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Panasonic LC2H preset Specifications

Panasonic LC2H preset Specifications

Timers/time switches/counters/hour meters
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  • Page 1 ’06–’07 Timers/Time Switches/Counters/Hour Meters CTi Automation - Phone: 800.894.0412 - Fax: 208.368.0415 - Web: - Email:
  • Page 2 LC2H Panel mounting type One-touch installation type Panel mounting type Installation frame type PC board mounting type RoHS Directive compatibility information Product chart Type Installation type Panel One-touch installation type mounting Installation frame type type PC board mounting type Product types 1.
  • Page 3 200 ms High level: 4.5 to 30 V DC Low level: 0 to 2 V DC Appox. 4.7 kΩ — 7-segment LCD With green/red backlight 24 V DC (±10%) LC2H Part No. LC2H-F-2KK LC2H-F-DL-2KK LC2H-F-FV-30 Part No. LC2H-F-DL-2KK-B Part No.
  • Page 4 LC2H 2. PC board mounting type Type Item Input method No. digits Rated operation voltage Allowable operation voltage range Current consumption Max. counting speed Min. input signal width (ON: OFF = 1:1) Input method Count input Input impedance Residual voltage Min.
  • Page 5: Part Names

    (Unit display 1) (Terminal block side) Count speed switch (Unit display 2) Notes) 1. ❇Default setting when shipped. 2. Make the switch setting before installing to panel. • Panel installation diagram 44.8 1.764 54.4 2.142 Note) When installing to a 4.5 mm When installing the one-touch installation type model, make sure that the installation spring does not pinch the rubber gasket.
  • Page 6 LC2H 2) Installation frame type 54.4 2.142 10.4 .409 1.732 .197 .866 .945 .276 • Panel cut-out dimensions The standard panel cut-out is shown below. Use the mounting frame (ATH3803) and the rubber packing (ATH3804). (Only installation frame type.) 60 min.
  • Page 7 ±.004 .024 ±0.3 ±.012 .130 43.4 1.709 COUNTER LC2H • Terminal layout and wiring diagrams 15 17 Count input 14 12 Q-E, }-w, e-t and S-F are connected internally. An external power supply is required. Input method 1. Standard type...
  • Page 8 LC2H 2. Backlight type Contact input Count Reset input input Notes) 1. Do not reverse the polarities when connecting the DC voltage for the backlight. 2. 2 and 4. (The input and reset circuits are functionally insulated.) 3. When using transistor (Tr) input, use the right as a guide. (Collector withstand voltage Q 50 V, leakage current < 1 µA) 4.
  • Page 9 4) Calculate battery life with the following formula. t = A/I t: battery life [h] I: LC2H current consumption [mA] A: battery capacity until minimum operation voltage is reached [mAh] 5) Hand solder to the lead terminal. Do not dip solder. With the tip of the soldering iron at 300°C...
  • Page 10 LC2H RoHS Directive compatibility information Product types No. digits Counting speed • Maintain output/hold count 30 Hz/5 kHz • Maintain output/over count 8 digits switchable • One shot/over count • One shot/recount Options Note: Mounting frame and rubber gasket are not included.
  • Page 11 • One shot/over count • One shot/recount (Selectable by front switch) 7-segment LCD (Switch between red and green for backlight, and between lit and flashing for count up.) –9999999 to 99999999 (–7 digits to +8 digits) (0 to 99999999 for preset value)
  • Page 12 Notes: 1. Make the switch setting before installing to panel. 2. Please turn the power off if you change the setting of the count speed switch when the power is on. The setting will become valid when the power is turned back on.
  • Page 13 4) Pressing the front panel reset key sets the content displayed and returns you to regular operation mode. Note: You will not be returned to regular operation mode if you do not press the front panel reset key. LC2H Addition Subtraction UP” (initial...
  • Page 14 Compliance with the CE marking • EMC Directive (89/336/EEC) The LC2H Preset Counter conforms to the EMC Directive as a simple counter. Applicable standards: EN61000-6-4, EN61000-6-2 CTi Automation - Phone: 800.894.0412 - Fax: 208.368.0415 - Web: - Email:
  • Page 15: Operation Mode

    One shot pulse width: approx. 1 sec. Able n–2 n–1 n–1 n–2 n–3 One shot pulse width: approx. 1 sec. Able n–1 n–1 n–2 n–3 n–1 LC2H Unable n: Preset value –1 –2 –3 n: Preset value –1 –2 –3 n: Preset value n–2 n–3 n–4...
  • Page 16 3) Have the power supply voltage pass through a switch or relay so that it is applied at one time.
  • Page 17 PRECAUTIONS IN USING THE LC2H SERIES Cautions for use 1. Insulation sheet Before using a panel mounting type, please pull and remove the insulation sheet from the side of the product in the direction of the arrow. In consideration that the product might be...
  • Page 18 CTi Automation - Phone: 800.894.0412 - Fax: 208.368.0415 - Web: - Email: “+” side “−” side 2. Lithium battery (3 V) Part No.: ATH3802 Packaged with the LC2H (excluding the PC board mounting type). Warning • Make sure the “+” and “−” polarities are positioned correctly.
  • Page 19 COUNTERS SELECTOR CHART Classification Name of product LC2H Counter Type Total counter Input mode/Input method UP type Flush mounting type Appearance PC board mounting type AEL3 8.7 mm tall 8-digit display Bright 2-color back light Features Flush mounting type: Unnecessary (Built-in...
  • Page 20 VACANT ( down count ) ( up count ) Entrance Photoelectric Exit switch Incoming and outgoing cars are counted to switch the FULL and VACANT signs. UP and SHOT-B modes for packing medicine tablets Marking Film Cutter Mark sensor Medicine tablets are packed in specified quantities.
  • Page 21 COUNTER-RELATED TERMINOLOGY TYPES OF COUNTERS 1. Electro Preset Counter The counter is equipped with semicon- ductor counting circuitry. When the counter counts up to a preset number, its output circuit sends a signal. 2. Electro Magnetic Counter A magnet is magnetized and demagne- tized to drive the dial and count up num- bers.
  • Page 22 When the counter is designed to use a relay or a magnet switch, you can acquire the longer life of the counter. 3. Connection of input (Except for LC4H-S/AC type)
  • Page 23 2) The LC2H series counter, incorpo- rates a lithium battery. Never disassemble the lithium battery or throw it into fire because this may affect humans and facilities.
  • Page 24 DIN SIZE COUNTERS COMMON OPTIONS Terminal sockets (Unit: mm Type Appearance • DIN rail socket (8-pin) • DIN rail socket (8-pin) LC4H LC4H-L (8-pin type) 2.756 1.969 ATC180031 • DIN rail socket (11-pin) • DIN rail socket (11-pin) LC4H LC4H-L LC4H-S LC4H-W (11-pin type)
  • Page 25 DIN SIZE COUNTERS COMMON OPTIONS Mounting parts • Rubber gasket 50.0 1.969 50.0 .039 1.969 ATC18002 The rubber gasket is enclosed in the LC4H series. • Mounting rails (Applicable for DIN and IEC standards) .217 AT8-DLA1 Length: 1 m aluminum •...
  • Page 26: Installation Methods

    INSTALLING DIN SIZE COUNTER Installation methods 1. Surface mount 1) For the counters of LC4H series, use the pin type counter. 2) Put the terminal socket on the board directly or put it on the DIN rail (Fig. 1). 3) Insert the counter into the terminal socket and fix it with clip (Fig.
  • Page 27 DISCONTINUED MODELS AND RECOMMENDED SUBSTITUTES Timers Discontinued models Recommended substitutes MHP-NS Exposed type MHP-N Exposed type Square plug-in/ Round plug-in/ horizontal type vertical type MHP-NS- MHP-N- MHP-M Exposed type MHP-NM Exposed type Round plug-in/ Round plug-in/ horizontal type vertical type MHP-M- MHP-NM- Embedded type...
  • Page 28 Timers Discontinued models Recommended substitutes PM48W PM4H-W PM48W PM4HW- PMH-M PM4H-M/PM4S PMH-M- PM4HM-/PM4S- CDX Time relay S1DXM-A Timer/ S1DX Timer S1DXM-/S1DX- PDX Timer S1DXM-A Timer/ S1DX Timer S1DXM-/S1DX- VHP digital high-power timer QM4H digital timer QM4H QM48S (8-pin) QM4H (8-pin) QM48S QM4H QM72S (Screw terminal)
  • Page 29 LC4H-W EM48S (8-pin) LC4H (8-pin) LC4H EM48S LC4H-L EM72S (Screw terminal) LC4H (Screw terminal) LC4H EM72S LC4H-L LC24 LC2H Panel-mounting type Panel-mounting type • One-touch installation • One-touch installation type type LC24 • Installation frame type LC2H LC24 LC2H PC board mounting type...
  • Page 30: North America

    FOREIGN SPECIFICATIONS OVERVIEW 1. International Standards IEC standard International Electrotechnical Commission By promoting international cooperation toward all problems and related issues regarding standardization in the electrical and electronic technology fields, the IEC, a non-governmental organization, was started in October, 1908, for the purpose of realizing mutual understanding on an international level.
  • Page 31 5. Pilot Duty One of the specifications in the “UL508 Industrial Control Equipment” regulations at UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.), has to do with the grade of contact control capacity by NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) standards. By obtaining both UL and CSA approval for this grade, the product becomes authorized publicly.
  • Page 32 FOREIGN SPECIFICATIONS TIMER Recognized by UL Standards Products Name File No. Recognized rating E43149 5A250VAC PM4S PILOT DUTY C300 PM4H-A E122222 5A250VAC PM4H-S PILOT DUTY C300 PM4H-M PM4H-SD PM4H-W E122222 3A250VAC PM4H-F PILOT DUTY C300 E122222 5A250VAC PILOT DUTY C300 LT4H LT4H-L LT4H-W...
  • Page 33 LC4H-W 100mA 30V DC E122222 24-240 V AC/DC LC2H 4.5-30 V DC 3 V DC E122222 24-240 V AC/DC LC2H preset 4.5-30 V DC 3 V DC Hour Meters UL recognized Product name File No. Approved ratings E42876 115-120, 220, TH13 ·...
  • Page 34 S1DX S1DXM-A/M PM4S PM5S QM4H A-TB72 Time Switch A-TB72Q LC4H LC4H-L LC4H-S Counters LC4H-W LC2H LC2H preset TH13 TH23 TH14 TH24 TH40 Hour Meters TH50 TH63 TH64 LH2H LH2H preset What are EN standards? An abbreviation of Norme Europeenne (in French), and called European Standards in English.