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HP 14-in-1 Media Card Reader User Manual page 10

Media card reader
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Remove the 8.9-cm (3.5-inch) or 13.3-cm (5.25-inch) bezel blank cover from the computer's
drive bay (or remove the 8.9-cm (3.5-inch) or 13.3-cm (5.25-inch) drive from the bay if you are
replacing a drive with the media card reader and do not have an empty drive bay).
reader be removed before inserting the reader into the drive bay. The screws are then
reinstalled after the reader is inserted. Refer to your computer documentation for installing
additional drives in the drive bays.
Install the media card reader according to the instructions from your computer model's
documentation on installing a drive into a 8.9-cm (3.5-inch) or 13.3-cm (5.25-inch) drive bay.
Figure 2-2
Figure 2-3
Be sure to use the proper guide screws, if appropriate, to ensure the media card reader will line
up correctly in the drive cage and lock in place. Refer to your computer documentation for guide
screws usage.
Chapter 2 Installing the Media Card Reader
Some computer models may require that the screws on the sides of the media card
Installing in a 8.9-cm (3.5-inch) Drive Bay
Installing in a 13.3-cm (5.25-inch) Drive Bay
Documentation for each computer model can be found at


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