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Outdoor Units - LG Multi IV Engineering Manual

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Table of Contents
General Mounting
Securely attach the outdoor unit to a condenser
pad, base rails, or other mounting platform that
is securely anchored to the ground or building
structure. Refer to dimensional drawings in the
"Product Data" section on pages 35 to 40, and
follow the applicable local code for clearance,
mounting, anchor, and vibration attenuation
Images are not to scale. All dimensions ±0.25
Mounting Platform
The underlying structure or foundation must be designed to support the weight of the unit. Avoid placing the unit in a low lying area where
water may accumulate.
Tie-Downs and Wind Restraints
The strength of the Multi V IV frame is adequate to be used with field-provided wind restraint tie-downs. The overall tie-down configuration
must be approved by a local professional engineer. Always refer to local codes when designing a wind restraint system.
Dealing with Snow and Ice
In climates that experience snow buildup, place the unit on a raised platform to ensure proper condenser airflow. The raised support platform
must be high enough to allow the unit to remain above possible snow drifts. Mount the unit on a field-provided snow stand at a minimum
height that is equal to the average annual snowfall, plus 20 inches. Design the mounting base to prevent snow accumulation on the platform
in front or back of the unit case. If necessary, provide a field fabricated hood to keep snow and ice and/or drifting snow from accumulating
on the coil surfaces. Install the optional hail guard kit and air guide accessories (sold separately) to prevent snow or rain from accumulating
on the fan inlet and outlet guards. When the system is commissioned, set the controller for "snow throw" operation. In all cases, connected
duct work and accessories must provide a combined air pressure drop rating that does not exceed 0.32" WG.
• When deciding on a location to place the outdoor unit, be sure to choose an area where run-off from defrost mode will not
accumulate and freeze on sidewalks or driveways.
• Snow throw mode does not prevent ice from forming on the fan blade or discharge grille.
Ambient Air Conditions
Avoid exposing the outdoor unit to steam, combustible gases, or other corrosive elements. Avoid exposing the unit to discharge from boiler
stacks, chimneys, steam relief ports, other air conditioning units, kitchen vents, plumbing vents, and other sources of extreme temperature,
gases, or substances that may degrade performance or cause damage to the unit.
When installing multiple outdoor units, avoid placing the units where discharge of one outdoor unit will blow into the inlet side of an adjacent
Figure 11: Outdoor Unit—Mounting Methods
At least 3/8Ø inch
At least 7-7/8 inches
A: Corners must be firmly attached,
otherwise, the support will bend.
Unit : inch
B: Use a 3/8 inch or 5/16 inch hexa-
gon nut with a spring washer.
C: Anti-vibration material.
D: Include enough space for refrig-
erant piping and electrical wiring
when installing through the bottom
of the unit.
E: H-beam support.
F: Concrete support.

Outdoor Units

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Table of Contents

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