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Fujitsu UTY-VMGX Installation Manual

Modbus convertor for vrf
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For authorized service personnel only.
[Original instructions]
PART NO. 9374707133-03



  Summary of Contents for Fujitsu UTY-VMGX

  • Page 1 INSTALLATION MANUAL MODBUS CONVERTOR FOR VRF For authorized service personnel only. UTY-VMGX [Original instructions] PART NO. 9374707133-03...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Dispose of the packing materials safely. Tear and dispose of the plastic 13.2. Error code ..................10 packing bags so that children cannot play with them. There is the danger of suffocation if children play with the original plastic bags. 1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Do not insert articles into the slit parts of this unit. Doing so will cause trouble, heating, or electric shock. • The “SAFETY PRECAUTIONS” indicated in this manual contain impor- tant information pertaining to your safety. Be sure to observe them. • Request the user to keep this manual on hand for future use, such as for 2. MAIN UNIT AND ACCESSORIES relocating or repairing the unit. Important: D ownload the interface specifications from the website before This mark indicates procedures which, if improp- starting installation work. WARNING erly performed, might lead to the death or serious injury of the user. The following installation parts are supplied. Use them as required. Each terminal marked with shall be securely connected to grounding, Name and Shape Q’ty Application not allowed to be blank. MODBUS convertor Main unit Perform electrical work by an authorized service personnel in accor- dance with this manual and the electrical wiring regulations or imple- mentation regulations of the country. Also do not install this unit by yourself. Improper electric work will cause electric shock or a fire. Perform installation work in accordance with this manual. Request an authorized service personnel to perform installation work. Do not install Installation manual This manual this unit by yourself. Improper installation will cause injury, electric...
  • Page 3: Electrical Requirement

    1Ø AC208–240V 3. ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENT Power supply 50/60 Hz Power consumption (W) Size Wire type Remarks Operating 0–46 (32–114) Temperature 1Ø AC208–240 V 1.25 mm Maximum Power 50/60Hz, 2 Cable + °C(°F) (16AWG) Type 60245 IEC Packaged -10–60 (14–140) supply earth (ground) 57 or equivalent Humidity (%) Packaged 0–95 (RH); No condensation 0.5 mm cable [Always earth (ground) Minimum (20AWG) the unit] Dimensions 54 × 260 × 150 22AWG LEVEL4 H x W x D mm(in.) (2-1/8 × 10-1/4 × 5-7/8) Transmis- (NEMA) ORKS 0.33 mm...
  • Page 4: Wiring Method

    CABLE General-purpose POWER Lighting facilities MODBUS master unit SUPPLY (MODBUS device) CABLE TRANSMISSION CABLE Security system MODBUS Network Automatic fire alarm interface OUTDOOR UNIT Ventilation system Outdoor unit MODBUS CONVERTOR Indoor unit MODBUS Convertor (UTY-VMGX) MASTER OR SLAVE OUTDOOR UNIT Power supply cable Transmission cable to VRF network MODBUS cable Note : VRF network system • Do not bind the power supply cable and transmission cable to avoid an erroneous operation. • Use shield cable for transmission cable. The shield metal should be earthed (grounded). • Do not forget to earth (ground) the MODBUS Convertor. Transmission cable Indoor unit • Install the disconnect switch to the easily accessible location. (non-polar Outdoor unit 2-conductor) • Install the fuse (2A) to the L (L1) line of power supply cable.
  • Page 5: Installing The Modbus Convertor

    6.2.3. MODBUS cable 7 mm 15 mm Ring terminal (1/4 in) (9/16 in) Sleeve 7 mm 15 mm (1/4 in) (9/16 in) Screw with special Screw with washer special washer Ring terminal 30 mm Ring MODBUS connector Cable (1-3/16 in) terminal (Accessories) Cable Shielded cable (no sheath) Tightening torque for installing cables to MODBUS connector Terminal block 0.22 to 0.25 N • m (1.9 to 2.2 lbf • in) (2.2 to 2.5 kgf • cm) WARNING Use ring terminals and tighten the terminal screws to the specified 7. INSTALLING THE MODBUS CONVERTOR torques, otherwise, abnormal overheating may be occurred and possibly cause heavy damage inside the unit. WARNING Always use the accessories and specified installation work parts. Check Tightening torque the state of the installation parts. Not using the specified parts will cause 1.2 to 1.8 N • m units to fall off, electric shock, fire, etc.
  • Page 6: Connecting The Power Supply Cable

    Remove 4 screws and remove the cover of main unit. Cable tie * (Accessories) Dust proof bushing Screws The screw hole Power supply cable Cable tie (Accessories) 7.1. Connecting the power supply cable for U.S.A. and Canada (1) Remove the 4 screws (M4 × 6 mm), and then remove the cover. (2) Remove the dust proof bushing and open the knockout hole. (3) Install the conduit. (4) Fix the conduit with lock nut. (5) Pass the power supply cable through the conduit. * When wiring the cable to the opposite side, fix the cable as shown below: (6) Connect the power supply cable to their respective terminal block. (1) Remove the cable tie holder attached to the sheet metal. (7) Then confirm that the cable will not come out. (2) Attach the cable tie holder to the screw hole in the direction where the cable is wired. Conduit (3) Fix the cable with the cable tie. (Power supply cable) Knockout hole [Trade size: 1/2 in.] 7.2. Connecting the transmission cables Lock nut (1) Turn the power off.
  • Page 7: Installation Method

    Transmission cable (1) [Rotary switch-SET1] set the address of MODBUS Convertor. MODBUS cable to VRF Network Set the values of SET 1 (x10) and SET 1 (x1) to set the MODBUS convertor Remote Controller Address. Earth (Ground) Example: W hen SET 1 (x10) is set to “1” and SET 1 (x1) is set to “5”, terminal MODBUS convertor Remote Controller Address is set to “15”. MODBUS MODBUS Rotary Rotary convertor convertor Cable tie Switch Setting Switch Setting Remote Remote Controller Controller SET1(×10) SET1(×1) SET1(×10) SET1(×1) address address 0 0 MODBUS connector (: Factory setting) • When setting address, please be sure that the address of MODBUS Convertor is not overlap the address of other controller like, Touch Panel Controller & Network Convertor for Group Remote Controller. • When the rotary switch is set to 16 or more, MODBUS convertor Remote Controller Address setting is 15.
  • Page 8 ○ ● ● ○ ○ ● ○ ● DIP Switch Setting MODBUS ○ ● ● ○ ○ ● ● ○ ● ○ / OFF: convertor ○ ● ● ○ ○ ● ● ● address SET5-1 SET5-2 SET5-3 SET5-4 SET4-1 SET4-2 SET4-3 SET4-4 ○ ●...
  • Page 9: Turning On The Power

    (6) MODBUS communication setting: Baud rate setting (SET6-4) DIP Switch Setting MODBUS ● ○ ON: 19200bps / OFF: convertor OFF: 9600bps (Default) address SET5-1 SET5-2 SET5-3 SET5-4 SET4-1 SET4-2 SET4-3 SET4-4 (7) MODBUS communication setting: Parity setting (SET6-3) ● ○ ● ● ○ ○ ○ ● ON: odd ● ○ ● ● ○ ○ ● ○ OFF: even (Default) ● ○...
  • Page 10: Initial Setting

    10. I NITIAL SETTING 13. L ED DISPLAY Address initial settings are 3 methods as follows. 13.1. Normal code (1) Default addresses of indoor unit and outdoor unit are used. (Initial set- ting is not necessary) Normal indications Default address value ([RefNo.—NodeNo.]) Normal contents LED1 LED2 LED3 LED4 Indoor unit: [00―00] [00―01] ••• [00―63] (green) (orange) (red) (Blue) [01―00] [01―01] ••• [01―63] Outdoor unitt: [00―00] [00―01] ••• [00―03] Start sequence or address [01―00] [01―01] ••• [01―03] (Flashes alternately) rewriting (2) Scan Scan procedure is as follows. Normal starting • Turn on the switch of scan setting.
  • Page 11: Error Code

    13.2. Error code For the error indications of devices connected to the convertor, refer to each manual. Error indications Error contents LED1 LED2 LED3 (green) (orange) (red) (1) (5) Scan error (1) (6) Peripheral unit communication error Error indications Error contents LED5 LED6 LED7 (green) (orange) (red) (11) (1) Peripheral unit main PCB error Display mode : 0.5s ON / 0.5s OFF : 0.1s ON / 0.1s OFF ( ) : Number of flashing En-10...