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Philips DV900VHS0I Owner's Manual

Digital video disc player & video cassette recorder.
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  • Page 1

    Owner's Manual Important! Return your Warranty Re 1 Card within I 0 days. See...

  • Page 2

    Once your PHILIPS purchase is registered, you're eligible to receive all the privileges of owning a PHILIPS product. So complete and return the Warranty chase at once.And take advantage of these important Warranty Owner Verification Confirmation Registeringyour product within Your completedWarranty...

  • Page 3: Safety A Ndgeneral Information 3

    Conformity Model Number: DV900VHS0 I Trade Name: Philips ResponsibleParty: Philips Consumer Electronics P.O.Box 14810 Knoxvine,TN 37914 (865) 521-4316 Manufacturedunder license from Dolby Laboratories."Dolby" and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.Confidential UnpublishedWorks. (© 1992-1997Dolby Laboratories,Inc. All rights reserved.) DTS is a trademark of DigitalTheater the United Statesof America.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    4 Table o f Contents General Information Safety and General Information Table of Contents Introduction Playable Discs Playable Video Cassette Tapes ... Setting Up Your DVD/VCR Hookups Without a Cable Box/Direct Broadcast System ... Hookups With a Cable Box/Direct Broadcast System ...

  • Page 5: Introduction 5

    You get to the DVD player menu by pressingthe SETUP button on the remote control when playbackis stopped. Evenif a feature is set up in the DVD player'smenu, it may not be availableif the current Disc does not include that feature.

  • Page 6: Playable Discs

    6 Playable D iscs oo ooeo ooeo,,e,Q***t i,oo ooQel • _et_ o**t • *O,OIWlOQOO This DVD/VCR will play DigitalVideo Discs (DVDs) andAudio CDs. In order to play a DVD or Audio CD on this DVD/VCR, make sure the Disc meets the requirements for Region Codes and Color Systemsas described on this page.Also,the Discs should be labelled with the following Iogos and should meet these standards.

  • Page 7: Playable V Ideo Cassette Tapes 7

    This DVD/VCR is equipped with a High Quality (HQ) systemand is compatible with existingVideoHome System(VHS) equipment. Philips Consumer Electronics recommends that you use only video cassettetapes which are labeledwith the _ other tapes may result in poor picture quality and excessivedeposits on the video heads, w hich may not be covered by the warranty if damageoccurs.The 19 micron head provides a better picture when...

  • Page 8: Hookups Without A Cable Box/direct

    DVD/VCR If you have a Cable Box or a Direct Broadcast System, please see pages 10-1 I. For better sound and picture quality when using the DVD player, refer to the Optional 12-14. After you hook up the DVD/VCR,...

  • Page 9: Broadcast System

    Hookups Without a Cable Box/Direct Broadcast System ( cont'd) 9 Connect the RF coaxial cable (supplied) back of the DVD/VCR and to the ANTENNA either a snap-on type (supplied) or screw-on Antenna or Cable Plug in theTV and the DVD/VCR. Set the CH3/CH4 switch on the back of the DVD/VCR whichever channel is not used or least used in your area.

  • Page 10

    I0 Hookups With a Cable Box/Direct Broadcast • • •oe• • •oool ,oge• •o6•• •me•° .°tom eoo•• •ee• There are two ways to connect your Cable Box/DBS to the DVD/VCR.With • You may view any channel. • You must select channels at the Cable Box/DBS. Channels cannot be changed at the DVD/VCR. •...

  • Page 11: Hookups With A Cable Box/direct Broadcast System

    Hookups With a Cable Box/Direct Broadcast • 06ttO6601*O60*OOIO601t601,O60,,O60*I66,110,,,t,OttOOOOOgOOgOOQOWOOOtOttO0*ItO With this connection: • You may watch one channel while recording another. • You may not record scrambled channels. DVD/VCR Cable Signal RF coaxial cable Connections Connect a Cable signal to the DVD/VCR's ANT-IN (Antenna In) Jack.

  • Page 12: Optional Hookups

    12 Optional H ookups •, • J,o,, ,o,,. • o,i • o9,, • t66t • • .,0 You may connect the DVD/VCR several different ways, depending on your existing equipment and your prefer- ences for sound and picture quality.To determine which hookup is best for you, examine the options on the fol- lowing pages, then see which best matches your situation.

  • Page 13

    Connectin_g to a TV and a Stereo TV has Component • Set DOLBY DIGITAL and DTS to OFF on the DVD/VCR. Detailsare on pages68-69. If you playa DVD when the settings are wrong, the sound will be distorted or you may damagethe speakers. COMPONENT VIDEO IN Cb/B-Y...

  • Page 14: Optional Hookups

    14 OptionalHookups ( cont'd) • •oQ• •toot • ••,two•o• •oeo• • *eel •o,I ioeeo Connectine to a Dolbv Digital Some Discs are recorded in-a 5.1 channelE)olbyTPigitalSurround or DigitalTheater System (DT'S) Surround format. These Discs will sound best if you connect the DVD/VCR to a Dolby Digital or DTS Decoder. •...

  • Page 15: Remote Control Setup

    • ooooo ooeQ, o,eQo,,eoo e,eo,,,t too, • t oet.t Putting_ Batteries in the Remote Remove the battery compartment remote control by pressing the tab, then likingthe lid. Place two AA batteries inside the battery compartment with their + and - ends alignedas indicated. Replace the battery compartment Using the Remote...

  • Page 16: Turning On Your Dvd/vcr

    16 Turning onYour D VD/VCR Before turning on your DVD/VCR, make sure batteries are in the remote control and the DVD/VCR and TV are connected correctly. • You can not program channels if you are using a Cable Box or a Direct Broadcast System.

  • Page 17

    CZ_ CZ_ CD CD CD oo... PHILIPS Helpful Youcan nat enter the TUNER SET UP menu when you are in !3ne Input made (channel 001 ar 002). When you select channel 001 or 002,AV REARor AV FRONT will appear on the screen briefly.

  • Page 18

    Repeat steps4 and 5 until you haveadded or deleted all the chan- nels you wanted to add or delete. Press the DISPLAYISTATUS/EXIT button. button. r_MEnSET'_ vc_Tv c_lr_r (2ZD C_ (2_D C_ El CD 0 SP_EO CDC_3 C3 J_JED CD 0 0 '0"'0_'0 PHILIPS...

  • Page 19: Automatic Channel Setup

    • Jottll • • ooooo • • • _oooo • • ooooo., button so that button. button to select button. button. A list of button once or twice • _.oo • i.°o • Ioo... o_ooom • • • • _a° PHILIPS...

  • Page 20: Setting The Clock

    Toseethe currenttimeon theTV screen, press the DISPLAY/STATUS/ EXITbutton.Detailsareon page23. Power f ailures that last for morethan oneminute cancause youto lose yourclocksetting. button. E] CZ) CZ3 C_ CZ3 CZ)... oo... c_i:_ _,_ RE_URN _0 00""Ot PHILIPS...

  • Page 21: Daylight-savings Time

    DAYLIGHT SVG TIME {ON] SETCLOCK SELECT A_ CHOOSE I _ O END PUSH EXIT Press the DISPLAY/STATUSIEXIT Daylight.Savings 0006011660t IOOQ_ 0060 • 066O • .trio • .06°°° • O..O_ button, SVG TIME. button. Time21 • .,01 • ..61° 1.0_,00. • • ..O0 PHILIPS...

  • Page 22: Language Selection (vcr)

    EFWD button. 3. Pressthe PLAYbutton or the STOP button to select LENGUAJE, t hen press the EFWD button. 4. Pressthe PLAYbutton or the STOP button to select ENGLISH. 5. Pressthe DISPLAY/STATUS/EXIT button. T_ERSET Dvovc_ _NTE_ _ET_ PHILIPS Helpful Hint...

  • Page 23: On-screen Status Displays (vcr)

    • • •o••• • o•• • rio• •1•• too• • ••• • ••1 • OQQ • OOOOI A status display will appear when you press the DISPLAY/STATUS/EXIT button or certain function buttons.The tents of the status display will vary.To choose the status display mode, follow the steps below.

  • Page 24: Dvd/vcr/vcr Display - Dvd/vcr Features

    24 DVD/VCR D isplay - DVD Features Display Messages about current DVD operations appear here. See Display Messages below. €-- pHIULIS Disc loading tray / Insert a Disc here. Lit w_hena DVD is -'-'--I inserted.When the DVD light is on, the l disc is loaded completely andis ready for playback.Lit...

  • Page 25: Dvd/vcr Display -vcr

    PHILIPS uluu VCR Light (Green) This light appearswhen the DVDNCR is inVCR mode.You can only watch tapes when theVCR light is on.To make theVCR light come on, press the OUTPUT button on the front of the DVD/VCR. TIMER SET Light...

  • Page 26: Front Panel

    Details are on page 44. Press to select an item in theVCR Remote Sensor Receives a signal from your remlbte control so you can operate your DVD/VCR from a distance. PHILIPS 0'Dn'LI_ nN u I Uu ,.C3.q_ OPENICLOSE Button Press to open or close the Disc tray.

  • Page 27: Rear Panel

    ANT-IN (Antenna In) Jack Connect your antenna or cable here. Details are on pages 8-14. AUDIO IN Jacks Connect audio cables coming from the audio out jacks of a camcorder, another VCR, or an audio source here. Details are on page 40. _DVD/VCRAUDIO Connect the supplied audio cables here and to the Audio In jacks of a...

  • Page 28: Remote Control Buttons

    Press to display the Title menu of the Disc, if available. Details are on • To use the remote control to operate the DVD player and its features, press the DVD button on the remote control before pressing other DVD buttons. DVD operation buttons are labelled in blue or white. Make sure the DVD/VCR is in DVD mode by pressing the DVD/VCR OUTPUT button so that the DVD light appears on the front of the DVD/VCR.

  • Page 29

    Press to display the menu of the Disc. Details are on pages five and 5 I. Press to select a setting in the DVD Player menu or to select a During disc playback,press to access the subtitle menu of the...

  • Page 30

    Also, press to reset the real-time counter. Details are on page 42. Touse the remote control to operate the DVD player and its _atures, press the DVD button on the remote control before pressingother DVD buttons. DVD opero'donbuttons are labelled in blue or white. Make sure the DVD/VCR is in DVD mode by pressingthe DVD/VCR OUTPUT button so _at the DVD light appears on the front of the DVDNCR.

  • Page 31: Remote Control Buttons

    One-Touch Recording. Details are on page 35. Press to select the recording speed (SP or SLP). Details are on Press to select an item in the DVD player menu or in the Disc menu. Press the AUDIO button,then press the A/v one of the audio languagesor sound modes availableon the Disc.

  • Page 32: Playing Avideo Cassette Tape

    If REPEATPLAYis set to ON, play- back will begin automatically, even when the record tab is intacL Turn on theTM Insert a tape in the DVD/VCR. v¢_ O CZ -n REUnR_ oo... @0 HEr_u TITLE _O 00H_@_'O_ PHILIPS Helpful Hints...

  • Page 33

    34-40. Youcan change the tape speed dur- ing a recording,but some distortion will appear on the tape. button. The DVD/VCR will record in a preset volume. Turn on the TV. Insert a tape in the DVD/VCR. PHILIPS Helpful Hints...

  • Page 34

    34 Recording OneChannel/Watching • Beforeyou begin,place the DVD/VCR in VCR mode. Pressthe DVD/VCR OUTPUT button so that the greenVCR light appears on the front of the DVDNCR. PresstheVCR/TV button so that theVCR/TV light appearson the front of the DVD/VCR. Press the VCR button, then press the RECORD start a recording...

  • Page 35: One-touch Recording 35

    ",lE,,_O_y • [D El 123153[23 oo... but- PHILIPS Helpful Hints Tocheck the time remaining for an OTR after the OTRhas been seL press the DISPLAY/STATUS/EXIT burton. • Tochangethe recordinglength while an OTRis in progress,press the RECORD button until the desired length appears on the screen.

  • Page 36: Timer Recording

    CLEAR button until the cursor is flashingon the item you want to change.Then enter the correct information. ©6© ff3CD_ 1:2D 12DlED ... ocu... 0 CD (:D CD ... RE_AN c_:_D CD _ _O O O,iliO_lO_ PHILIPS Helpful Hint...

  • Page 37

    AUDIO IN and VIDEO IN jacks on the back of the DVD/VCR. on page 38. (Please see illustration on page 40.) © v¢_ C3 133(33 C_ _ _C_C9 0 0 'O"'O"H_O_ PHILIPS Helpful Hints...

  • Page 38

    Cassette type/PlaybackTime TI60 TapeSpeed time 2 hrs. (standard play) 40 mins. 5 hrs. (long play) 20 mins. (pla)'back only) 8 hrs. (super long play) PHILIPS place the Box/DBS TI20 2 hrs. I hr, 4 hrs. 2 hrs. 6 hrs. 3 hrs.

  • Page 39: Timer Recording

    Checking or CancellingTimer Before you begin, place the DVD/VCR Press the DVD/VCR OUTPUT button so that theVCR light appears on the front of the DVD/VCR. front of the DVD/VCR), press the VCR button, MENU button. Press the PLAY button or the STOP PROGRAM, then press the F.FWD Press the PLAY button or the STOP button to select...

  • Page 40: Rerecording (tape Duplication)

    40 Rerecording (Tape Duplication) °o ,ootooot6o °. otQoo,tooo,i • • ° olo_ot_loo61 The instructions on this page show you how to copy tapes.The illustration uses two DVD/VCRs. DifferentVCRs may operate differently.To duplicate a tape, make the connections shown, then follow steps 1-7. I.Audio cables from DVD/VCR AUDIO OUT Jacksof DVD/VCR I toAUDIO IN Jacks of DVD/VCR 2...

  • Page 41: Repeat Play (video Cassette Tapes)

    °° • ,t60olo6,1oolll i,t,,o,,,,Q,,,oo,,oJto,,,ll, Before you begin, place the DVD/VCR Press the DVD/VCR OUTPUT button so that the greenVCR appears on the front of the DVD/VCR. Press theVCR button, then press the MENU button. PROG TUNER SET LIp SET CLOCK O END PUSH EXIT...

  • Page 42: Real-time Counter Memory

    F.FWD counter to zero at one location at a time. If you set the real-time counter to zero at a second location, t he previous real-time counter to zero setting will be erased. E3 CDCE3 o0o6A PHILIPS Helpful Hints...

  • Page 43: Time Search 43

    Time Search,the Time Search will be cancelled.The DVD/VCR may rewind the tape. Details are on page 45. Time Search 43 _ov0w -c_ c3 _3 0 CZ3 m C_3_ ... 6 0 "CI CD CD _0 0 0""0 _0_ PHILIPS...

  • Page 44: Special Effects Playback

    LP/SLPmeans this feature will work with tapes recorded in Long Play or Super Long Play.For details to normal playback, about tape speed, see pages 38 button again. and 80. © ovovcn VCRTV nu_m,T O3O3OO ... G 0 PHILIPS Helpful Hints...

  • Page 45: Automatic O Peration Features 45

    • • • ••••,lo,ooo* • ••_eoo60, o,• t• • •Jooooee6oto The following tape playbackfeatures are availableinVCR mode. Automatic Playback When you put a tape inthe DVD/VCR, the power will come on automatically.If the tape's record tab is missing,playbackwill begin. If a timer recording is set,and theTIMER SETlight is flashing,the power will not come on automatically when you insert a tape with the record tab intact.

  • Page 46

    46 MTS(Multi.Channel Your DVD/VCR can play recordings broadcast in Hi-Fi (high fidelity) stereo, which produces a crisp, clear sound from two sources. Your DVD/VCR also can play tapes recorded in a second audio (usually,that means your program is recorded in a second language). Of course, your DVD/VCR will play tapes recorded in monaural (single-source) sound as well.

  • Page 47

    • Before you begin,place the DVD/VCR inVCR mode. Pressthe DVD/VCR OUTPUT button so that the greenVCR light appears on the front of the DVD/VCR. PresstheVCP4TV button so that theVCR/-I-V light appears on the front of the DVD/VCR. Press the VCR button, then press the MENU button. S//! _LECT Av CHOOS E ql_...

  • Page 48: Hi-fi Stereo

    48 Hi-Fi S tereo S ound S ystem Multi-Channel Television Sound system broadcasts are automatically recorded in Hi-Fi stereo sound, To play in Hi-Fi stereo the tapes recorded in Hi-Fi stereo, however, you'll need to follow steps t-5. • Before you begin, place the DVD/VCR inVCR mode. Press the DVD/VCR OUTPUT button so that the green VCR light appears...

  • Page 49: Bluebackground 49

    F.FWD button repeatedly so that OFF (or ON) appears beside BLUE BACKGROUND. REPEAT PLaY ON SCREEN MODE AUDIO OUT LANGUAGE --_ BLUE BACKGROUND O END PUSH EXIT Press the DISPLAYISTATUSIEXIT BlueBackground 49 button. I IMI _ ,,q r PHILIPS...

  • Page 50: Playing A Disc

    50 Playing a Disc Playing a DVD or an Audio Before you begin... Turn on the power of the TV, amplifierand any other equipment connected to the DVD/VCR. Make sure theTV and the stereo or amplifier (if applicable) are set to the correct channel, Detailsare on pages8-14.

  • Page 51: Disc Menus 51

    Using Menus Some DVDs contain menus that describe the contents of the Disc or allow you to customize Disc playback. For example,the menu may offer choices for subtitle languages, d irector's commentary, or soundtrack playback. To use the DVD menu and select playbackfeatures, follow these steps.

  • Page 52: Pausing Playback

    52 Pausing P layback IAUDIO Pausing Playback • Before you begin, place the DVD/VCR in DVD mode. Press the DVD/VCR OUTPUT button so that the red DVD light appears on the front of the DVD/VCR. During disc playback, press the DVD button, then press the PAUSE button on the remote control.

  • Page 53: Step By Step Playback/slow Motion Fast Forward/reverse I 0- I I Track Playback

    Press the DVD button, then press the PAUSE pause playback. The sound will be muted. PAUSE] Press the PAUSE button repeatedly advaghceone frame (or step) at a time. The sound will remain muted. PAUSEwill appear briefly on the screen each time you press the PAUSEbutton. (OSD MESSAGE must be set to ON.

  • Page 54

    °/ i-_x32 Press tbe F_FWD button • Toseethe searchspeedon the to normal playback. ° otoeoot_eo6,tge_o6o • ooeJ_go_6 • C3 El CD _ oc_c_ U PHILIPS screen, O SDMESSAGE mustbe set Helpful Hint to ON. Detailsare on page 74.

  • Page 55: Track Playback

    06tO000 t.eO...eBt • ,.t6t • • °°°..o I AUDUO Starting Playback at a Specific Track There are three ways to begin playbackon an Audio CD at a specific Track.You may usethe Number buttons, the SEARCH MODE button, or the SKIP_ I_lpl buttons.

  • Page 56: Title/chapter

    • Some discsmay not allow you to changeTides in the Search Made screen. • During DVD playback, press the SKIPbuttons to go to the next chap- ter, return to the beginning oft.he current chapter, or go to a previous chapte_ PHILIPS Helpful Hints...

  • Page 57: Specific Time Playback

    ,+10 ,+10 repeatedly until you (hour, minute, or second), • Specific time playback is not avail- able with some discs or if MEMO- RY OFF is activated for a DVD. Details are on page 52. PHILIPS Helpful Hint...

  • Page 58: Repeat Playback (discs)

    ° ,o6 °° • o° *e .° _o ° ,* • • © r'u_ _ C2D_ DVrl VC:_ • RE_OqO °°o 0 E3 E3 CS3 C3 C33 _ _°_ E_:C_ R_TU_ C_Z_9 _TU_ _U_O _ ,0 00"O'O_j PHILIPS Helpful Hint...

  • Page 59: A-brepeat Playback 59

    Title. • With Audio CDs, the A-B repeat section can contain multiple Tracks. • Point B must be later on the Disc than PointA. °°° °° ._, , .,. ' ¢_N_jEL_ _E¢ORg cc_8_ PHILIPS Helpful Hints...

  • Page 60: Programmed Playback

    Program, press the STOP but- ton to stop playback, then press the MODE button so that the PROGRAM screen appears. Programmed playback can only be started from the program screen. CH_E _ • _CO_D CS3 CE3 C33 123CZ)13B... cu@Q PHILIPS He_ful Hints...

  • Page 61: Random

    While the RANDOM screen appears, press the PLAY but- ton. The Tracks will play in random order.After all the Tracks on the disc have played once, playbackwill stop. Random Playback 61 in DVD mode. button, then so that the RANDOM PHILIPS...

  • Page 62: Audio Language/sound

    15 seconds. Some DVDs only allow you to change the language in the Disc menu. When you use the DIGITALAUDIO OUT COAXIAL jack, the sound is active mode of audio CDs cannot be changed. E3 123123_ PHILIPS Helpful Hints...

  • Page 63

    _PEE_ REPE_T _N_E_ FETU_ SETUF _E _U_IC _TT_ L_LE PHILIPS Helpful Hints Wch some DVDs, you may select a subtitle language in the Disc menu. If the desired language is not shown after pressing the ,_,/'_" buttons sev- eral times, the Disc does not have subtJtlesin that language.

  • Page 64: Camera Angles

    64 Camera Angles ° .°o • t,,,,t,o Jt,e,6o, oo,,oolo le_o_eoo Some DVDs contain scenes that were recorded from different angles.You may select a camera angle with the DVD/VCR. • Before you begin, place the DVD/VCR in DVD mode. Press the DVD/VCR OUTPUT button so that the red DVD light appears on the front of the DVD/VCR.

  • Page 65: Status Display (discs)

    • Current Track number / total Track number _uc_ _o_z • Elapsed t me of the current Track REMAIN OhOIm_ _--. Rema n ng t me of the current Track PnoG_ • Current play mode -41- No display Status Display (Discs) 6 5 PHILIPS...

  • Page 66: Parental Lock Levels

    66 Parental Lock Levels Parental Lock allows you to block viewing of DVDs that have ratings that exceed your selections.To set the levels, follow the steps below. • Before you begin, place the DVD/VCR in DVD mode. Press the DVD/VCR OUTPUT button so that the red DVD light appears on the front of the DVD/VCR.

  • Page 67: Parental Lock Password

    DVD/VCR to turn on the power again.When "HELLO" appears on the display panel, you may release the DVD STOPbutton. the menu. Follow the steps on this page to set the password that you desire. PHILIPS Helpful Hints...

  • Page 68: Audio Settings

    To enjoy Dolby Digital Surround or D TS Surround sound, you must have the DVD/VCR connected to a Dolby Digital or DTS decoder. under Details are on page 14. •, • Jo_,eelto_,lt61_et_o o,mee,Qo PHILIPS Helpful Hint...

  • Page 69

    2 o_ _ i Select ON when a Do by Digital decoder is used. _ETtJP/AUDIO 1 OFF • Select ON when a DTS decoder is used. 2ON_ SETUP/AUDI Press the SETUP button to remove the menu. rJv_ V_F_ C_3 C2_ C23 PHILIPS...

  • Page 70: Language Settings

    TITLE, DISC MENU or PLAYER MENU. C2D _D [Z? C_ (53 ... eg e5 ---1 _ SUBTI- L"O0 0_"0"0_ PHILIPS HeIpfu Uints • If the original or automatic settings for AUDlO and SUBTITLE are the selected language same language, the subtitles will not be shown.

  • Page 71

    Press a Number button to select a setting. • If OTHER is selected on the AUDIO, SUBTITLE or DISC MENU screen,the COUNTRY CODE screen will appear.Press four Number buttons to enter the country code you desire, then press the ENTER button. Refer to the list on page 72.The codes are listed alphabetically,according to language.

  • Page 72: Language Settings

    72 Language Settings (cont'd) Country Code Abkhazian 4748 Icelandic Afar 4747 Indonesian Afrikaans 4752 Interlingua Albanian 6563 Interlingue Amharic 4759 Inupiak Arabic 4764 Irish Armenian 5471 Italian (ITA) Assamese 4765 Japanese(JPN) Aymara 4771 Javanese Azerbaijani 4772 Kannada Bangla 4860 Kashmiri Bashkir 4847 Kazakh...

  • Page 73: Video Settings

    2 43 LETTER B OX _ or both sides trimmed. 3,.0w,oE_-_. Wide s croe. (fu,-w_dth) "_ shown, with black bars at top and bottom. L_E,,0,._k_E,,_ " Select ifa wide screenTV is connected to the DVD Player. SETUPNIOEO STILL MODE _AUTO--. AUTO is normally 2 FIELD Select if pictures are blurred in auto mode.

  • Page 74: Other Menu Settings

    • Turns the Player menu background to gray _Enler e,_t I_i_;J E_il) Press a Number button to select a setting. Press the SETUP button to remove the menu. ***° ********* *o =l******l ,******l*l * * oo* to blue **** ° ****j**=*** ° ** ° m** • PHILIPS...

  • Page 75: Care Andmaintenance 75

    • o, • ,,, • oo,o • • 0... °°.. ,o,, • • ,,0 • ,00 Cleaning the DVD/VCR • Wipe the front panel and other exterior DVD/VCR with a soft, slightly damp cloth. • Never use a solvent, thinner, benzene or alcohol to clean the DVD/VCR.

  • Page 76: Helpful Hints

    76 Helpful Hints i°oo • o°o m o,.. o°°°. °°t • • ,,. • .,. • °°° • °t,. If you are havingproblems with your product, check this _ist of problems and possible solutions before requesting service.You may be able to solve the problem yourselfi If you need to call a customer service representative, please know the model number and serial number of your product before you call.This information is displayed on the back of the product.

  • Page 77

    • 1o1• • 11• • •o•• • o• • too• • o6o • •.on • •to • OO••• No sound • Connect the audio cablesfirmly.Make sure the cables are connectedto the AUDIO IN jackson theTV or audio equipment. Detailsare on pages 12-/ q. •...

  • Page 78

    78 Helpful Hints (cont'd) ooo,o too, .too ,too ooQo • otto too, • trot ooeooo Power Failure • Timer recordings, the clock setting, the languageselection, and channel setup may be lost if the power fails for more than one minute. Follow the steps on pages 16 and 20.Then, see pages36-38 to repro- gram your timer recordings.

  • Page 79: Helpful Hints

    oQoo Iotog • OQQ,.tet, OtOtO OOOI _00J • 06O • O Otog Tape cannot be inserted. • Insert the tape, window side up, with the record tab facing you. • Make sure a tape isn't already in the DVD/VCR by pressing the STOP/EJECTbutton on the DVD/VCR. •...

  • Page 80: Glossary

    80 Glossary 060. • OtOJ JO•tl • 060.O .tO..Or. • tOO • .OIt_ • ..66. AUDIO IN/OUT Jacks: jacks located on the front and back of the DVD/VCR audio from another source (IN) or to send audio to another system (OUT). Automatic Channel Setup: process in which the DVD/VCR...

  • Page 81

    toot • t.ot • .o..6...6 • ol6 • .66. • .6...I Video Heads Four heads - Hi-Fi Antenna VHF/UHF - 75 ohm external antenna terminal Output Signal Channel 03 or 04 (switchable) 75 ohms unbalanced Tuner Broadcast Channels VHF 2-13, UHF 14-69 Cable TV Channels 1-125 Product...

  • Page 82: Mode

    TO GET WARRANTY SERVICE IN U.S.A., PUERTO RICO OR U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS... Take the product to a Philips factory service center (see enclosed list) or authorized service center for repair.When the product has been repaired, you must pick up the unit at the center.

  • Page 83: Hi-fi Stereo Sound System

    ac power cord ... accessories ... anglebutton ... 3 I, 64 ant-in (antennain) jack ... 8-14,27 ant-out (antennaout) jack ...9- I I, 27 arrow buttons ... audiobutton ... 3 I, 62 audiocd ... audioin/out jacks ... 12-13,27, 40, 46 automatic playback ...

  • Page 84: Accessories

    The following additional items are not provided with your DVD/VCR, but they are designed for use with your new DVD/VCR. To order these optional accessories, contact us at: Philips Parts & Accessories Marketing 401 East Old Andrew Johnson Highway Jefferson City, TN 37760 1-800-851-8885.

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