Nokia 2.2 User Manual

Nokia 2.2 User Manual

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Nokia 2.2
User Guide
Issue 2020-12-19 bn-BD


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  • Page 1 Nokia 2.2 User Guide Issue 2020-12-19 bn-BD...
  • Page 2 Important: For important information on the safe use of your device and battery, read “For your safety” and “Product Safety” info in the printed user guide, or at before you take the device into use. To find out how to get started with your new device, read the printed user guide.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide Table of Contents 1 About this user guide 2 Table of Contents 3 Get started Keep your phone up to date ........
  • Page 4 Nokia 2.2 User Guide 6 Camera Camera basics ......... .
  • Page 5 Nokia 2.2 User Guide 12 Protect your phone Protect your phone with your face .......
  • Page 6: Get Started

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide 3 Get started KEEP YOUR PHONE UP TO DATE Your phone software Keep your phone up to date and accept available software updates to get new and enhanced features for your phone. Updating the software may also improve your phone’s performance.
  • Page 7: Insert The Sim And Memory Cards

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide 9. Loudspeaker 10. Microphone Some of the accessories mentioned in this user guide, such as charger, headset, or data cable, may be sold separately. *The Google Assistant is available in selected markets and languages. Where not available, the Google Assistant is replaced by Google Search.
  • Page 8: Charge Your Phone

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide 2. Slide the nano-SIM in slot 1 with the contact area face down. If you have a dual-SIM phone, slide the second SIM in slot 2. 3. If you have a microSD memory card, slide the card in the memory card slot.
  • Page 9: Dual Sim Settings

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide Switch on your phone 1. To switch on your phone, press and hold the power key. 2. When the phone is switched on, choose your language and region. 3. Follow the instructions shown on your phone.
  • Page 10: Lock Or Unlock Your Phone

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide Manage your SIMs Don’t want work to interfere with your free time? Or do you have a cheaper data connection on one SIM? You can decide which SIM you want to use. Tap Settings > Network & Internet > SIM Cards .
  • Page 11 Nokia 2.2 User Guide Tap and hold to drag an item Place your finger on the item for a couple of seconds, and slide your finger across the screen. Swipe Place your finger on the screen, and slide your finger in the direction you want.
  • Page 12 Nokia 2.2 User Guide Scroll through a long list or menu Slide your finger quickly in a flicking motion up or down the screen, and lift your finger. To stop the scrolling, tap the screen. Zoom in or out Place 2 fingers on an item, such as a map, photo, or web page, and slide your fingers apart or together.
  • Page 13 Nokia 2.2 User Guide Lock the screen orientation The screen rotates automatically when you turn the phone 90 degrees. To lock the screen in portrait mode, swipe down from the top of the screen, and tap Auto-rotate . Use the navigation keys •...
  • Page 14: Personalize Your Phone

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide PERSONALIZE YOUR PHONE Learn how to personalize the home screen and how to change ringtones. Change your wallpaper Tap Settings > Display > Wallpaper . Change your phone ringtone 1. Tap Settings > Sound . 2. Tap Phone ringtone sim1 or > Phone ringtone sim2 to select the ringtone for respective SIMs.
  • Page 15: Control Volume

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide Use the quick setting icons To activate features, tap the quick settings icons on the notification panel. To see more icons, drag the menu down. To rearrange the icons, tap �, tap and hold an icon, and then drag it to another location.
  • Page 16: Automatic Text Correction

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide Tip: Don’t want to keep your phone in silent mode, but can’t answer right now? To silence an incoming call, press the volume down key. You can also set your phone to mute the ringing when you pick the phone up: tap Settings > System > Gestures > Mute on pickup , and switch to on.
  • Page 17: Battery Life

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide Use the Google Assistant key To access the Google Assistant services, use the Google Assistant key on the side of your phone: • Press the key once to start the Google Assistant. When you press the key for the first time, you are asked to sign in with your Google account or create a new account.
  • Page 18: Accessibility

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide > Battery > Battery saver , and switch to connection. Stop your phone scanning for On . available wireless networks. Tap Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi , and disable 8. Use location services selectively: Use Wi-Fi .
  • Page 19: Connect With Your Friends And Family

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide 5 Connect with your friends and family CALLS Make a call 1. Tap �. 2. Tap � and type in a number, or tap � and select a contact you want to call. 3. Tap �. If you have a second SIM card inserted, tap the corresponding icon to make a call from that SIM.
  • Page 20: Send Messages

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide SEND MESSAGES Keep in touch with your friends and family members through text messages. Send a message 1. Tap Messages . 4. To add more recipients, tap Start group conversation . After choosing 2. Tap Start chat .
  • Page 21: Get Social

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide GET SOCIAL Want to connect and share stuff with the people in your life? With social apps, you can stay up to date with what’s happening with your friends. Social apps To keep in touch with your friends and family, sign in to your instant messaging, sharing, and social networking services.
  • Page 22: Camera

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide 6 Camera CAMERA BASICS Why carry a separate camera if your phone has all you need for capturing memories? With your phone’s camera, you can easily take photos or record videos. Take a photo Shoot sharp and vibrant photos – capture the best moments in your photo album.
  • Page 23: Videos

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide Use Google Lens With Google Lens, you can use the viewfinder of your camera to identify things, copy text, scan codes, and search for similar products, for example. 1. Tap Camera . 2. Tap � > �.
  • Page 24 Nokia 2.2 User Guide Share your photos and videos You can share your photos and videos quickly and easily for your friends and family to see. 1. In Photos , tap the photo you want to share and tap �.
  • Page 25: Internet And Connections

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide 7 Internet and connections ACTIVATE WI-FI Using a Wi-Fi connection is generally faster and less expensive than using a mobile data connection. If both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections are available, your phone uses the Wi- Fi connection.
  • Page 26: Browse The Web

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide Turn on airplane mode 1. Tap Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced . 2. Switch on Airplane mode . Airplane mode closes connections to the mobile network and switches your device’s wireless features off. Comply with the instructions and safety requirements given by, for example, an airline, and any applicable laws and regulations.
  • Page 27: Bluetooth

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide Search the web Explore the web and the outside world with Google Search. You can use the keyboard to write your search words. In Chrome, 1. Tap the search bar. 2. Write your search word in the search box.
  • Page 28: Vpn

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide Share your content using Bluetooth If you want to share your photos or other content with a friend, send them to your friend’s phone using Bluetooth. You can use more than one Bluetooth connection at a time. For example, while using a Bluetooth headset, you can still send things to another phone.
  • Page 29 Nokia 2.2 User Guide Edit a VPN profile 1. Tap � next to a profile name. 2. Change the info as required. Delete a VPN profile 1. Tap � next to a profile name. 2. Tap FORGET VPN . © 2020 HMD Global Oy. All rights reserved.
  • Page 30: Music

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide 8 Music MUSIC Listen to your favorite music wherever you are. Play music Use the Music app on your phone. 1. Tap Music . 2. Tap the artist, album, song, or playlist you want to play.
  • Page 31: Organize Your Day

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide 9 Organize your day DATE AND TIME Keep track of time – learn how to use your phone as a clock, as well as an alarm clock, and how to keep your appointments, tasks, and schedules up to date.
  • Page 32: Calendar

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide Switch an alarm off When the alarm sounds, swipe the alarm right. CALENDAR Keep track of time – learn how to keep your appointments, tasks, and schedules up to date. Manage calendars Tap Calendar > �, and select what type of calendar you want to see.
  • Page 33: Maps

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide 10 Maps FIND PLACES AND GET DIRECTIONS Find a spot Google Maps helps you find specific locations and businesses. 1. Tap Maps . 2. Write search words, such as a street address or place name, in the search bar.
  • Page 34: Download And Update Maps

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide DOWNLOAD AND UPDATE MAPS Download a map Save new maps to your phone before a journey, so you can browse the maps without an internet connection when traveling. 1. Tap Maps > � > Offline maps > SELECT YOUR OWN MAP .
  • Page 35 Nokia 2.2 User Guide Wi-Fi positioning improves positioning accuracy when satellite signals are not available, especially when you are indoors or between tall buildings. If you’re in a place where the use of Wi-Fi is restricted, you can switch Wi-Fi off in your phone settings.
  • Page 36: Apps, Updates, And Backups

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide 11 Apps, updates, and backups GET APPS FROM GOOGLE PLAY Your Android phone can live up to its full potential with Google Play – apps, music, movies and books are all readily available for your entertainment.
  • Page 37: Update Your Phone Software

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide Transfer files to a memory card To move photos from your phone memory to a memory card, tap Files > Images . Press and hold the photo you want to move, and tap � > Move to SD card .
  • Page 38: Restore Original Settings And Remove Private Content From Your Phone

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide RESTORE ORIGINAL SETTINGS AND REMOVE PRIVATE CONTENT FROM YOUR PHONE Accidents can happen – if your phone is not working properly, you can restore its settings. Or, if you buy a new phone, or otherwise want to dispose of or recycle your phone, here’s how you can remove your personal info and content.
  • Page 39 Nokia 2.2 User Guide Copy content between your phone and computer You can copy photos, videos, and other content created by you between your phone and computer to show or store them. 1. Connect your phone to a compatible computer with a compatible USB cable.
  • Page 40: Protect Your Phone

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide 12 Protect your phone PROTECT YOUR PHONE WITH YOUR FACE You can use your face to unlock your phone. Set up a Face unlock 1. Tap Settings > Security and Location > Face unlock . If you don’t have screen lock set up on your phone, tap ...
  • Page 41: Change Your Sim Pin Code

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide CHANGE YOUR SIM PIN CODE If your SIM card came with a default SIM PIN code, you can change it to something more secure. Not all network service providers support this. Select your SIM PIN You can choose which digits to use for the SIM PIN. The SIM PIN code can be 4-8 digits.
  • Page 42 Nokia 2.2 User Guide Lock code Lock code is also known as security code or password. The lock code helps you protect your phone against unauthorized use. You can set your phone to ask for the lock code that you define. Keep the code secret and in a safe place, separate from your phone.
  • Page 43: For Your Safety

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide FOR YOUR SAFETY Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or against local laws and regulations. For further info, read the complete user guide. , , , , , , © 2020 HMD Global Oy. All rights reserved.
  • Page 44 Nokia 2.2 User Guide HMD Global Oy , GLASS PARTS © 2020 HMD Global Oy. All rights reserved.
  • Page 45: Network Services And Costs

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide The device and/or its screen is made of glass. This glass can break if the device is dropped on a hard surface or receives a substantial impact. If the glass breaks, do not touch the glass parts of the device or attempt to remove the broken glass from the device.
  • Page 46: Emergency Calls

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide EMERGENCY CALLS Before making the call: • Switch the phone on. • If the phone screen and keys are locked, unlock them. • Move to a place with adequate signal strength. On the home screen, tap �.
  • Page 47: Battery And Charger Information

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide • • ’ , : , • , ( , , ) ( , ) Crossed-out wheelie bin symbol , , , BATTERY AND CHARGER INFORMATION Battery and charger info To check if your phone has a removable or non-removable battery, see the Get started guide.
  • Page 48 Nokia 2.2 User Guide eventually wear out. When the talk and standby times are noticeably shorter than normal, to replace the battery, take the device to the nearest authorized service facility. Charge your device with a compatible charger. Charger plug type may vary. Charging time can vary depending on device capability.
  • Page 49 Nokia 2.2 User Guide 6 (15.3 ) • 6 (15.3 ) • • • • • • • Bluetooth • HMD Global • , ; ; © 2020 HMD Global Oy. All rights reserved.
  • Page 50: (Sar)

    Nokia 2.2 User Guide (SAR) ( ‌ ‌ ) , ICNIRP (SAR) , SAR (RF) ICNIRP SAR 10 2.0 / SAR , 5/8 (1.5 ) SAR- , SAR- SAR- (WHO) , WHO- COPYRIGHTS AND OTHER NOTICES Copyrights and other notices The availability of products, features, apps and services may vary by region.
  • Page 51 HMD Global Privacy Policy, available at, applies to your use of the device. HMD Global Oy is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by HMD Global is under license.

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