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Sony XCI-SX100C Technical Manual

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A-D3C-100-11 (1)
Intelligent Camera
Technical Manual
© 2008 Sony Corporation


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  • Page 1 A-D3C-100-11 (1) Intelligent Camera Technical Manual XCI-SX100/XCI-SX100C XCI-V100/XCI-V100C © 2008 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Error Message during BIOS Startup ....19 Table of Contents Specifications Specifications ............20 Overview Features ..............3 Appendix System Components ..........4 Connection Diagram ..........5 Spectral Sensitivity (Relative Response) Location and Function of Parts and Operation .. 6 Parameters ............21 Front/Top/Bottom ..........
  • Page 3: Overview

    Excellent Picture Quality Features XCI-SX100C/V100C has a color interpolation algorithm that produces highly detailed images. High image quality Auto iris Equipped with 1/3-type progressive scan CCDs, the With the lens-control signal output from the 6-pin auto...
  • Page 4: System Components

    2 CCXC-12P02N (2 m, 6.6 ft)/05N (5 m, 16.4 ft)/ 10N (10 m, 32.8 ft)/25N (25 m, 82 ft) camera Note cable (commercially available from Sony) Do not connect the LAN cable to a network where This is attached to the DC IN connector of the excess voltage is present.
  • Page 5: Connection Diagram

    Connection Diagram 1 Hi-speed USB connector 2 MONITOR connector 3 LAN connector 4 DC IN connector 5 SERIAL connector 6 DIGITAL I/O connector 3 2 1 1 USB mouse/keyboard 2 Monitor 3 Host device GND1 GND2 4 Abnormal electricity 4 5 6 5 Ground electric potential difference 6 Power supply 7 Camera control device...
  • Page 6: Location And Function Of Parts And Operation

    Rear Location and Function of Parts and Operation Front/Top/Bottom qa qs qd qf qg 6 MONITOR (monitor output) connector (15-pin, female) You can connect a monitor cable to this connector and display your computer’s operating system on a multiscan monitor. Pin No.
  • Page 7 8 Hi-speed USB (USB 2.0) connector qg LAN connector You can connect a USB mouse/keyboard via this You can connect a LAN cable to this connector to connector to control a camera. input/output a signal to/from the host device/the camera. Pin No.
  • Page 8: Installation

    Fitting the CS Mount Lens Installation This camera module supports a C mount lens as the factory setup. If you will be using a CS mount lens, perform the following steps: Notes on Installing the Camera The camera body is designed to externally dissipate heat built up internally during operation.
  • Page 9: Connecting The Camera Cable

    Connecting the Camera Cable Attaching the Fall-Prevention Wire Rope Connect the camera cable to the DC IN connector. Also, if needed, connect the LAN cable to the LAN connector, the monitor cable to the MONITOR Warning connector, the serial cable to the SERIAL connector, the •...
  • Page 10: I/O Specifications

    I/O Specifications Trigger input (12-pin connector) 4.5 V to 24.0 V 0.0 V to 0.5 V Input Circuit 2 us to 4 s 10 kΩ Exposure output (12-pin connector) The amplitude level is derived from the average terminal edge values when resistance is 10 KΩ.
  • Page 11: Functions

    Trigger Polarity Functions Selects the polarity of the trigger input to the camera. You can select from Positive and Negative. The following diagram is an example of when Positive Trigger Shutter is selected. The trigger shutter modes allow images to be captured in response to triggers, and start exposure at a preset Trigger timing.
  • Page 12: Strobe Delay

    Strobe Delay A strobe control signal is assigned to the tenth pin on the Trigger 12-pin connector, allowing direct control of light- emission from a strobe connected to the camera. In Trigger generating device addition, you can configure a delay in the timing for light-emission in relation to the timing for exposure.
  • Page 13: Partial Scan Mode

    Binning (XCI-V100 only) Normal mode Note 1 block = 60 lines (XCI-SX100 and XCI-SX100C) The number of blocks in the horizontal direction of a 1 block = 30 lines (XCI-V100 and XCI-V100C) partial scan does not affect the frame rate.
  • Page 14: Binning Mode (Black And White Models Only)

    Note Binning Mode (Black The white balance cannot be adjusted if the image is too and White Models Only) bright or too dark. ATW Mode By combining data for adjacent pixels using the CCD, you can increase sensitivity and double the frame rate. A mode in which the white balance is automatically Two types of binning are available for selection: 1 ×...
  • Page 15: Iris Control Function

    Manual gain Lookup Table Manually configure gain values to adjust the image brightness. The lookup table of this camera consists of 1,024 entries Auto gain of 10-bit inputs and 10-bit outputs. Automatically adjust the image brightness. The lookup table allows you to configure a gamma curve You can also use the EV compensation function to set or binarization.
  • Page 16 • Y16: • BGRi (color models only): An output mode that uses Y10 bit to represent 1 pixel. A mode that uses 8 bits each to represent the B/G/R for • RAW16 (color models only): 1 pixel and outputs to a single buffer area layer. An output mode without color processing that uses 10 •...
  • Page 17: Buffer Lock

    Buffer Lock This camera allows you to lock (write-protect) frames of previously captured images. Watchdog Timer This camera has a watchdog timer. You set the watchdog timer with the software. If the watchdog timer is set and the timer is not reset within the specified interval, the system will restart.
  • Page 18: Gpio Function

    GPIO Function The 15-pin connector on the rear panel of the camera is equipped with four digital inputs and eight digital outputs. The input is connected to both the signal processing FPGA for the camera and the x86 CPU. Digital inputs, delayed digital inputs, external trigger inputs, and GPIO outputs from the x86 CPU can be selected for the output.
  • Page 19: Notes On The Camera Operations

    Note on CompactFlash Notes on the Camera This camera does not perform proper shutdown Operations procedures through software when the system restarts in response to the watchdog timer, or when the external power source is cut off. As a result, the file system of the CompactFlash may be damaged depending on your If Frame Rate Decrease Occurs operating system or applications.
  • Page 20: Specifications

    Specifications Specifications Imaging sensor system XCI-SX100/SX100C XCI-V100/V100C Pickup device 1/3-type 1.25 million pixel PS IT CCD 1/3-type 0.33 million pixel PS IT CCD Output picture elements (horizontal/vertical) 1,280 × 960 640 × 480 Chip size (horizontal/vertical) 6.26 mm × 5.01 mm 5.79 mm ×...
  • Page 21: Appendix

    (without lens and light source parameters) 1000 Wave Length [nm] XCI-V100C Spectral sensitivity (relative response) parameters (without lens and light source parameters) 1000 Wave Length [nm] XCI-SX100C Spectral sensitivity (relative response) parameters (without lens and light source parameters) Wave Length [nm] Wave Length [nm]...
  • Page 22: Dimensions

    Dimensions 48.6 (from C mount base) 43.6 (from CS mount base) Tripod screw Depth 5 4-M3 Depth 4 29.6 (from CS mount base) 34.6 (from C mount base) Tripod screw Depth 5 48.6 4-M3 Depth 4 29.6 (from CS mount base) 34.6 (from C mount base) Unit: mm (inches)
  • Page 23 Technical information contained herein is for reference only and does not convey any license by any implication or otherwise under any intellectual property right or other right of Sony or third parties. Sony cannot assume responsibility for any right infringements arising out of the use of this information. Sony Corporation...

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