S.A.
PIONEER EUROPE NV Haven 1087, Keetberglaan 1, 9120 Melsele, Belgium
PIONEER ELECTRONICS ASIACENTRE PTE. LTD. 253 Alexandra Road, #04-01, Singapore 159936
Order No.
Mech. Module
1-1, Shin-ogura, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 212-0031, Japan
CD Mech. Module : Circuit Descriptions, Mech. Descriptions, Disassembly
6 7
1 3
2 9
9 4
2 8
1 5
0 5
2 9
9 4
K-ZZZ NOV. 2010 Printed in Japan
9 9
2 8
9 9


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  • Page 1

    PIONEER CORPORATION 1-1, Shin-ogura, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 212-0031, Japan PIONEER ELECTRONICS (USA) INC. P.O. Box 1760, Long Beach, CA 90801-1760, U.S.A. PIONEER EUROPE NV Haven 1087, Keetberglaan 1, 9120 Melsele, Belgium PIONEER ELECTRONICS ASIACENTRE PTE. LTD. 253 Alexandra Road, #04-01, Singapore 159936 PIONEER CORPORATION 2010 K-ZZZ NOV.

  • Page 2: Safety Information

    The AEL (accessible emission level )of the laser power output is less than CLASS 1 but the laser component is capable of emitting radiation exceeding the limit for CLASS 1. u163 A specially instructed person should do servicing operation of the apparatus. DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 3

    When Q101 is shorted between their terminals, the laser diodes will radiate beam. If the top cover is removed with no disc loaded while such short-circuit is continued, the naked eyes may be exposed to the laser beam. L 13942296513 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 4

    To protect products from damages or failures during transit, the shipping mode should be set or the shipping screws should be installed before shipment. Please be sure to follow this method especially if it is specified in this manual. DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    10.1 TUNER AMP UNIT (GUIDE PAGE) ......................38 10.2 KEYBOARD ASSY ..........................44 10.3 CD CORE UNIT(S11.1STD-DOUT) .......................46 10.4 WAVEFORMS............................48 11. PCB CONNECTION DIAGRAM ........................50 11.1 TUNER AMP UNIT ..........................50 11.2 KEYBOARD ASSY ..........................54 11.3 CD CORE UNIT (S11.1STD-DOUT) ......................56 12. ELECTRICAL PARTS LIST ...........................58 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 6: Service Precautions

    If the lead is bent, please correct the angle between the lead and the light receiving part to be 90 degrees or replace the infrared detecting unit for remote control (GP1UXC14RK). u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 7: Notes On Soldering

    Compared with eutectic solders, lead-free solders have higher bond strengths but slower wetting times and higher melting temperatures (hard to melt/easy to harden). The following lead-free solders are available as service parts: Parts numbers of lead-free solder: GYP1006 1.0 in dia. GYP1007 0.6 in dia. GYP1008 0.3 in dia. u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 8: Specifications

    Phase ..... Normal/Reverse Power output ....14 W RMS × 4 Channels (4 < = 1 % THD+N) S/N ratio ......91 dBA (reference: 1 W into 4 Note Specifications and the design are subject to modifications without notice. u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 9: Disc/content Format

    Press and hold to scroll through the text information. Press to pause or resume play- CAUTION back. Use an optional Pioneer USB cable (CD- U50E) to connect the USB audio player/USB Press to select functions. memory as any device connected directly to FUNC-...

  • Page 10: Display Indication

    Artist search refinement of the triever) iPod browsing function is in use. Certain information from radio station is received. The disc (album) name is dis- (disc) played. Album search refinement of the iPod browsing function is in use. u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 11: Connection Diagram

    Violet screw. d Violet/black e Black (chassis ground) u163 Connect to a clean, paint-free metal location. f Yellow Screw Connect to the constant 12 V supply termi- UC : BPZ20P060FTC nal. DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 12: Basic Items For Service

    Unit Number : YWM5500 Unit Name : Tuner Amp Unit CD Core Unit(S11.1STD-DOUT) Unit Number : YWM5501 Unit Name : Keyboard Assy Unit Number : CWX3985 Unit Name : CD Core Unit(S11.1STD-DOUT) Tuner Amp Unit u163 Keyboard Assy DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 13: Jigs List

    Before shipping out the product, be sure to clean the following portions by using the prescribed cleaning L 13942296513 tools: Portions to be cleaned Cleaning tools CD pickup lenses Cleaning liquid : GEM1004 Cleaning paper : GED-008 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 14: Block Diagram


  • Page 15

    VDSENS KEY CONTROLLER V1801 IC1801 DSENS DSENS PD6340A DSENS REMOTE CONTROL SENSOR IC1802 GP1UXC14RK ILMPW Q871 VDCONT ILM+B ILM+B B.UP D1868,D1869,D1870,D1871, Q872 D1872,D1873,D1874,D1875, D1913 D1876,D1877,D1878,D1879, ILMPW D1880,D1881,D1882,D1883 CDRST u163 SW5V SWVD SW5V CN1911 USB5V USB5V VBUS DM 52 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 16: Diagnosis

    Source keys with Grille microcomputer may fail. operative If the time interval is not 300 msec, the oscillator may be defective. Source ON SYSPW <- H Pin 7 u163 Completes power-on operation. (After that, proceed to each source operation) DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 17: Error Code List

    • How to restore from each error is shown below. classification, shown below. 0x, 1x and 3x: ACC-OFF then ON, CD-OFF then ON, u163 0x: Servo-related errors Disc ejection 1x: Servo-related errors 5X: ACC-OFF then ON, Disc ejection, Disc reloading 3x: Servo-related errors 5x: Mechanism-related errors DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 18

    Select a list that allowable cur- OFF, then to ACC songs in the contains songs. rent). or ON and then current list. connect only NOT FOUND No related u163 Transfer songs to compliant USB songs the iPod. storage devices. DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 19: Connector Function Description

    REAR OUTPUT or SUBWOOFER OUTPUT 9 NC 1 FL+ 10 NC 2 FR+ 3 FL- 11 NC 4 FR- 12 NC 5 RL+ 13 ACC 6 RR+ 14 B.REM 7 RL- 15 B.UP 8 RR- 16 GND L 13942296513 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 20: Service Mode

    The screen gets still when entering this item. On (an initial value or On (state when setting value of default entering test mode) Switching to next display menu) by pressing “ 1 ” + “ 3 ” keys simultaneously. u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 21: Cd Test Mode

    When the power is turned on/off the gain of the RFAMP is reset to 0 dB. At the same time all the self-adjusting values shall return to the default setting. Do not do Tracking Servo Close before doing Focus Servo Close. (Because the overcurrent flows) DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 22: Disassembly

    Lift off the Tuner Amp Assy from the Heat sink side. The Tuner Amp Unit is fixed into the ditch. Disconnect the FFC and then remove the CD Mechanism Module. u163 CD Mechanism Module Fig.4 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 23

    Straighten the tabs at two locations indicated and then remove the Tuner Amp Unit. Fig.5 Tuner Amp Unit Attention of removing (Fig.6) L 13942296513 Don't remove this screws excluding the dismantlement of the CD Mechanism Module. Fig.6 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 24

    1. Attach the button from the front side of the panel. Fig.9 2. Attach the spring to the arm as shown in the figure. The bended tip of the u163 spring is set to this side. Hitch the spring to the groove. Fig.10 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 25

    Fig.11 L 13942296513 Solder temp. : 360 ± 20 C Note: Soldering of the part shown in the figure must be done after fixing the Tuner Amp Unit to the bottom chassis. u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 26

    2. Be careful not to hold the solid line portions or the CRG mecha part or insert foreign substances, to prevent distortion. 3. When holding the sides of the upper chassis, do not apply excessive force to prevent distortion. (Approx. 8N or less) Correct way of holding the unit Incorrect way of holding the unit L 13942296513 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 27

    1. Create an empty clamp state according to “How to create empty clamp state of mecha module”. 2. Apply 1.5 V to the CRG motor and move the PU to the outer circumference. (Caution) After moving the PU to the outer circumference and performing necessary treatment, make sure to solder the lead wires. u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 28: Each Setting And Adjustment

    1k ohms in series. The load and eject operation is not guarantied with the mechanism upside down. If the mechanism is blocked due to mistaken eject operation, reset the product or turn off and on the ACC to restore it. u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 29: Checking The Grating After Changing The Pickup Unit

    Because of eccentricity in the disc and a slight misalignment of the clamping center the grating waveform may be seen to "wobble" ( the phase difference changes as the disc rotates). The angle specified above indicates the average angle. Hint u163 Reloading the disc changes the clamp position and may decrease the "wobble". DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 30

    3 7 63 1515 0 Grating waveform Ech -> Xch 20 mV/div, AC Fch -> Ych 20 mV/div, AC 0 degrees 30 degrees 45 degrees 60 degrees L 13942296513 75 degrees 90 degrees u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 31: Pcl Output Confirmation

    With the TESTIN (22 pin) status of IC601 to be “H”, it is shifted to PCL Output Test mode after reset started. Check that square wave of 600.0 kHz is output from PCL (8 Pin) of IC601. If clock signal is out of this range, this resonator (X602) must be changed for a new one. L 13942296513 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 32: Exploded Views And Parts List

    Screw adjacent to mark on the product are used for disassembly. For the applying amount of lubricants or glue, follow the instructions in this manual. (In the case of no amount instructions,apply as you think it appropriate.) 9.1 PACKING L 13942296513 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 33

    YHG5571 Screw BPZ20P060FTC Contain Box YHL5571 15-1 Owner's Manual YRD5322 Polyethylene Bag CEG1160 Handle QNC3021 15-2 Warranty Card CRY1276 Screw Assy YEA5072 Polyethylene Bag CEG-127 Owner's Manual,Installation Manual Part No. Language YRD5322 English, French, Spanish(Espanol) L 13942296513 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 34: Exterior

    9.2 EXTERIOR 3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 35: Tel 13942296513

    QNC3018 Lighting Conductor QNV3022 Rubber QNV3023 Connector YNV5192 Grille Unit YXA5736 Seal CAN3984 Panel Unit CXE3805 Cover CNN1665 Spring QBH3001 Panel QNS3126 QNV3025 Button QNV3026 Case QNB3001 Holder QNC3020 Panel QNS3127 u163 Remote Control Unit CXE3669 Cover CNS7068 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 36: Cd Mechanism Module

    ( A ) ( A ) ( A ) ( C ) ( C ) ( A ) : GEM1045 u163 ( B ) : GEM1038 ( C ) : GEM1024 ( C ) ( D ) : GEM1043 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 37

    CNW1171 Roller CNW1172 CNW2157 CNW1174 Roller CNW1175 Lever CNW1176 CNW1177 CNW1178 Gear CNW1180 Gear CNW1181 ..Gear CNW1183 Rack CNW1184 Gear CNW1185 Gear CNW1186 Gear CNW1187 Gear CNW1188 Clamper CNW1190 u163 CNW1192 Holder CNW1193 Holder CNW1194 Damper CNW1197 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 38: Schematic Diagram


  • Page 39

    No differentiation is made between chip capacitors and The > mark found on some component parts indicates discrete capacitors. the importance of the safety factor of the part. SWVD Therefore, when replacing, be sure to use parts of identical designation. NM : No Mount DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 40

    3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 41

    3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 42

    3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 CWE2254 WWR C-TUN UNIT DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 43

    3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 CN1821 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 44: Keyboard Assy

    KST3 SEG8 SEG8 KYDT SEG7 S184 S1839 SEG7 SEG6 DPDT SEG6 SEG5 S1829 S1840 DGND SEG5 CLOCK KST4 EJECT 2.2k L1801 R1805 2.2k IC1802 R1806 GP1UXC14RK DGND L 13942296513 R1802 R1804 DGND V1801 CAW1998 ILMGND COLOR2 R1892 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 45

    S1842 AUXL DSENS LOCK S1843 DGND DISP L 13942296513 DGND CN1911 CKS6266-A USB:+5.1 dBs USBGND UCON&LCD 1801-1820 SWITCH&CONNENCTOR 1821-1850 1851-1900 D1868 - D1883 : SML-D12V8W(PQ) COLOR1 1901-1910 FRONT AUX USB IN 1911-1920 Q1851 R1890 R1892 u163 IMX9 ILMGND DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 46: Cd Core Unit(s11.1std-dout)

    MOTOR DRIVER LOGIC TABLE PowVcc2 1u/10 VO1- VO4- LOAD PLAY (1608) (1608) VO1+ VO4+ CLCONT VO2- VO3- LOEJ SWITCHES: CD CORE UNIT VO2+ VO3+ CONT u163 S901:HOME SWITCH..ON-OFF IC301 S903:DSCSNS SWITCH..ON-OFF BA5839FP S905:8EJ SWITCH....ON-OFF The underlined indicates the switch position. PGND DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 47

    10 GND R606 BCLK DATA 11 DATA NM (1608) DATA BCLK 12 BCLK LRCK 13 LRCK AAGND1 AAGND2 14 GND 15 PGND /WAIT 16 WAIT i h g PGND u163 NO MOUNT PARTS (NM) Land for manual soldering DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 48: Waveforms

    500 mV/div 500 mV/div 500 mV/div 9TIN 500 mV/div Focus Search waveform Track Open waveform 100 Track Jump waveform (32 Track Jump x 3) Ref.: Ref.: Ref.: REFO REFO REFO u163 Mode: Mode: Mode: TEST TEST TEST DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 49

    12 cm CD Eject operation Ref.: Ref.: Ref.: REFO AGND Mode: Mode: Mode: Normal Normal Normal L 13942296513 fRFAGC 1 V/div 500 s/div 9TIN 1 V/div 1 V/div aFIN 1 V/div Black Dot (800 m) during play Ref.: REFO Mode: Normal u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 50: Pcb Connection Diagram

    C254 C314 C313 C316 P251 Q252 C253 C978 Q301 SIDE B R971 C260 IC955 Chip Part P.C.Board C975 R972 R973 IC954 R969 R968 R967 L982 C972 D989 D988 C979 C971 D986 D987 C970 L 13942296513 CN701 u163 CN1821 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 51

    C552 C551 R702 IC912 R551 C922 R713 R557 C706 R714 C705 R715 C704 R717 R716 C707 C703 L701 L851 C852 IC801 Q871 R807 R811 C851 R851 C802 R813 C803 L802 u163 C872 Q872 R871 C871 CN1821 CN801 FRONT DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 52

    3 7 63 1515 0 TUNER AMP UNIT L 13942296513 TESTIN u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 53

    3 7 63 1515 0 SIDE B L 13942296513 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 54: Keyboard Assy

    11.2 KEYBOARD ASSY 3 7 63 1515 0 KEYBOARD ASSY SIDE A D1863 D1880 D1864 D1881 D1865 D1882 C1863 D1862 D1883 D1861 D1879 L 13942296513 C1861 D1860 D1878 C1855 D1854 D1877 D1858 D1856 C1858 D1874 D1876 C1868 D1873 D1867 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 55

    SIDE B C1801 R1802 R1866 R1873 VA1901 VA1902 C1902 C1901 VA1903 C1903 L 13942296513 R1893 R1891 R1899 R1888 R1890 R1880 R1895 R1872 R1854 R1864 R1898 R1874 R1852 R1868 R1860 R1862 R1853 R1882 R1881 R1871 R1897 R1858 u163 R1825 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 56: Cd Core Unit (s11.1std-dout)

    L 13942296513 R306 C215 R308 C305 C304 C203 C238 C307 C212 C240 C299 IC201 R307 R305 C207 C204 C209 R707 X201 R294 IC301 R264 C702 R225 R282 C211 R708 C210 R232 R709 R281 C306 R710 C701 CN701 CN701 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 57

    S905 C233 R237 R723 R721 R722 R260 R702 R297 R701 R283 R242 R602 C283 C281 C602 R292 R291 C282 R243 R606 R604 DSCSNS R299 R601 R706 C708 R293 C601 S903 C705 C703 R603 C710 C284 C707 R711 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 58: Electrical Parts List

    (A,113,141) Plug CKM1586 Q 752 (A,138,134) Chip Transistor RN4983 WWR C-TUN Unit CWE2254 > Q 871 (A,91,18) Transistor 2SA1036K Fuse(10 A) YEK5001 Q 872 (A,92,14) Transistor LTC114EUB Q 931 (A,121,106) Transistor LSC4081UB RESISTORS D 301 (A,99,127) Diode CRG03 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 59: Ao Y U163

    (A,128,75) RS1/16SS102J R 975 (A,30,125) RS1/10SR121J u163 R 638 (A,107,74) RS1/16SS473J R 976 (A,133,62) RS1/16SS104J R 639 (A,116,78) RS1/16SS103J R 640 (A,112,78) RS1/16SS101J CAPACITORS R 641 (A,130,48) RS1/16SS473J R 642 (A,130,47) RS1/16SS473J C 201 (A,98,107) 10 uF CCG1192 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 60

    C 972 (A,18,119) CKSRYB104K16 C 603 (A,121,48) CKSSYB104K10 C 973 (A,17,121) CKSSYB471K50 C 604 (A,131,52) CKSSYB104K10 C 974 (A,18,121) CKSSYB103K16 C 605 (A,104,51) CKSSYB104K10 C 975 (A,22,124) 150 uF/6.3 V CCH1804(P25) C 606 (A,130,54) CKSSYB104K10 C 976 (A,37,125) CCSRCH221J50 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 61

    C 1801 (B,149,33) 10 uF CCG1192 C 1802 (B,97,24) CKSRYB105K10 R 709 (A,40,21) RS1/16SS0R0J u163 R 722 (B,37,22) RS1/16SS0R0J CAPACITORS Unit Number : CWX3985 Unit Name : CD Core Unit(S11.1STD-DOUT) C 104 (B,11,55) CKSQYB475K6R3 C 203 (A,18,35) CKSSYB104K10 DEH-33HD/XSUC

  • Page 62

    C 238 (A,15,35) CKSRYB104K16 C 299 (A,17,33) CKSSYB104K10 C 304 (A,60,35) CKSSYB472K25 C 305 (A,58,35) CKSSYB223K16 C 306 (A,68,20) CKSRYB105K10 C 710 L 13942296513 (B,43,10) CKSSYB102K50 Miscellaneous Parts List Motor Unit(SPDL) CXE2273 Motor Unit(LOAD/CRG) CXC4026 Pickup Unit(S10.5)(Service) CXX1942 u163 DEH-33HD/XSUC

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