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Philips DV900VHS01 Hook-up Manual

Digital video disc player & video cassette recorder.
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Digital Video Disc Player
& Video Cassette Recorder
Hookup Pages
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  • Page 1

    Digital Video Disc Player & Video Cassette Recorder DV900VHS01 Hookup Pages Important! Return your Warranty Registration Card within 10 days. See why inside.

  • Page 2

    If you have a Cable Box or a Direct Broadcast System, please see pages 10-11. For better sound and picture quality when using the DVD player, refer to the Optional Hookups on pages 12-14. After you hook up the DVD/VCR, go to page 16 to turn on the DVD/VCR.

  • Page 3

    Hookups Without a Cable Box/Direct Broadcast System (cont’d) 9 Connect the RF coaxial cable (supplied) to the ANT-IN (Antenna In) Jack on the back of the DVD/VCR and to the ANTENNA IN Jack on the TV. (You may use either a snap-on type (supplied) or screw-on type of coaxial cable, whichever you prefer.) Antenna ANT-IN or Cable...

  • Page 4

    10 Hookups With a Cable Box/Direct Broadcast System There are two ways to connect your Cable Box/DBS to the DVD/VCR. With this connection: You may view any channel. You must select channels at the Cable Box/DBS. Channels cannot be changed at the DVD/VCR. You may not view a channel other than the one you are recording.

  • Page 5

    Hookups With a Cable Box/Direct Broadcast System (cont’d) 11 With this connection: You may watch one channel while recording another. You may not record scrambled channels. DVD/VCR DVD/VCR ANT-IN AUDIO ANT-OUT VIDEO CH3 CH4 Cable Signal RF coaxial Connections Connect a Cable signal to the DVD/VCR’s ANT-IN (Antenna In) Jack.

  • Page 6: Optional Hookups

    12 Optional Hookups You may connect the DVD/VCR several different ways, depending on your existing equipment and your prefer- ences for sound and picture quality. To determine which hookup is best for you, examine the options on the following pages, then see which best matches your situation. Before you hook up the DVD/VCR, remember: Connect the DVD/VCR directly to a TV.

  • Page 7

    Set DOLBY DIGITAL and DTS to OFF on the DVD/VCR. Details are on pages 68-69. If you play a DVD when the settings are wrong, the sound will be distorted or you may damage the speakers. ANT-IN ANT-OUT COMPONENT VIDEO IN Cb/B-Y Cr/R-Y Back of TV...

  • Page 8: Helpful Hints

    14 Optional Hookups (cont’d) Connecting to a Dolby Digital Decoder, DTS Decoder, or Amplifier Some Discs are recorded in a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital Surround or Digital Theater System (DTS) Surround format. These Discs will sound best if you connect the DVD/VCR to a Dolby Digital or DTS Decoder. You will need a coaxial digital audio cable or an audio optical cable (not supplied).

  • Page 9: Front Panel

    26 Front Panel TIMER SET Button Press to put the DVD/VCR into standby mode for a timer recording. Details are on page 38. CHANNEL Buttons In VCR mode, press to change channels at the DVD/VCR. Or, press to adjust the tracking of a tape during normal playback or slow motion playback.

  • Page 10: Rear Panel

    ANT-IN (Antenna In) Jack Connect your antenna or cable here. Details are on pages 8-14. AUDIO IN Jacks Connect audio cables coming from the audio out jacks of a camcorder, another VCR, or an audio source here. Details are on page 40. DVD/VCR AUDIO OUT Jacks Connect the supplied audio cables here and to the Audio In jacks of a...

  • Page 11

    40 Rerecording (Tape Duplication) The instructions on this page show you how to copy tapes. The illustration uses two DVD/VCRs. Different VCRs may operate differently. To duplicate a tape, make the connections shown, then follow steps 1-7. 1. Audio cables from DVD/VCR AUDIO OUT Jacks of DVD/VCR 1 to AUDIO IN Jacks of DVD/ VCR 2 DVD/VCR 1 Playing unit...

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