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Makita BHS630 Technical Information

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Models No.
Model BHS630 is a 165mm (6-1/2") Cordless Circular Saw powered by
18V/3.0Ah Li-ion battery Model BL1830.
Its main features are:
• Able to cut up to 66mm (2-5/8") thick wood with a single stroke,
which no competitors' 18V models can do.
• In spite of compact and lightweight design, performs the same smooth
and comfortable cutting as AC circular saws.
• Compatible with 18V Li-ion battery of BL1830 equipped with the battery
protection circuit designed to protect the battery from damages due to
overdischarge, high temperature or overload current.
• High maneuverability provided by Good tool balance, Twin LED light,
Blower function and Fine parallel adjustment of base plate.
Note: 1.3Ah Li-ion battery of BL1815 cannot be used for this model.
This model is available in the following variations.
Model No.
All models also include the accessories listed below in "Standard equipment".
Charging time (approx.):
Max output (W)
No load speed: min-
Blade size: mm (")
Max cutting capacities:
mm (")
Electric brake
Job light
Weight according to
EPTA-Procedure 01/2003*
*Includes TCT Saw Blade, Battery BL1830 and Dust nozzle
tandard equipment
TCT Saw blade 165mm (6-1/2") .................................. 1
Hex wrench 5 ................................................................ 1
Rip fence ....................................................................... 1
Dust nozzle (for European countries only) ................... 1
Note: The standard equipment may vary by courntry or model variation.
ptional accessories
Fast charger DC18RC
Charger DC18SD
Charger DC24SC
Automotive charger DC18SE
165mm (6-1/2") Cordless Circular Saw
Hole diameter
All countries except North America: 20
at 0°
at 45°
: kg (lbs)
Battery BL1830
165mm (6-1/2") TCT Saw Blades
Dust nozzle
Rip fences
carrying case
15/ 22
with DC18RC
165 (6-1/2)
North America: 15.88 (5/8)
66 (2-5/8)
46 (1-13/16)
Yes (Twin LED light)
3.5 (7.7)
Safety goggles
Guide rail adapter
Various parts of guide rail
for ASC & Sales Shop
Dimensions: mm (")
Length (L)
346 (13-5/8)
Width (W)
220 (8-5/8)
Height (H)
247 (9-3/4)
P 1/ 16



Summary of Contents for Makita BHS630

  • Page 1 Description 165mm (6-1/2") Cordless Circular Saw ONCEPT AND MAIN APPLICATIONS Model BHS630 is a 165mm (6-1/2") Cordless Circular Saw powered by 18V/3.0Ah Li-ion battery Model BL1830. Its main features are: • Able to cut up to 66mm (2-5/8") thick wood with a single stroke, which no competitors’...
  • Page 2 Apply the following grease and Lubricant to the portions pointed with triangles to protect parts and product from unusual abrasion. Item No. Description Portion to lubricate Lubricant Amount Makita grease SG No.0 A Gear room where Gears engage each other Blade case B O ring 24 Lubricant VG100 complete C Pivot portion where Angular guide contacts a little Makita grease SG No.0...
  • Page 3 P 3/ 16 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-1. Base DISASSEMBLING Base can be separated from the machine as drawn in Figs. 2 and 3. Fig. 2 1. Remove M6x20 Thumb screw, Spring washer 6, 3. Remove Shoulder pin 6-7. and Flat washer 6 from Angular guide side and Now Base complete is separated Depth guide side.
  • Page 4 P 4/ 16 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-2. Lock Lever ASSEMBLING Assemble Lock lever to Base, and adjust to obtain the convenient lock position as drawn in Fig. 4. Fig. 4 1. Tighten M6x10 Hex bolt to fix Guide rule to Base. M6x10 Hex bolt 2.
  • Page 5 P 5/ 16 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-3. Depth Guide DISASSEMBLING Depth guide is joined to the Machine at the Handle section, and to Base at Rear angular guide. Separate Depth guide by disassembling from Handle section and from Rear angular guide as drawn in Fig. 5. Fig.
  • Page 6 P 6/ 16 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-3. Depth Guide ASSEMBLING 1. Assemble Depth guide to Rear angular guide by tightening with M4x20 Hex socket head bolt and M4-7 Hex lock nut. Refer to the bottom left illustration in Fig. 5. 2.
  • Page 7 P 7/ 16 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-4. Angular Guide DISASSEMBLING Angular guide is fixed to the machine at the following 3 positions. 1. at the hinge portion fixed with Shoulder pin 6-7 and M6x6 Hex socket head set screw 2. at Angular plate on Base with M6x20 Thumb screw, Flat washer 6 and Spring washer 6 3.
  • Page 8 P 8/ 16 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-5. LED and Motor Section DISASSEMBLING (3) Armature and Yoke unit can be replaced as drawn in Fig. 10. Fig. 10 2. Separate Blade case section from Motor housing complete. 1. Remove Carbon brush and unscrew three M5x33 Pan head screws.
  • Page 9 P 9/ 16 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-6. Blade Case Complete DISASSEMBLING (1) Remove Lever 55 and M6x85 Hex bolt as per the top right drawing in Fig. 5. Now the machine is free from Depth guide. (2) Make the machine free from Angular guide as drawn in Fig. 8. Now the machine is separated from Base completely.
  • Page 10 P 10/ 16 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-6. Blade Case Complete DISASSEMBLING (5) Remove Blade cover and Duct from Blade case complete as drawn in Fig. 13. Fig. 13 2. Remove Blade cover from Blade 3. Remove Duct from Blade 1. Remove two 4x12 Tapping screws case complete by levering up with case complete.
  • Page 11 P 11/ 16 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-7. Bearing Box (Gear Section) DISASSEMBLING In case of repairing of Bearing box (Gear section) singly, no need to separate the machine from the Base. (1) Remove Safety cover as per the upper left and upper right drawings in Fig. 12. (2) Remove Bearing box (Gear section) from Blade case complete as per the lower right drawing in Fig.
  • Page 12 P 12/ 16 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-8. Lock Off Lever, Switch Lever ASSEMBLING Assemble Switch lever and Lock off lever to Handle as illustrated in Fig. 16. Fig. 16 1. Compression spring 4 has to be assembled 2. Set Lock off lever Compression spring 4 and deeply and firmly to Switch lever and Lock Switch lever to the Handle at the position off lever as drawn below.
  • Page 13 P 13/ 16 epair [4] ADJUSTMENT Following two kinds of adjustment screws are used in this product. 1. M6x8 Hex socket head set screw for adjusting Accuracy of 90 degrees . 2. M5x8 hex socket head set screw for adjusting Accuracy of Parallel of Base to saw blade See the following drawing in Fig.
  • Page 14 P 14/ 16 ircuit diagram Fig. D-1 Color index of lead wires' sheath Black White Yellow Handle section ON / OFF Switch LED Job Light Switch for LED job light Blade case Brush holder Motor housing Terminal Controller...
  • Page 15 P 15/ 16 iring diagram Fig. D-2 Wiring of Brush holder’s Lead wires Fix Brush holder’s Lead wires in Lead wire holders. Lead wire holder Brush holder Brush holder to ON/OFF Switch in Handle Opening for Lead wires Pass the Lead wires through the opening to Blade case side.
  • Page 16 P 16/ 16 iring diagram Fig. D-4 Wiring of LED Lead wires in Blade case and Connector box Fix the Lead wires (black), Put the extra portion of Lead (red) from Handle in wires in Connector box. Lead wire holder. Connector box Do not put the lead wires on Connector...