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Operator ' s manual Manuel d'utilisation Manual de instrucciones
Saw attachment PA PA 1100
Accessoire de sciage PA PA 1100
Suplemento de sierra PA PA 1100
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   Summary of Contents for Husqvarna PA 1100

  • Page 1

    Operator ′ s manual Manuel d’utilisation Manual de instrucciones Saw attachment PA PA 1100 Accessoire de sciage PA PA 1100 Suplemento de sierra PA PA 1100 E E E E n n n n g g g g l l l l i i i i s s s s h h h h...

  • Page 2: Key To Symbols

    This product is in accordance with applicable Regular cleaning is required. EC directives. Visual check. Saw attachment with shaft PA 1100 This machine is not electrically insulated. If the machine touches Protective goggles or a visor must be worn. or comes close to high-voltage power lines it could lead to death or serious bodily injury.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Contents Note the following before starting: KEY TO SYMBOLS Husqvarna AB has a policy of continuous product development and therefore reserves the right to modify the Symbols ............... design and appearance of products without prior notice. CONTENTS Contents ..............

  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Cutting equipment WARNING! Always stop the engine before doing any work on the cutting attachment. This continues to rotate even after the throttle has been released. Ensure that the cutting attachment has stopped completely This section describes how you can achieve maximum and disconnect the HT lead from the spark clearing capacity and extend the life of the cutting attachment plug before you start to work on it.

  • Page 5: Sharpening Your Chain And Adjusting Raker Clearance

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Chain 3 File position • Saw chain pitch (inches). (The distance between three drive links, divided by two.) 4 Round file diameter • Drive link width (mm/inches) 5 File depth • Number of drive links. It is very difficult to sharpen a chain correctly without the right equipment.

  • Page 6: Tensioning The Chain

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Setting the raker clearance • Always file cutting teeth from the inside face outwards. Reduce the pressure on the return stroke. File all the teeth on one side of the bar first. Then turn the saw over and file the remaining teeth from the other side.

  • Page 7: Lubricating Cutting Equipment

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Filling with chain oil 1 Undo the bar nut. The oil pump is preset at the factory to meet most lubrication requirements. A full oil tank will last about half as long as a full tank of fuel. You should therefore check the level of oil in the oil tank regularly to avoid damage to the saw chain and bar that could occur due to lack of lubrication.

  • Page 8: Checking Wear On Cutting Equipment

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Vibration damping system 2 Check that the oil channel in the gear housing is clean. Clean if necessary. 3 Check that the bar tip sprocket turns freely. If the chain lubrication system is still not working after carrying out the above checks you should contact your service workshop.

  • Page 9: Basic Working Techniques

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Personal protection • When the engine is switched off, keep your hands and feet away from the cutting attachment until it has stopped completely. • Watch out for stumps of branches that can be thrown out during cutting. •...

  • Page 10

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Always slow the engine to idle speed after each working • Cut large branches in sections so that you have better operation. Long periods at full throttle without any load on control over where they fall. the engine can lead to serious engine damage. •...

  • Page 11: What Is What

    WHAT IS WHAT? What is what on the saw attachment? (Saw attachment with shaft PA 1100) 1 Bevel gear 9 Bar 2 Chain lubrication adjustment screw 10 Chain oil tank 3 Shaft (1100 mm) 11 Filling with chain oil 12 Operator ′ s manual...

  • Page 12: What Is What On The Saw Attachment? (saw Attachment Without Shaft Pa)

    WHAT IS WHAT? What is what on the saw attachment? (Saw attachment without shaft PA) 1 Bevel gear 8 Bar 2 Chain lubrication adjustment screw 9 Chain oil tank 3 Harness support hook 10 Filling with chain oil 4 Protective guard for saw chain 11 Operator′s manual 5 Bar nut 12 Transport guard...

  • Page 13: Assembly

    ASSEMBLY Fitting the cutting head Fitting the bar and chain (Saw attachment with shaft PA 1100) • Unscrew the bar nut and remove the protective cover. • Fit the bar over the bar bolt. Place the bar in its rearmost position.

  • Page 14: Adjusting The Harness

    Never use a machine that has any parts missing or has been modified in relation to the specification. Filling with oil • Open the cap on top of the bar head • Fill with Husqvarna saw chain oil. • Refit the cap. 14 – English...

  • Page 15: Technical Data

    1/2 idling and 1/2 max speed. Bar and chain combinations The following combinations are CE approved. Chain Max. no of teeth Length, inches Pitch, inch on tip sprocket Husqvarna S 36/Oregon 91 VG Oregon 90SG PITCH = – 15 English...

  • Page 16: Ec-declaration Of Conformity

    (Applies to Europe only) We, Husqvarna AB, SE-561 82 Huskvarna, Sweden, tel +46-36-146500, declare that this saw attachment from 2002’s serial numbers and onwards (the year is clearly stated in plain text on the type plate, with subsequent serial number), complies with the requirements of the COUNCIL’S DIRECTIVE:...

  • Page 17

    1140248-26 ´®z+H8r¶0_¨ ´®z+H8r¶0_¨ 2004-02-05...

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