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   Summary of Contents for Pioneer DEH-3200UB

  • Page 1

    CD RDS RECEIVER Operation Manual DEH-4200SD DEH-3200UB Visit (or to register your product...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Installation Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER product Notes • Check all connections and systems before final installation. • Do not use unauthorized parts. The use of unauthorized parts may cause To ensure proper use, please read through this manual before using this product. It is malfunctions.

  • Page 3: Din Rear-mount

    Installation 3. Install the unit as illustrated. Removing the unit 1. Extend top and bottom of the trim ring outwards to remove the trim ring. (When reattaching the trim ring, point the side with the groove down.) Firewall or metal support Metal strap Screw Screw (M4 x 8)

  • Page 4: Connections

    Red (3*) The pin position of the ISO using the optional amplifier. Accessory (or Connect to terminal controlled by ignition For DEH-3200UB connector will differ depending back-up) switch (12 V DC). on the type of vehicle. Connect 5* and 6* when Pin 5 is an Power amp (sold antenna control type.

  • Page 5: Before You Start

    Refer all servicing to qualified personnel. it to the antenna booster power supply terminal. • The Pioneer CarStereo-Pass is for use only in Germany. • Never connect blue/white cable to external power amp’s power terminal. Also, never connect it to the power terminal of the auto antenna. Otherwise, battery drain or malfunction •...

  • Page 6: In Case Of Trouble

    Pioneer Service Station. • A call is made or received using a cell phone connected to this unit. • Voice guidance is output from a connected Pioneer navigation unit. Demo mode The sound is turned off, MUTE is displayed and no audio adjustments are possible.

  • Page 7: Operating This Unit

    Press to select functions. Press and hold to recall the initial setting menu when the sources Use an optional Pioneer USB cable (CD-U51E) to connect the USB audio player/USB are off. memory to the USB port. Since the USB audio player/USB memory is projected forward from the unit, it is dangerous to connect directly.

  • Page 8: Display Indication

    Operating this unit Display indication Indicator State (shuffle) Shuffle or shuffle all function is on while the iPod source is being selected. (sound retriever) The sound retriever function is on. iPod CTRL (control mode) is set to iPod. (SD memory card) Only for DEH-4200SD. SD/SDHC memory card is inserted.

  • Page 9: Menu Operations Identical For Function Settings/audio Adjustments/ Initial Settings/lists

    TUNER (tuner) – CD (built-in CD player) – USB (USB)/USB-iPod (iPod) – SD (SD memory card) – AUX (AUX) Seeking DEH-3200UB * Push and hold M.C. left or right, and then release. TUNER (tuner) – CD (built-in CD player) – USB (USB)/USB-iPod (iPod) – AUX (AUX) You can cancel seek tuning by pushing M.C.

  • Page 10: Storing And Recalling Stations

    Operating this unit Storing and recalling stations 4. Press TA/NEWS while a traffic announcement is being received to cancel the announcement. You can easily store up to six stations for each band as presets. The tuner returns to the original source but remains in the standby mode until TA/ Using preset tuning buttons NEWS is pressed again.

  • Page 11: Pty List

    Operating this unit Local (local seek tuning) News (news program interruption) Local seek tuning lets you tune in only those radio stations with sufficiently strong * Press M.C. to turn NEWS function on or off. signals for good reception. Notes 1.

  • Page 12: Displaying Text Information

    Operating this unit Ejecting a CD/CD-R/CD-RW Returning to root folder * Press 0 (eject). * Press and hold BAND/ESC. Playing songs on a USB storage device Switching between compressed audio and CD-DA * Press BAND/ESC. 1. Open the USB connector cover. 2.

  • Page 13: Selecting And Playing Files/tracks From The Name List

    Operating this unit Selecting and playing files/tracks from the name list Pausing playback * Press 6/PAUSE to pause or resume. 1. Press to switch to the file/track name list mode. 2. Use M.C. to select the desired file name (or folder name). Enhancing compressed audio and restoring rich sound (sound retriever) Changing file or folder name * Press S.Rtrv to cycle between:...

  • Page 14: Ipod

    Operating this unit iPod Changing the name of song or category * Turn M.C. Basic Operations Playlists – artists – albums – songs – podcasts – genres – composers – audiobooks Playing songs on iPod Playing * When a song is selected, press M.C. 1.

  • Page 15: Function Settings

    Operating this unit Playing songs related to the currently playing song Function settings You can play songs from the following lists. 1. Press M.C. to display the main menu. – Album list of currently playing artist 2. Turn M.C. to change the menu option and press to select FUNCTION. –...

  • Page 16: Audio Adjustments

    • F-0 is the proper setting when only two speakers are used. • Faster – Playback faster than normal speed • Only for DEH-3200UB. • Normal – Playback in normal speed When the rear output setting and preout setting are SUBW, you cannot adjust front/ •...

  • Page 17

    Operating this unit Loudness (loudness) HPF setting (high pass filter adjustment) Loudness compensates for deficiencies in the low- and high-frequency ranges at low volume. When you do not want low sounds from the subwoofer output frequency range to play from the front or rear speakers, turn on the HPF (high pass filter). Only frequencies 1.

  • Page 18: Initial Settings

    Only for DEH-3200UB. Activate this setting when using auxiliary device connected to this unit. The rear speaker leads output (Rear SP) and RCA output (Preout) of DEH-3200UB * Press M.C. to turn AUX on or off. can be used for full-range speaker (Rear SP :Full/Preout :Rear) or subwoofer (Rear SP :SUBW/Preout :SUBW) connection.

  • Page 19: Other Functions

    Operating this unit Initially, Rear SP is set for rear full-range speaker connection (Full). When Rear SP 1. Press M.C. to display the setting mode. :Full is selected, you can connect the RCA output to a subwoofer. In this case, you 2.

  • Page 20: Additional Information

    Transfer audio files not embedded device are embedded with with Windows Media DRM 9/10 to When you contact your dealer or your nearest Pioneer Service Center, be sure to note Windows Media DRM 9/10 the external storage device and connect.

  • Page 21: Handling Guideline

    Additional Information External storage device (USB, SD) Message Cause Action Message Cause Action CHECK USB iPod operates correctly but does Check if the connection cable for not charge iPod shorted out (e.g., not caught N/A SD Not compatible SD storage Remove your device and replace in metal objects).

  • Page 22

    Additional Information • Condensation may temporarily impair the player’s performance. Leave it to adjust to • Do not touch the connectors of the SD memory card directly with your fingers or with the warmer temperature for about one hour. Also, wipe any damp discs with a soft any metal device.

  • Page 23: (disc, Usb, Sd)

    Additional Information DualDiscs DualDiscs are two-sided discs that have a recordable CD for audio on one side and a • Compatible format: AAC encoded by iTunes recordable DVD for video on the other. • File extension: .m4a Since the CD side of DualDiscs is not physically compatible with the general CD •...

  • Page 24: Ipod Compatibility

    • There may be a slight delay when starting playback of audio files on an external Pioneer accepts no responsibility for data lost on the iPod even if that data is lost while storage device (USB, SD) with numerous folder hierarchies.

  • Page 25: Copyright And Trademark

    Additional Information Disc Folder selection sequence or other operation may differ depending on the encoding or writing software. External storage device (USB, SD) Playback sequence is the same as recorded sequence in the external storage device (USB, SD). To specify the playback sequence, the following method is recommended. Windows Media and the Windows logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of 1 Create the file name including numbers that specify the playback sequence (e.g., Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

  • Page 26: Specifications

    Additional Information Specifications iPod General CD player Power source........14.4 V DC System ....Compact disc audio system (10.8 V to 15.1 V allowable) Usable discs ........ Compact disc Grounding system ...... Negative type Signal-to-noise ratio ....94 dB (1 kHz) Maximum current consumption ....

  • Page 27

    Additional Information MW tuner Compatible physical format ..Version 2.00 Frequency range .... 531 kHz to 1 602 kHz Maximum memory capacity ..2 GB (for SD (9 kHz) and SDHC) Usable sensitivity ....25 µV (S/N: 20 dB) File system ....FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 Signal-to-noise ratio ..

  • Page 28

    MAN-DEH3200UB-GB reserved. rights Corporation. Pioneer 2009 © Copyright Belgium Printed Corporation. Pioneer Published 55-9178-4270 TEL: 11000 D.F. Mexico, Chapultepec, Lomas Col. piso Camacho Avila Manuel Blvd. C.V. S.A. MEXICO, ELECTRONICS PIONEER 905-479-4411 TEL: 1-877-283-5901 TEL: Canada OP2, Ontario Markham, Parkway, Allstate INC.

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