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Care And Maintenance - Peavey PR 15 D Operating Manual

Powered bi-amplified two-way speaker system
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If an extension cord is being used to provide the AC power to the unit, ensure that it is of sufficient current
capacity and that it is not also being used to supply power to any other device.
The PR 15D has built-in EQ to extend and smooth the natural response of the speakers in the system.
Bass boost and HF EQ have been applied and the system has a nominally flat response, so it should
require little, if any, additional EQ. If excessive additional bass boost or HF boost have been added
externally to the PR 15D, it could cause premature overload at high SPL. Reduce the amount of any
external (mixer, rack) EQ and see if that clears up the distortion.
Finally, realize that even though the PR 15D is a powerful and high output unit, it does ultimately have
limits, and it may need additional powered units (or a subwoofer) to provide enough sound output or
coverage. In this case, try turning the mixer levels down a little to see if that clears things up.
If, after checking all the things listed to check and anything else you can think of to check safely, and the
system still exhibits problems, carefully note all conditions and check with your Peavey dealer for advice.

Care and Maintenance

Your PR 15D is a sturdy and durable product and will provide years of reliable use if properly cared for. Use
common sense and read the safety warnings to avoid hazardous operating conditions.
The unit must be disconnected from the AC power source before any work is done on it. Refer all servicing
to qualified service personnel.
Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as this may cause the unit to overheat and thermally shut off.
Excessively hot operating conditions can also cause a thermal shutdown.
Do not store in extremely hot or cold conditions or extremely high humidity. Always allow unit to come to
room temperature before use.
Never clean the PR 15D while plugged in or turned ON! When the unit has been fully disconnected from AC
power sources, use a dry cloth to remove soil or other dirt. Never use strong solvents on the PR 15D, as
they could damage the cabinet. Do not allow ANY fluids to drip inside the PR 15D.
For an overall finish enhancement and protective coating, use gloves to apply a plastic finish protector,
such as Armor-All ® protectant, to the surface of the plastic cabinet only. Note that the cabinet will be
slippery after these treatments; rub them down vigorously with a dry, lint-free cloth to minimize this.
Check for Secure Hardware
After the first few months of use and periodically thereafter, check the hardware of the PR ™ 15D for
tightness, including the rear panel screws and the screws that hold the baffle and rear cabinet together.
The unit is subject to a great deal of vibration, and this could cause them to loosen with use.
Architectural and Engineering Specifications
The powered loudspeaker system shall have a frequency response from 47 Hz to 20 kHz. The peak SPL
with inaudible distortion shall reach 120 dB with music as a source, when measured at a distance of
1M and driven to full output capacity. The system shall utilize a 15" heavy duty woofer and an RX˛14
compression driver tweeter. The nominal radiation pattern shall be 90˚ in the horizontal plane, and 40˚ in
the vertical plane.
The powered, bi-amplified loudspeaker system shall have a group of medium impedance input connectors
consisting of one combo female XLR and 1/4" TRS phone jack, and two 1/4" phone jacks, on the rear
panel. A volume control will be located near each input jack. The combo female XLR and 1/4" TRS phone
jack will have a gain adjust pad that provides for switching between line-level input signals, and mic-level
input signals.



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