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Protecting Your Hearing - Acer ProDock User Manual

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Do not overload a power outlet, strip or receptacle by plugging in too
many devices. The overall system load must not exceed 80% of the branch
circuit rating. If power strips are used, the load should not exceed 80% of
the power strip's input rating.
This product's AC adapter is equipped with a three-wire grounded plug.
The plug only fits in a grounded power outlet. Make sure the power outlet
is properly grounded before inserting the AC adapter plug. Do not insert
the plug into a non-grounded power outlet. Contact your electrician for
Warning! The grounding pin is a safety feature. Using a power
outlet that is not properly grounded may result in electric shock
and/or injury.
Note: The grounding pin also provides good protection from
unexpected noise produced by other nearby electrical devices that
may interfere with the performance of this product.
The system can be powered using a wide range of voltages; 100 to 120 or
220 to 240 V AC. The power cord included with the system meets the
requirements for use in the country/region where the system was
purchased. Power cords for use in other countries/regions must meet the
requirements for that country/region. For more information on power cord
requirements, contact an authorized reseller or service provider.

Protecting your hearing

Warning: Permanent hearing loss may occur if earphones
or headphones are used at high volume for prolonged
periods of time.
To protect your hearing, follow these instructions.
Increase the volume gradually until you can hear clearly and comfortably.
Do not increase the volume level after your ears have adjusted.
Do not listen to music at high volumes for extended periods.
Do not increase the volume to block out noisy surroundings.
Decrease the volume if you can't hear people speaking near you.
Do not use this product near water.
Do not place this product on an unstable cart, stand or table. If the product



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