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Panasonic PD50 Brochure & Specs page 7

Stationary 2d code reade
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Excellent decoding capabilities
PD50 reads Data Matrix ECC200 and QR codes. The codes can be created by printing, laser marking, engraving, etching and
stamping. Furthermore, even distorted, displaced or inversed codes can be read reliably.
Real-time image storage
Being equipped with a dedicated image memory, PD50 allows real-time
image storage during inspection. Up to 8 images can be saved in a ring
buffer. You can define whether to save each inspection image or only
images with negative inspection results. These images can be transferred
to PDTOOL, where they can be viewed or stored as Bitmap files, e.g. for
quality control reports.
Superior robustness
Thanks to its pre-processing functions, PD50 can read stamped or engraved codes on metal surfaces. Possible distortions caused
by material reflections, oil, oxidation or other impurities, for example, will be filtered out reliably, resulting in a clear and de-codable
Object code
White spots made by
Stains in the cells
the reflection of cells
Captured images
Black spots made by
stains on the metal surface
Proceed image
Clear image without



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