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Nokia 2255 User Manual

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Nokia 2255 User Guide



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  • Page 1 Nokia 2255 User Guide NNNN...
  • Page 2 Includes RSA BSAFE cryptographic or security protocol software from RSA Security. The information contained in this user guide was written for the Nokia 2255 product. Nokia operates a policy of ongoing development. Nokia reserves the right to make changes to any of the products described in this document without prior notice.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    C o n t e n t s Contents For your safety ........................4 1. Phone at a glance ......................9 2. Set up your device ....................... 13 3. Text entry ........................18 4. Messages ........................20 5. Call log..........................25 6.
  • Page 4: For Your Safety

    F o r y o u r s a f e t y For your safety Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or illegal. Read the complete user guide for further information. SWITCH ON SAFELY Do not switch the device on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.
  • Page 5: Call

    F o r y o u r s a f e t y WATER-RESISTANCE Your device is not water-resistant. Keep it dry. BACKUP COPIES Remember to make backup copies or keep a written record of all important information stored in your phone. CONNECTING TO OTHER DEVICES When connecting to any other device, read its user guide for detailed safety instructions.
  • Page 6 F o r y o u r s a f e t y changes in menu names, menu order, and icons. Contact your service provider for more information.
  • Page 7: Register Your Device

    Nokia product. If you have questions on the use of Nokia products and services, and want to contact customer service, check the list of local Nokia Care contact centers at...
  • Page 8: Accessibility Solutions

    For maintenance services, check your nearest Nokia Care services location at Accessibility solutions Nokia is committed to making mobile phones easy to use for all individuals, including those with disabilities. For more information visit the Web site at
  • Page 9: Phone At A Glance

    P h o n e a t a g l a n c e 1. Phone at a glance ■ Open the fold To use the phone, you must open the fold. Do not try to open the fold more than the hinge allows.
  • Page 10: Left Selection

    P h o n e a t a g l a n c e ■ The start screen The start screen is home base and indicates your phone is in the standby mode. Signal strength (1)—A higher bar indicates a stronger network signal. Menu (2)—Press the left selection key to view menus.
  • Page 11: Device Menus

    P h o n e a t a g l a n c e Device is set to the silent profile. See "Profiles," p. 30. Alarm clock is set to on. See "Alarm clock," p. 37. Countdown timer is running. See "Countdown timer," p. 41. Stopwatch timer is running in the background.
  • Page 12 P h o n e a t a g l a n c e In the standby mode, select Menu; then, within 3 seconds, press the numbered keys associated with the menu function to view or activate it. Repeat for submenus.
  • Page 13: Set Up Your Device

    Note: Always switch off the power and disconnect the charger and any other device before removing the cover. Avoid touching electronic components while changing the cover. Always store and use the device with the cover attached. Always use original Nokia batteries. See Battery information, 43.
  • Page 14: Charge The Battery

    S e t u p y o u r d e v i c e Slide the back cover off to remove it (1). Insert the battery so that the gold-colored connectors on the battery align with the connectors on the device (2). Replace the back cover: align the catches (3) together, and slide the cover (4) forward.
  • Page 15: Volume

    S e t u p y o u r d e v i c e 3. Disconnect the charger from the device and the ac outlet. ■ Switch on or off Warning: Do not switch the device on when wireless phone use is prohibited, or when it may cause interference or danger.
  • Page 16: Answer Calls

    S e t u p y o u r d e v i c e You can set keys 2–9 as 1-touch dialing keys. After you assign a number to a key, press and hold the key in standby mode to make a call, or press the number and the call key.
  • Page 17: Voice Mail

    S e t u p y o u r d e v i c e ■ Voice mail Voice mail is a network service. For more information, and to receive your voice mailbox number, contact your service provider. To listen to your voice mail, press and hold 1. You may need to enter the number when calling for the first time.
  • Page 18: Text Entry

    T e x t e n t r y 3. Text entry You can enter text and numbers two ways: traditional text input indicated with , or predictive text input indicated with ■ Traditional text input • Press a key once to insert the first letter on the key, twice for the second letter, etc.
  • Page 19: Activate Or Deactivate

    T e x t e n t r y Activate or deactivate To activate predictive text, at any text entry screen, select Options > Predictive text and the desired language. To revert to traditional text entry, select Options > Predictive text >...
  • Page 20: Messages

    M e s s a g e s 4. Messages If you have subscribed to a messaging service through your wireless provider, you can send and receive messages to compatible devices that also subscribe to a compatible message service. ■ Write messages 1.
  • Page 21: Send Items And Drafts

    M e s s a g e s Receive MIDI ring tones Copyright protections may prevent some images, music (including ring tones) and other content from being copied, modified, transferred or forwarded. When the device receives a ring tone message, it displays a ring tone alert message.
  • Page 22 M e s s a g e s 2. Enter a name for the list, and select OK. 3. To add contacts to this list, select Options > View list > Options > Add contact and the contact or contacts to be added to the list. 4.
  • Page 23: Message Settings

    M e s s a g e s 3. To reset message counters, select Clear counters and the counter that you want to reset. Message counter submenu is also located under the Call log main menu. Message settings Select Menu >...
  • Page 24 M e s s a g e s When you connect and the prerecorded greeting begins, follow the automated instructions to listen to your voice messages. Clear voice mail icon You can clear the voice mail notification from the display. Select Menu >...
  • Page 25: Call Log

    C a l l l o g 5. Call log Call log records the phone numbers of missed, received, and dialed calls, the approximate length of your calls, and the number of sent and received messages. For call log to work properly, the following conditions must be met: •...
  • Page 26: Delete Recent Call List

    C a l l l o g ■ Delete recent call list You cannot undo this operation. Select Menu > Call log > Delete recent call lists > All, Missed, Received, or Dialed. ■ Call timers Your device tracks the approximate amount of time you spend on each call. Note: The actual invoice for calls and services from your service provider may vary, depending upon network features, rounding off for billing, taxes, and so forth.
  • Page 27: Contacts

    C o n t a c t s 6. Contacts You can save names and device numbers in device memory. The device memory can store up to 200 names. ■ Contacts options To access contacts options, in the standby mode, select Menu >...
  • Page 28: Contacts Settings

    C o n t a c t s ■ Contacts settings In the standby mode, select Contacts > Settings and one of the following: Contacts view—Specify how names and numbers are shown in contacts list. Memory status—Check how many names and phone numbers are already saved and how many can still be saved in each phone book.
  • Page 29: Settings

    S e t t i n g s 7. Settings In this menu, you can adjust various phone settings. To reset some menu settings to their default values, select Restore factory set. ■ Tone settings From this menu, you can adjust the ringing volume, keypad tones, and other tone settings for the currently active profile.
  • Page 30: Personalize A Profile

    S e t t i n g s Menu view > List or Grid—Set the main menu display format. Power saver clock—Set the device to show the digital clock and all the main display icons as a screen saver. The displayed icons indicate missed calls, keypad lock, silent mode, and received messages.
  • Page 31: Time Settings

    S e t t i n g s 2. Enter the time for the profile to expire, and select OK. The profile you set for expiration is now active and appears in the standby mode along with a small clock icon. ■...
  • Page 32: Calling Cards

    S e t t i n g s Int. dial. prefix—Stores an international dialing prefix (this feature is carrier dependent). Enter the international dialing prefix, and select OK. To use the prefix, in the standby mode, press * twice to use +, and enter the phone number. In-call timer—Switch the display of call time while calling.
  • Page 33: Phone Settings

    S e t t i n g s 4. Press the end key to return to the standby mode and enter the phone number, including any prefix (such as 0 or 1) that your calling card may require when you make a calling card call. See your calling card for instructions. 5.
  • Page 34: Network Settings

    S e t t i n g s Phone lock—Protects your device from unauthorized calls or unauthorized access to information. To select Phone lock, enter the lock code, and press OK. Select to immediately switch the phone lock off, Lock now to immediately lock the device, or On power-up...
  • Page 35 S e t t i n g s 3. At the Feature code: prompt, enter the appropriate feature code (5 characters or less). You can enter other feature codes, or press the end key to return to the standby mode. When you enter a network feature code, the feature is visible in the Call settings menu.
  • Page 36: My Menu Settings

    S e t t i n g s you to display your number on the receiving party’s caller ID for the next call only. Own number selection To view your own phone number, in the standby mode, select Menu > Settings >...
  • Page 37: Tools And Games

    T o o l s a n d g a m e s 8. Tools and games ■ Alarm clock You can set the alarm to sound at the time you want just once or repeatedly (for example, every working day). Select Menu >...
  • Page 38 T o o l s a n d g a m e s ■ Reminders You can save short text notes with an alarm. The alarm is activated when the set date and time is reached. Select Menu > Reminders >...
  • Page 39: Extras

    E x t r a s 9. Extras ■ Calculator The device is provided with a calculator that can also be used for approximate currency conversions. Select Menu > Extras > Calculator. Note: This calculator has limited accuracy and is designed for simple calculations.
  • Page 40: Currency Converter

    E x t r a s Currency converter To save the exchange rate, select Menu > Extras > Converter > Currency > Convert > In foreign: domestic:. Enter the value (press # for a decimal point), and select OK. To make the conversion, enter the currency amount to be converted, and select Currency >...
  • Page 41: Countdown Timer

    ■ Countdown timer Timer accuracy is not the same as that of a professional instrument. therefore, Nokia advises against its use for official competitions or any other event in which a high-precision device would be required to establish exact times.
  • Page 42: Enhancements

    Warning: Use only batteries, chargers, and enhancements approved by Nokia for use with this particular model. The use of any other types may invalidate any approval or warranty, and may be dangerous. For availability of approved enhancements, please check with your dealer. When you disconnect the power cord of any enhancement, grasp and pull the plug, not the cord.
  • Page 43: Battery Information

    The battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times but it will eventually wear out. When the talk and standby times are noticeably shorter than normal, replace the battery. Use only Nokia approved batteries, and recharge your battery only with Nokia approved chargers designated for this device.
  • Page 44: Nokia Battery Authentication Guidelines

    If you have any reason to believe that your battery is not an authentic original Nokia battery, refrain from using it and take it to the nearest authorized Nokia service point or dealer for assistance. Your authorized Nokia service point or dealer will inspect the battery for authenticity.
  • Page 45: Charging Times

    You should receive a message indicating whether the code can be authenticated. What if your battery is not authentic? If you cannot confirm that your Nokia battery with the hologram label is an authentic Nokia battery, please do not use the battery. Take it to the nearest authorized Nokia service point or dealer for assistance.
  • Page 46: Care And Maintenance

    C a r e a n d m a i n t e n a n c e Care and maintenance Your device is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care. The suggestions below will help you protect your warranty coverage.
  • Page 47: Additional Safety Information

    A d d i t i o n a l s a f e t y i n f o r m a t i o n Additional safety information ■ Operating environment Remember to follow any special regulations in force in any area and always switch off your device when its use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.
  • Page 48: Potentially Explosive Environments

    A d d i t i o n a l s a f e t y i n f o r m a t i o n • Hold the phone to the ear opposite the pacemaker to minimise the potential for interference If you suspect interference, switch off your device, and move the device away.
  • Page 49: Emergency Calls

    Do not end the call until given permission to do so. ■ Certification Information (SAR) THIS NOKIA RM-97 DEVICE MEETS THE GOVERNMENT'S REQUIREMENTS FOR EXPOSURE TO RADIO WAVES. Your mobile device is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio waves recommended by international guidelines.
  • Page 50: Technical Information

    SAR values may vary depending on national reporting and testing requirements and the network band. Additional SAR information may be provided under product information at Your mobile device is also designed to meet the requirements for exposure to radio waves established by the Federal Communications Commission (USA) and Industry Canada.
  • Page 51 I n d e x Index Numerics1-touch dialing 18Aaccess codes 37accessory settings 36activate predictive text 21alarm clock 40antenna 16auto-update 34Bbatteryauthentication 47charging 17charging times 48inserting 16removing 16talk and standby times 48Ccalculator 42calendar 43call duration 31call forward 38call log 30Call settings 34calling cards 35callsanswering 19in-call options 19making 18care and maintenance 49certification information (SAR) 52chargerconnecting 17times 48contact listoptions 23contacts 23contacts listsearch 23settings 24converter 44countdown timer 43currency converter...