Troubleshooting - Philips AJ 3140 FAMILY User Manual

Dual alarm clock radio
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The clock radio has a built-in SLUMBER function. This
function enables you to listen to the RADIO at bed
time without having to get up to switch the radio off.
The radio will automatically switch off at the time set.
The maximum slumber time is 59 minutes.
Setting the slumber time
The period which you continue to listen to the radio
before you fall asleep is called the slumber time.
1. Set the RADIO switch to OFF.
2. Set your slumber time by pressing on the SLUMBER
– If you press the SLUMBER button once, 59 will
appear on the display indicating that you have a
slumber time of 59 minutes.
– If you keep the SLUMBER button pressed, the
display will slowly begin to count down from 59
to 00 minutes. Release the button as soon as the
required slumber time is reached.
Cancelling the slumber time
You can switch off the radio before the slumber time
has elapsed.
1. Press the SLUMBER OFF/REPEAT ALARM button to
cancel the slumber function.
– The slumber function does not affect the alarm
– If you have an alarm set in the radio mode, make
sure you have adjusted the volume loud enough to
wake you up before you set the slumber time.


If a fault occurs, first check the points listed below
before taking the set for repair.
If you are unable to remedy a problem by following
these hints, consult your dealer or service centre.
Under no circumstances should you try to repair the
set yourself, as this will invalidate the guarantee.
– Possible Cause
• Remedy
No sound
– Volume not adjusted.
• Adjust the VOLUME.
– Mains lead not securely connected.
• Connect the mains lead properly.
MW/LW broadcast cannot be received
– Set too close to electrical equipment e.g. TVs,
computer, fluorescent lamps.
• Move the clock radio away from electrical
Intermittent crackling sound during FM
– Weak signal.
• Adjust the pigtail aerial.
The alarm does not function
– The alarm is not set.
• Set the alarm time and the alarm switch to BUZ or
– Volume too low for radio.
• Increase the volume.
This set complies with the radio interference
requirements of the European Community.
The model and production number
are located on the rear of the set.

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Table of Contents

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