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Panasonic PD50 Brochure & Specs page 5

Stationary 2d code reade
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Flexible setup
PD50 can be setup in two different ways. If you prefer to
configure PD50 with a PC or a notebook, our free software
PDTOOL will quickly and easily assist you step-by-step.
Automatic teach-in and other useful functions allow even un-
experienced users to configure the PD50. Alternatively, if
you don't use PCs in your production environment, settings
can be done with the Operation and Finder Unit. These small,
panel-mountable devices can also monitor images and results
during inspection.
360° high-speed reading
PD50 can read codes, regardless of their rotation angle.
As long as the code is within the sensor's field of view,
it will be read reliably, even if partially stained, destroyed,
mirrored or even reversed. Thanks to its RISC CPU, PD50 can
achieve a processing time of only 30 ms.
Integration made easy
PD50 can be easily integrated into existing machines. While
decoding results are output via its RS232 port, signals for the
inspection trigger, program change, readability flag, etc. are
handled by the digital interface. Furthermore, PD50 can be
easily connected to our GT series touch-screen displays
because both devices communicate via MEWTOCOL. These
displays are a good solution, if customised user interfaces are



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