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Dometic 459146.70X Installation & Operating Instructions Manual

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Heat Pump
Read these instructions carefully. These
instructions MUST stay with this product.
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Roof Top Unit
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  Summary of Contents for Dometic 459146.70X

  • Page 1 For Service Center Or Dealer Locations Please Visit: Model INSTALLATION & OPERATING 459146.70X INSTRUCTIONS 459146.71X B59146.71X REVISION A Form No. 3315386.000 5/13 (French 3315387.000_A) Read these instructions carefully. These ©2013 Dometic Corporation instructions MUST stay with this product. LaGrange, IN 46761...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    This unit can be installed by one person with brief help from additional personnel. Use these instructions to ensure a properly installed, and properly functioning product. Dometic Corporation reserves the right to modify appearances and specifications without notice. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ..................................2...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    ● This product MUST be [installed / serviced] by a qualified service technician. ● Do NOT modify this product in any way. Modifica- tion can be extremely hazardous. ● Do NOT add any devices or accessories to this product except those specifically authorized in writing by Dometic Corporation.
  • Page 4: Specifications

    For wire length over 24 ft., consult the National Electrical Code for proper sizing. ** Dometic Corporation gives GENERAL guidelines for generator requirements. These guidelines come from experiences people have had in actual applications. When sizing the generator, the total power usage of your RV must be considered.
  • Page 5: Installation Instructions

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Choosing Proper Location For Unit FIG. 2 Dimensions Are Nominal Model B59146 This unit is specifically designed for installation on the roof of a recreational vehicle (RV). When determining your cooling requirements, the following should be considered: ● Size of RV;...
  • Page 6: Roof Preparation

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Roof Preparation FIG. 4 1.   FIRE OR ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD. Verify there are no obstacles inside RV’s roof and/or walls (wires, pipes, etc.). Shut OFF gas supply, disconnect 120 Vac power from RV and disconnect positive (+) 12 Vdc terminal Good-Rafters Good Location Do Not Cut Roof...
  • Page 7: Installing Unit

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 3.  Do NOT slide unit. Otherwise, FIG. 7 damage to gasket (on bottom of unit) may occur, and could cause a leak. Ceiling Duct Divider Lift and place the unit over the prepared open- Template ing using the gasket on the unit as a guide. See (FIG.
  • Page 8 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS b. Install supplied non metallic cable connector FIG. 9 in junction box hole cutout. See (FIG. 11) for proper orientation. Remove Rows c. Route the previously run 120 Vac power sup- Starting Here ply wire through cable connector and into junction box.
  • Page 9: Wiring System

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FIG. 14 FIG. 15 Junction Box Junction Cover Screw Box Cover d. Tape the connectors to the supply wire to as- g.  Tighten mounting bolts to sure they don't vibrate loose. correct torque specifications. Overtighten- ing could damage unit’s base pan or ceiling e.
  • Page 10 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FIG. 17 FIG. 18 2 Sheet Hole In Ceiling Metal Screws Template ADB Hole Alignment Hole In ADB Cover 8 Wood Screws 4. Install front and rear doors. 5. Place filter in return air vent grille. It may already be installed on some units.
  • Page 11 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FIG. 20 Slot In ADB Return Air Vent Grille 7. Install the control knobs into the ADB. See (FIG. 21). FIG. 21 Knob 8. The unit installation is now complete and is ready for operation. The power supply to the unit may now be turned on.
  • Page 12: Operating Instructions

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Controls Heating Operation (Red Graphic) 1. The selector switch has seven positions includ-  T he heat pump mode of operation will NOT ing "OFF". It controls the fan speeds, cooling replace a furnace for heating your RV in cold modes, and heating modes of operation.
  • Page 13: Maintenance

    For a more permanent solution to high heat gain, acces- a. Operation at low outdoor temperatures sories like Dometic outdoor patio and window awnings will causes low coil temperatures. This can result reduce heat gain by removing the direct sun. They also add in ice forming on the outdoor coil in certain a nice area to enjoy company during the cool of the evening.
  • Page 14: Service - Unit Does Not Operate

    SERVICE - UNIT DOES NOT OPERATE If your unit fails to operate or operates improperly, check the following before calling your service center. ● If RV connected to motor generator, check to be sure motor generator is running and produc- ing power.

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