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Acer ProDock User Manual page 13

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Using ProDock
ProDock allows you to set up your desk so you can use your notebook with an
external keyboard and mouse, and up to three monitors. Yet you can quickly
and easily disconnect your notebook and take it to a meeting with you.
You can also charge your notebook's battery through ProDock
Connecting a notebook to ProDock
Turn off your notebook and disconnect the power adapter.
Warning: Failing to disconnect the adapter may result in damage
to the adapter and/or notebook when you connect it to ProDock.
Refer to the underside of your notebook, next to the ProDock connector,
you should see a sticker with the letter A, B, or C on it.
Turn the ProDock upside-down and unlock the feet. Rotate the feet to
show the letter corresponding to the letter under your notebook. Slide the
locks back to secure the feet.
Place the ProDock upright on a flat surface.
Position your Acer notebook against the stops at the back of the ProDock
and gently push it down until you hear it click in place.
Tip: Align the mark on the back of the notebook with the arrow
on ProDock to ensure easy connection.



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