Technical Data; Optional Accessories; What To Do If - Siemens WT46E381GB Operating And Installation Instructions

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Technical data

Dimensions (DxWxH)
Max. capacity
Condensate container
Connection voltage
Connected load
Fuse protection
Ambient temperature
Product number/
Production number
You can find the rating plate on the back of the dryer.
Power consumption when switched off
Power consumption when ready for use (left-on mode)
Drum interior light (depending on model) (bulb E14, 25 W): The drum lights up after the door is opened or closed, and after the programme
starts, and switches off automatically. Changing the bulb
Consumption values table
Spin speed which
is used for spinning
the laundry
Cupboard Dry*
1400 rpm
1000 rpm
800 rpm
Iron Dry*
1400 rpm
1000 rpm
800 rpm
Cupboard Dry*
800 rpm
600 rpm
Programme setting for testing in accordance with the applicable EN61121 standard.
** The values may differ from those specified, depending on the type of fabric, composition of laundry to be dried, residual moisture in the fabric,
the degree of dryness that has been set and the amount of laundry being loaded.
Most efficient programme for cotton fabrics
The following "standard cottons programme" (identified with
its combined energy consumption for drying wet cotton laundry.
Standard programme for cottons in accordance with current EU regulation 932/2012
Cottons Cupboard Dry
7 kg/3.5 kg
Programme setting for testing and energy labelling in accordance with Directive 2010/30/EU.

Optional accessories

(from after-sales service using order number, depending on model)
For easier loading and unloading. The basket contained in the drawer can be used to carry the laundry.
Washer-dryer stack connection set
The dryer can be placed on top of a suitable washing machine with the same width and depth to save space. The dryer must be fastened to the
washing machine using this connection set. With pull-out worktop: WZ 20300
Installation underneath the worktop
Instead of the appliance covering plate, you must have a metal cover fitted by a specialist.
60 x 60 x 85 cm (height adjustable)
approximately 45 kg
7 kg
4.2 l
see appliance rating plate
0.10 W
1.00 W
page 10.
Energy consumption**
7 kg
3.5 kg
7 kg
106 min
65 min
3.60 kWh
124 min
76 min
4.20 kWh
143 min
88 min
4.80 kWh
82 min
50 min
2.59 kWh
98 min
60 min
3.28 kWh
112 min
69 min
3.96 kWh
3.5 kg
3.5 kg
42 min
1.35 kWh
51 min
1.65 kWh
) is suitable for drying normal, wet cotton laundry and is most efficient in terms of
Energy consumption
Programme duration
4.20 kWh/2.30 kWh
124 min/76min

What to do if ...

If you cannot rectify a fault yourself (e.g. switching off/on), please contact our after-sales service. We will
always find an appropriate solution and will avoid unnecessary visits by engineers. Trust the expertise of the
manufacturer and rest assured that the repair will be carried out by trained service technicians using original
spare parts. The contact details of your local after-sales service can be found in the enclosed after-sales
service directory, or by calling one of these numbers:
– GB 0344 892 8999 (Calls charged at local or mobile rate.)
– IE 01450 2655 (0.03 € per minute at peak. Off peak 0.0088 € per minute.)
When contacting the after-sales service, please quote the appliance's product number (E no.)
and number (FD) (see the inside of the door).
Set the programme selector to Off and remove the appliance plug from the socket.
The Start/Stop indicator lamp
does not light up.
The display panel light and
indicator lights (depending on
model) go out and the Start/Stop
indicator light flashes.
The Empty water and Start/Stop
indicator lamp flash.
The Clean filter and Start/Stop
indicator lamp flash.
Dryer does not start.
3.5 kg
1.97 kWh
Water is running out.
2.30 kWh
The door opens by itself.
2.63 kWh
1.42 kWh
1.80 kWh
2.17 kWh
Laundry is not dried correctly or
is still too damp.
Drying time too long.
The humidity in the room
increases significantly.
Power failure.
One or more indicator lights for
programme status are flashing.
The interior light is not working
(depending on model).
Mains plug plugged in?
Programme selected?
Check the socket fuse.
Energy-saving mode is activated
see the separate Energy-saving
mode instructions.
Empty the condensate container.
If featured, check hose for condensation outlet.
Clean the fluff filter and/or air cooler
Page 4/6.
Start/Stop button selected?
Door closed?
Programme set?
Ambient temperature greater than 5°C?
Align dryer horizontally.
Clean air cooler seal.
Push the door closed until you hear it engage.
Laundry load exceeded?
Remove articles of clothing immediately after the end of the programme,
hang up and pull into shape.
Unsuitable programme selected
Page 7.
After the end of the programme, warm laundry feels damper than it
actually is. Spread the laundry out and allow the heat to disperse.
Finely adjust the dryness level – this extends the drying time but does
not increase the temperature. Your laundry will become drier.
Select a programme with a longer drying time or increase the drying
level. This does not increase the temperature.
Select a time programme for extended drying of laundry that is still
If you have exceeded the maximum load for the programme, the laundry
may not be dried correctly.
Clean the moisture sensor in the drum. A fine layer of limescale may
adversely affect the performance of the sensors and your washing will
not dry properly.
Drying has been interrupted as a result of a power cut, because the
condensate container is full or because the maximum drying time has
been exceeded.
Rinse the fluff filters under running water
Page 4.
Insufficient supply of air
ensure that air can circulate.
Air inlet possibly blocked
Clear inlet
Page 8.
Ambient temperature higher than 35°C
ventilate the room.
Make sure the room is sufficiently ventilated.
Remove laundry from the dryer immediately and spread out. This allows
the heat to dissipate. Be careful as the door, the drum and the laundry
may be hot.
Clean filter and air cooler
Page 4/6.
Check installation conditions
Page 8.
Switch off, leave to cool down, switch on again, restart programme.
Pull out the appliance plug, remove the cover cap in the interior above the
door (use Torx 20 screw driver) and replace the bulb. Close the cover
cap. Never operate the dryer without a cover cap.