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Care And Cleaning - Frigidaire FNG576CFSWB User Manual


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Aluminum Foil and Oven Liners
Do not use any type of foil or oven liner to cover the oven bottom.
These items can block airflow or melt, resulting in damage to the product and
risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke or fire. Damage from improper use
of these items is not covered by the product warranty.
Foil may be used to catch spills by placing a sheet on a lower rack, several inches below
the food. Do not use more foil than necessary and never entirely cover an oven rack with
aluminum foil. Keep foil at least 1-1/2" from oven walls to prevent poor heat circulation.


Be sure electrical power is off and all surfaces are cool before cleaning any part of the oven.
Control Panel and Knobs
Wipe the control panel after each use of the
oven with a damp cloth. For cleaning, use
mild soap and water or a 50/50 solution of
vinegar and water. Rinse with clean water.
Polish dry with a soft cloth.
Do not use abrasive cleansers, strong liquid
cleansers, plastic scouring pads or oven
cleaners on the control panel—they will
damage the finish.
Do not try to bend knobs by pulling them up
or down or by hanging a towel or other such
loads. This can damage the gas valve shaft.
Oven Exterior and Hob Surface
Do not use oven cleaners, abrasive cleansers,
strong liquid cleansers, steel wool, plastic
scouring pads, or cleaning powders on the
interior or exterior of the oven. Clean with
a mild soap and water or a 50/50 solution
of vinegar and water. Rinse with clean water
and dry with a soft cloth. When cleaning
surfaces, make sure that they are at room
temperature and not in direct sunlight.
The control knobs may be removed for easier
With knobs in the OFF position pull them
straight off the stems.
The knobs can be washed by hand with
soap and water or in a dishwasher.
Surface burner knob
If a stain on the door vent trim is persistent,
use a mild abrasive cleaner and a sponge-
scrubber for best results.
Spillage of marinades, fruit juices, tomato
sauces and basting liquids containing acids
may cause discoloration and should be wiped
up immediately. Let hot surfaces cool, then
clean and rinse.


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