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Remaining Running Time Display; Timer Programming; End Of Programme - Siemens SX SERIES Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Operating the appliance
6. Keep pressing programme
button 3 until the required value,
e.g. :
, is indicated on the digital
display h.
7. Press START button `.
The set value is saved.
8. Close the door.
Remaining running time
When the programme is selected, the
remaining running time of the
programme is indicated on the digital
display h.
The running time is determined during
the programme by the water
temperature, the number of utensils as
well as the degree of soiling and may
vary (depending on the selected
T imer programming *
T i m e r p r o g r a m m i n g
* depending on model
You can delay the start of the
programme in 1-hour steps up to
24 hours.
1. Open the door.
2. Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
3. Press button P + until the digital
display h jumps to :
4. Press P + or – button until the
displayed time corresponds with your
5. Press START button `, timer
programming is activated.
6. To delete timer programming, press
the P + or – button until h :
is indicated on the digital display.
You can change your programme
selection at any time until the
programme starts.
7. Close the door.

End of programme

The programme has ended when the
value :
display h.
The end of the programme is also
indicated by an acoustic signal. This
function can be changed as follows:
1. Open the door.
2. Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
3. Hold down programme button #
4. Release both buttons.
5. Press programme button # until
To change the setting,
1. Press programme button 3. Each
2. Press START button `, the set
3. Close the door.
is indicated on the numerical
and press START button ` until
: .... is indicated on the digital
The LED for button # flashes and
the digital display h displays the
factory setting :
the factory set value :
indicated on the digital display h.
time the button is pressed, the set
value increases by one level; when
the value of :
the display jumps back to :
value is saved.
has been reached,

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Table of Contents

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