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Related Products

Vision Sensor
Our newly developed LightPix AE20 combines the ease of use of a conventional photoelectric
sensor with the inspection possibilities of an entry-level vision system. It is fast, cost effective and
suitable for various two-dimensional sensing tasks.
Compact Machine Vision Systems Imagechecker A100/200
A100/200 Machine Vision systems are our entry-level compact system with multi-purpose
functionality. With dimensions of just 120 x 40 x 70mm, the A-Series Imagechecker is one of the
smallest of its kind. It allows high-speed, dual-camera processing (A200) with a robust and mature
stand-alone hardware.
Colour Image Processing Systems AX30/AX40
Once colour-related product failures require detection, AX30/AX40 are the perfect solution. They
evaluate images of up to two cameras with respect to minute colour differences, checks
objects features, measures dimensions, compares patterns and much more.
High-Speed Machine Vision System PV300
PV300 combines the merits of A- and AX-Series Imagecheckers. Furthermore, it is equipped with
a second processor and thus allows ultra-high-speed inspection.
PC-Based Machine Vision
P400 and P400S Imagecheckers represent the next generation of PC-based Machine Vision.
The systems are user-friendly and offer multiple functions for a wide range of sophisticated
industrial inspection applications. High-end solutions materialise with a simple mouse-click.
High-End Machine Vision: Imagechecker AG50
One of the most demanding Machine Vision applications is the surface inspection of discrete
parts. The Imagechecker AG50 is an extremely powerful device that solves such complex tasks
quickly, reliably and with precision.
Laser Marking Systems
Accurate and distinct non-removable marking of almost any product can be achieved with our
Laser Markers. We offer various CO
and FAYb models ranging from 12 to 30 Watt.



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