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Panasonic PD50 Brochure & Specs page 6

Stationary 2d code reade
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Stationary 2D Code Reader PD50
The Software
Easy-to-use setup software PDTOOL
You can configure the PD50 with the optional Operation and Finder Units or – even more comfortably – with our free-of- charge
Windows-based software PDTOOL. First-time users easily grasp the settings principles and are aided by such functions as auto-
Just use the mouse to move the inspection area
position or change the size.
The code type to be read is indicated.
Free-of-charge download at:
After setting the inspection area, you can perform teaching with
one click using a non-defective code sample. The exposure time
and the 2D code type are automatically detected, eliminating
The setting flow indicator shows
you what to do next at a glance.
The detail setting mode allows you to configure the
code setting, settings for black/white reversed code
complicated setting processes.
and horizontally flipped code, etc.



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