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Peavey PR 15 D Operating Manual page 7

Powered bi-amplified two-way speaker system
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O P E R A T I N G I N S T R u C T I O N S
The unit must be disconnected from the AC power source before any work is done on it. Refer all servicing
to qualified service personnel.
The heat sink on the back plate can become hot to the touch. Do not block or cover the heat sink from
Be sure to keep the microphone away from the front of the speaker after switching the mic sensitivity pad
to the OUT position and while setting the microphone level, or very loud feedback will occur! Damage to
the system is likely if this occurs!
DO NOT connect the inputs of the PR
15D to the output of a power amplifier. The inputs are meant to be
driven from a line-level strength signal.
DO NOT remove the protective metal grille.
Warning: The PR
15D is very efficient and powerful! This sound system can permanently damage hearing!
Use extreme care setting the overall maximum loudness!
The apparent sound level of the PR
15D can be deceiving due to its clear, clean sound output. The lack of
distortion or obvious distress can make the sound level seem much lower than it actually is. This system is
capable of SPL in excess of 120 dB at 1 M from the speaker!
Flying the PR 15D
Caution: The suspending or flying of the Peavey PR
15D must be done by a certified structural
Important Safety Information for Mounting the Peavey PR
15D speaker system
Caution: Before attempting to suspend this model of speaker, consult a certified structural engineer.
Speaker can fall due to improper suspension, resulting in serious injury and property damage. Other
enclosures must not be suspended below one, nor should additional weight be suspended from one of
these units. Use only the correct mating hardware. All associated rigging is the responsibility of others.
Always use all four inserts of a given group as a set, NEVER use just one insert to fly a cabinet! The four
insert groupings are a top group of four and a bottom group of four. Some models also have a group of
four on the rear plane of the cabinet.
Maximum enclosure angle from vertical hang: 30˚
Always use a suitable safety chain or wire rope, looped through the top handle, and firmly attached to a
suitable structural member as indicated by a certified structural engineer.
The recommended range of torque for the mounting bolt is 3 to 3-1/2 lb./feet of torque. DO NOT
OVERTIGHTEN! If an insert spins, it has been damaged and the cabinet cannot be flown!
Never transport the cabinet while mounted on an array bracket or other mounting bracket, as this may
unduly stress the mounting inserts.
WARNING! (note to structural engineer)
For the PR
15D, the thread insertion depth of the end of the mounting bolt should not be more than 5/16"
past the surface of the cabinet.
If these thread insertion depths are exceeded, then the inserts may be damaged or unseated from the
cabinet, severely compromising the mounting integrity of the cabinet!
The correct mounting bolt diameter and threads per inch are: 1/4" X 20. Use of a grade five-bolt is



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