Playability Information; 14 Troubleshooting - Philips CED780/12 User Manual

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Communication system Bluetooth Standard version 2.0
Bluetooth Standard Power Class 2
communication range
Line of sight approx. 8m
Frequency band
2.4 GHz band (2.4000 GHz -
2.4835 GHz)
Compatible Bluetooth
Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
Handset Profile (HSP)
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Audio Video Remote Control
Profile (AVRCP)
Supported codecs
SBC (Sub Band Codec)
SBC (Sub Band Codec)

Playability information

Compatible devices:
USB flash memory (USB 2.0 or USB 1.1)
Memory cards (SD / SDHC)
Supported USB formats:
USB or memory file format: FAT16, FAT32
Supported MP3/WMA formats:
ISO9660, Joliet
MP3 bit rate (data rate): 32-320 Kbps and variable bit rate
WMA v9 or earlier
Number of tracks/titles: maximum 9000
ID3 tag v2.0 or later
Supported sampling frequencies: 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
Supported Bit-rates: 32-320 Kbps and variable bit rate
Supported video formats:
To ensure a better playback, it is recommended that file
image size is no higher than 640 x 480, frame rate is 20
fps, data rate is no higher than 500 kbps.

14 Troubleshooting

Never remove the casing of this device.
To keep the warranty valid, never try to repair the system yourself.
If you encounter problems when using this device, check the
following points before requesting service. If the problem
remains unsolved, go to the Philips web site
( When you contact Philips,
ensure that the device is nearby and the model number and
serial number are available.
No power
Car engine has not been started. Start the car engine.
Connections are incorrect.
Fuse has been damaged. Replace fuse.
No sound
Volume is too low. Adjust volume.
Speaker connections are incorrect.
No response to the remote control
Ensure that the path between the remote control and
the unit is clear from obstacles.
From a close distance, point the remote control directly
at the unit.
Switch F/R to correct position (F for front control and
R for rear control).
The function does not work. See the instruction manual.
Replace the remote control battery.
Disc does not play
Disc is upside down. Ensure that the printed side is upwards.
Disc is dirty. Clean the disc with a clean, soft, lint-free
cloth. Wipe the disc outwards from the center.
Disc is defective. Try another disc.
incompatible disc is used. Try another disc.
Disc rating exceeds the restriction setting. Change the
rating settings to lower one.
Disc region code is not compatible with the unit. Use
disc with proper region code.
No image
Parking wire connection is incorrect. Check the wiring.
No image on rear display
Check if you are playing DivX video. If yes, it' s normal, for this
device does not support video out in DivX playing mode.
Image flashes or distorted
Video DVD settings do not match with the DVD.
Adjust video DVD settings.
Video connection is improper. Check the connections.
Noise in broadcasts.
Signals are too weak. Select other stations with stronger signals.
Check the connection of the car antenna.
Change broadcast from stereo to mono.
Preset stations lost.
Battery cable is not correctly connected. Connect the
battery cable to the terminal that is always live.
Fuse is broken
The fuse type is incorrect. Replace it with a 15A fuse.
Speaker wire or power wire is grounded. Check the


Table of Contents

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