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Functional Description - Makita 6705D Instruction Manual

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Plug the fast charger into your power
source. Insert the battery cartridge so that
the plus and minus terminals on the battery
cartridge are on the same sides as their
respective markings on the fast charger.
Insert the cartridge fully into the port so
that it rests on the charger port floor. The
charging light will come on and charging
will begin. If the charging light goes out
soon, remove the battery cartridge from
the charger and let it cool off for more than
one minute. Then re-insert it and try to
charge it once more. If the charging light
goes out within one minute even after repeating this procedure a couple of times, the bat-
tery cartridge is dead. Replace it with a new one.
When the charging light goes out after about one hour, you may remove the fully charged
battery cartridge.
After charging, unplug the charger from the power source.
*The Makita fast charger
is specifically designed to charge only Makita battery
cartridges. Never use it for other purposes or for other manufacturer's batteries.
*Your new battery cartridge is not charged. You will need to charge it before use.
*When you charge a new battery cartridge or
battery cartridge which has not been used
for a long period,
may not accept a full charge. This is a normal condition and does not
indicate a problem. You can recharge the battery cartridge fully after discharging it com-
pletely a couple of times.
*If you try to charge
cartridge from
just-operated tool, sometimes the charging light
will not come on.
this occurs, let the cartridge cool off for
while. Then re-insert it and
try to charge it once more.
*If you wish to charge two battery cartridges, allow 15 minutes between chargings on the
fast charger.



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