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General Safety Precautions; General Working Instructions - Husqvarna PP 440 HF Operator's Manual

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General safety precautions

Do not use the machine without first reading and
understanding the contents of this Operator's Manual.
WARNING! There is always a risk of shocks
from electrically powered machines. Avoid
unfavourable weather conditions and body
contact with lightning conductors and metal
objects. Always follow the instructions in the
Operator's manual to avoid damage.
Never use the machine if you are tired, if you have drunk
alcohol, or if you are taking medication that could affect
your vision, your judgement or your co-ordination.
Wear personal protective equipment. See instructions
under the heading Personal protective equipment.
Never carry the machine by holding the cable and never
pull the plug by pulling the cable.
Keep all cables away of water, oil and sharp edges. Make
sure the cable is not pinched in doors, fences or the like.
Otherwise it can cause the object to become live.
Check that the cables are intact and in good condition.
Never use the machine if any cable is damaged, but hand
it in to an authorized service workshop for repair.
The machine should be connected to an earthed outlet
Check that the mains voltage corresponds with that stated
on the rating plate on the machine.
Keep all parts in good working order and ensure that all
fixtures are properly tightened.
Never use a machine that is faulty. Carry out the checks,
maintenance and service instructions described in this
manual. Some maintenance and service measures must
be carried out by trained and qualified specialists. See
instructions under the heading Maintenance.
Do not modify safety equipment. Check regularly that they
function as they should. The machine must not be run with
defective or disassembled safety equipment.
Never allow anyone else to use the machine without first
ensuring that they have understood the contents of the
operator's manual.
People and animals can distract you causing you to lose
control of the machine. For this reason, always remain
concentrated and focused on the task.
Be careful as clothing, long hair, and jewellery can get
caught in moving parts.
Observe care when lifting. You are handling heavy parts,
which implies the risk of pinch injuries or other injuries.
Transport and storage
Always switch of the power unit and pull out the electric
cable before moving the equipment.
Store the equipment in a lockable area so that it is out of
reach of children and unauthorised persons.
If there is a risk of freezing, the machine must be drained
of any remaining water coolant.
Use the cases provided to store the equipment.

General working instructions

WARNING! This section describes basic
safety directions for using the machine. This
information is never a substitute for
professional skills and experience. If you get
into a situation where you feel unsafe, stop
and seek expert advice. Contact your dealer,
service agent or an experienced power
cutter user. Do not attempt any task that you
feel unsure of!
All operators shall be trained in the use of the machine.
The owner is responsible for ensuring that the operators
receive training.
Check that all couplings, connections and cables are
intact and free from dirt.
Check that all cables and the water supply are correctly
connected to the machine before starting it.
Never pull out the power cable without first switching off
the power unit and waiting for the engine to come to a
complete halt.
If an emergency situation should arise anyway, push the
red emergency stop button on the power unit or the stop
button on the remote control.
Always check and mark out where gas pipes are routed.
Cutting close to gas pipes always entails danger. Make
sure that sparks are not caused when cutting in view of
the risk of explosion. Remain concentrated and focused
on the task. Carelessness can result in serious personal
injury or death.
Make sure that no pipes or electrical cables are routed in
the area to be cut.
Check that electrical cables within the working area are
not live.
Never leave the machine unsupervised with the engine
Always saw in a manner that permits easy access to the
emergency stop.
Make sure that there is always another person close at
hand when you use the machines, so that you can call for
help if an accident should occur.
Do not use the machine in bad weather, such as dense
fog, rain, strong wind, intense cold, etc. Working in bad
weather is tiring and can lead to dangerous conditions,
e.g. slippery surfaces.
Ensure that the working area is sufficiently illuminated to
create a safe working environment.
Always ensure you have a safe and stable working
Observe care when lifting. You are handling heavy parts,
which implies the risk of pinch injuries or other injuries.
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Table of Contents

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