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Panasonic PT-F200NTE/PT-FW100NTE User Manual

Network function edition.
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Network Function Edition
TQBH0186-2 (E/U/EA)


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   Summary of Contents for Panasonic PT-F200NTE/PT-FW100NTE

  • Page 1

    Macintosh Network Function Edition (PT-F200NTE/PT-FW100NTE) (PT-F200NTU/PT-FW100NTU) (PT-F200NTEA/PT-FW100NTEA) TQBH0186-2 (E/U/EA) M0707-1127...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Useful Functions …………………………………… 23 Setting options ……………………………………… 24 Setting option window …………………………………………… 24 Transmission ……………………………………………………… 24 Network setting of the projector ………………… 27 Displaying the Network Menu …………………………………… 27 Wired LAN settings ……………………………………………… 28 Default wired LAN settings ……………………………………… 28 Changing the network number …………………………………...

  • Page 3: Software Licensing Agreement

    Please note the following. • Panasonic cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use or malfunction of this projector. • Panasonic cannot be held liable for damages arising from data corruption or loss as a result of using this projector.

  • Page 4: Notes On Using Wireless Connection

    Using the projector outside the country It is forbidden to take the projector outside the country or region where you purchased it, so use it only in the said country or region. Also, note that depending on countries or regions there are restrictions on the channels and frequencies at which you...

  • Page 5

    Notes on Using Wireless Connection Channels that can be used The channels (frequency range) that can be used differ according to the country or region. Refer to the table below. Country or region Japan China England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, Finland, Portugal, Greece, Thailand, South Korea Singapore...

  • Page 6: Request Regarding Security

    Please contact Panasonic if you need help taking care of security settings or other such. Panasonic asks customers to thoroughly understand the risk of using this product without making security settings, and recommends that the customer make security settings at their own discretion and responsibility.

  • Page 7: What You Can Do With Wireless Manager Mobile Edition 4.5

    What you can do with Wireless Manager mobile edition 4.5 Network Transmission You can connect the projector to a computer via the wireless LAN or the wired LAN, and send moving and still images. Refer to page 11 for details on how to connect.

  • Page 8: Check Your Computer

    Logon user’s settings • Have you logged in as the [Admin (administrator)]? Check 3 Computer’s settings • When security (firewall) software and utilities for network cards are installed, these may prevent connection of the projector. Wired LAN Check Wired LAN settings •...

  • Page 9: Software Installation

    Safari 2.0 or later Operation is not guaranteed for all computers that meet the above conditions. ※ Only for MacBook and MacBook Pro computers with built-in Intel Core 2 Duo processor. For the latest information, please see our Web site.

  • Page 10: Contents On Provided Cd-rom

    • [Admin (administrator)] authority is required for installation. Wireless Manager ME 4.5 This software is used to send screen images from a computer to the projector via a wireless LAN or a wired LAN. Set the provided CD-ROM into the CD/DVD-ROM drive of a computer.

  • Page 11: Connecting With Wireless Lan

    Connecting with wireless LAN Easy Wireless Set Up Detailed settings Select the projector to connect from the computer. Click the install target or [ When the <Network Adapter Selection> window appears Select the adapter from the list and click [OK].

  • Page 12

    The projectors that can be connected are displayed on the <Select Access Port> window. Network When you specify the network number (See page 29) set on the projector from one of [1], [2], [3], [4], and [U (USER)] ※1 , projectors that are presently switched on in the selected network number are displayed in [Projector Name].

  • Page 13

    Wireless Manager ME 4.5, and then refer to page 15. ※2 • The initial network number for both the projector and Wireless Manager ME 4.5 is [1]. These numbers must match for the connection. To check the network number, refer to the network menu of the projector.

  • Page 14: Connection Error Messages

    Connecting with wireless LAN (cont.) Connection error messages If a wireless LAN connection cannot be established, click the [ ] button in the bottom left of the <Select Access Port> window to display information on resolving the issue as shown below.

  • Page 15: Connecting Through The Access Point

    (“Menu description” See page 21) If the projector is not displayed, click [Designate] followed by [ADD], then enter the IP address set in the projector using the <Access Port Registration> window, and click [REGISTER]. (See page 18) If you are unable to connect to the wireless LAN through the access point even after performing the steps in “...

  • Page 16: Connecting With Wired Lan

    ] appears in the menu bar and a connection is established with the projector. (“Menu description” See page 21) If the projector is not displayed, click [Designate] followed by [ADD], then enter the IP address set in the projector using the <Access Port Registration> window, and click [REGISTER]. (See page 18)

  • Page 17: Selecting The Connection Method

    Selecting the connection method When the <Network Adapter Selection> window appears, select [Wireless LAN] or [Wired LAN] and click [OK]. [Wireless LAN]: The wireless adapter is used for the connection. [Wired LAN]: The wired LAN is used for the connection. The <Select Access Port>...

  • Page 18: Other Operations For Connection

    Click [OK] to return to the password entry window and enter the correct password again. Adding and deleting connections When [Network] is set to [U] and the desired projector is not displayed at the <Select Access Port> window, connections can be added and deleted by the following operations.

  • Page 19: Searching By Projector's Id

    Other operations for connection Searching by projector’s ID Even if there are two or more projectors with the same name, an ID ([Proj] + 4-digit number) is assigned to each projector to enable the projectors to be identified. When you click [ID Search], a search for the projector of the specified ID is carried out from among the projectors that are presently switched on, from all network numbers other than [U].

  • Page 20: Canceling The Connection

    Other operations for connection Canceling the connection Click [ ] in the menu bar, followed by [Quit Wireless Manager]. The following window appears. Click [Yes]. The computer returns to the original network settings when the connection is ended. However, note that some time may be needed to return to the original network settings. Click [No] to return to the menu bar.

  • Page 21: Various Projection Methods

    (Blue, lit): Own computer currently transmitting (When in live mode) (Yellow, lit): Other user currently transmitting (Red, lit): Communication impossible (Black, lit): When the projector has not been selected Menu 22 page 23 page 36 page 12 page 24 page...

  • Page 22: Live Mode

    (check that the green lamp is lit). Click [Live Mode] from the menu. The current computer screen is transmitted to the selected projector. In the live mode the projector is occupied by a single computer, so operations from other computers are not possible.

  • Page 23: Useful Functions

    Useful Functions Shutter function Blanks the screen for a moment. Click [Shutter function] from the menu. The image is turned off. Click [Shutter function] from the menu again. The image comes back. The shutter function is available in the live mode.

  • Page 24: Setting Options

    Live mode settings • [Remove image when shutting down Live Mode] Check this box to clear the projection screen from the projector when live mode ends. • [Disable Screen Saver] This disables the computer screen saver function while Wireless Manager ME 4.5 is operating. Check this box to disable screen saver operation during live mode.

  • Page 25: Key Setting

    Setting options (cont.) Key setting You can set shortcut key combinations that let you control the Wireless Manager ME 4.5 functions by computer keyboard operations. Select the mode or the function to be set for the shortcut key, and click it. Click one from [Cmd], [Alt], [Ctrl], and [Shift].

  • Page 26: Other

    You can perform automatic settings for newly connected projectors. • If the [Make an automatic connection] box is checked and a projector is registered as a destination for automatic connection when Wireless Manager ME 4.5 is started, <Select Access Port> window does not appear and connection is performed automatically.

  • Page 27: Network Setting Of The Projector

    ENTER INITIALIZE Depending on the signals which are input to the projector, it may not be possible to adjust some of the items and use some of the functions. In the case of an item that cannot be adjusted or a function that cannot be used, the corresponding on-screen item will not be displayed, and you will not be able to execute it even when you press the [ENTER] button.

  • Page 28: Wired Lan Settings

    DHCP ※ ON : If a DHCP server exists in the network to which the projector is connected, the IP address will automatically be acquired. OFF : If a DHCP server does not exist in the network to which the projector is connected, additionally set [IP ADDRESS ※...

  • Page 29: Changing The Network Number

    DHCP ※ ON : If a DHCP server exists in the network to which the projector is connected, the IP address will automatically be acquired. OFF : If a DHCP server does not exist in the network to which the projector is connected, additionally set [IP ADDRESS ※...

  • Page 30: Wireless Settings

    ※ : Select when the access point authentication method is WPA-PSK. ENCRYPTION : Select the encryption method to be used for communication between the projector and the network. NONE : Select when transmit without encryption. It is selectable only when [AUTHENTICATION] is [OPEN] or [SHARED].

  • Page 31: Default Settings Of [user1]-[user3]

    Important video/audio data is protected because AES even if [ENCRYPTION] is set to [NONE]. ※ “Glossary” (See page 45) Default settings of [USER1]-[USER3] The following settings as [USER1]-[USER3] in the wireless LAN are set before the projector leaves the factory. SSID : Panasonic Projector DHCP...

  • Page 32: Changing The Projector Name

    After entering the projector name, select [OK] and click [ENTER]. To cancel the change, select [CANCEL] and press the [ENTER] button. Password setting This setting is used to limit the users that can connect to the projector. Select [INPUT PASSWORD] at the network menu. PT-FW100NT PICTURE...

  • Page 33: Network Standby

    After entering the password, select [OK] and click [ENTER]. To cancel the change, select [CANCEL] and press the [ENTER] button. Network standby You can leave the projector connected to the computer, even when it is in standby mode. Select [NETWORK STANDBY] at the network menu. PT-FW100NT...

  • Page 34: Verifying Settings

    Network setting of the projector Verifying settings Select [STATUS] at the network menu and press the [ENTER] button. Your current settings appear. PT-FW100NT PICTURE WIRED LAN POSITION WIRELESS LAN NAME CHANGE LANGUAGE INPUT PASSWORD OPTION PASSWORD CHANGE SECURITY NETWORK STANDBY...

  • Page 35: Using Webbrowser

    • When the projector settings have been changed using a WebBrowser, the projector will not appear on the connection list until the projector network is switched to [USER 1] - [USER 3]. • After the projector network has been switched to [USER 1] - [USER 3], manually release the proxy settings of the WebBrowser used.

  • Page 36: Accessing From The Webbrowser

    • Make sure the password is as hard to guess as possible. • Change the password periodically. • If you forget the password, perform [INITIALIZE] using the network menu of the projector (See page 34) and set a password again using the <Change password> window on the WebBrowser. (See page 42) •...

  • Page 37: Monitor Information Window

    The lamp has been used for longer than its rated useful life, and it is time to replace it. The lamp could not be lit. Allow the bulb of the light source to cool, and then turn on the projector. ARF UNIT is not installed or remaining filter level is low.

  • Page 38: Projector Control Window

    To access this page from other pages, click [Projector control] at the left of the window. Basic control window On this window, click the [Basic control] tab. Connection with the projector may not be possible immediately after the power is turned on. In this case wait a bit and then make the connection again. (cont.) Advanced control window On this window, click the [Advanced control] tab.

  • Page 39: Detailed Settings Window

    Using WebBrowser Detailed settings window You can make detail network settings for the projector, when connecting without [Admin (administrator)] authority or when connecting through an access point (infrastructure mode). LAN settings Click [Detailed set up] in the menu. Select the items to change and click [NEXT].

  • Page 40

    INPUT AIR TEMPERATURE: Select ON to send email when the temperature set in [TEMPERATURE WARNING SET UP] is exceeded. PERIODIC REPORT : Send a message with the projector status at the selected date and time. When [SUBMIT] is clicked, the settings are applied. (cont.)

  • Page 41

    Using WebBrowser ※Example of email message sent If [NORMAL] is selected under [MAIL CONTENTS] If you have completed the email settings If [SIMPLE] is selected under [MAIL CONTENTS] If you have completed the email settings (cont.) If an error occurs If an error occurs...

  • Page 42

    POP server port : Enter the POP server port number. Password settings Click [Detailed set up] [Change password] in the menu. Set a password for access of the [Projector control window]. Enter the previous password and the new password. Enter the new password in [Retype] and click [OK].

  • Page 43: Software Uninstall

    Software Uninstall Wireless Manager ME 4.5 Drag-and-drop [ ] from the [Applications] folder to the [Trash]. Select [Empty Trash...] from the [Finder] menu.

  • Page 44: Glossary

    Glossary Category Item Access point MAC ADDRESS IP address Common Setting of connections DHCP Subnetmask Gateway Descriptions Abbreviation for Local Area Network. This is a network with a relatively narrow range such as inside a company. These are stations for relaying electromagnetic signals between computers in a wireless LAN.

  • Page 45

    Glossary (cont.) Category Item AD_HOC INFRASTRUCTURE (infrastructure mode) SSID Open System/ OPEN Shared Key/ SHARED Advanced setting of WPA-PSK connection TKIP Descriptions This is the mode in which computers communicate with each other directly, rather than via access points. This is the mode in which communications are performed via the access point.

  • Page 46: Frequently Asked Questions

    • Did you connect to the network via an Easy Wireless Set Up ([1], [2], [3] or [4]), use Wireless Manager ME 4.5 and then quit the application? The projector can be disconnected from the network if you connect via an Easy Wireless Set Up ([1], [2], [3] or [4]), use Wireless Manager ME 4.5 and then quit the application.

  • Page 47

    • If the live mode is canceled or the connection is lost, start the reconnection procedure from the menu. If it is still not possible to establish a connection to the LAN, power off the projector, wait for the cooling fan to stop operating (after the power monitor on the projector changes from orange to red), power the projector back on, and then start the connection procedure from the menu once again.

  • Page 48

    There is a time lag between operations at the computer and results in the projected image. • Wireless Manager ME 4.5 reads the screen, compresses the data and transmits it to the projector. In the projector, the received data are extracted and then projected. Some delays occur in this system, due to the processing time and factors in the wireless environment.

  • Page 49

    • Unauthorized use or reproduction of part or all of this product software and manuals is strictly prohibited. • Panasonic cannot be held liable for any effects resulting from the use of this product software and manuals. • Panasonic reserves the right to revise this product software specifications and manual contents without notice.

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