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Care And Cleaning - Electrolux EDC2096GDW User Manual

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Table of Contents
Should the appliance power supply ca-
ble need to be replaced, this must be
carried out by our Service Centre.
• Connect the mains plug to the mains
socket only at the end of the installa-
tion. Make sure that there is access to
the mains plug after the installation.
• Do not pull the mains cable to discon-
nect the appliance. Always pull the
mains plug.
• Do not touch the mains cable or the
mains plug with wet hands.
• This appliance complies with the E.E.C.
1.3 Use
Risk of fire, explosion, electric
shock or damage to the appliance
• Use this appliance in a household only.
• Do not change the specification of this
• The final part of the drying cycle occurs
without heat (cool down cycle) to en-
sure that the items will not be dam-
If you stop the appliance before the end
of the drying cycle, immediately remove
and spread out all items, so that the
heat can dissipate.
• If you use fabric softener or similar
products, obey the instructions on the
• Do not run the appliance without a filter.
Clean the lint filter before or after each
• Wipe away lint that has accumulated
around the appliance.
• Do not dry the damaged items which
contain padding or fillings.
• Do not dry items such as foam rubber
(latex foam), shower caps, waterproof
textiles, rubber backed articles and
clothes or pillows fitted with foam rub-
ber pads..
• Before drying items that have been in
contact with substances such as cook-
ing oil, acetone, alcohol , petrol, kero-
sene, spot removers, turpentine, waxes
and wax removers, wash them in hot
water with an extra amount of deter-
• Do not dry items in the appliance if in-
dustrial chemicals have been used for
• Make sure that no gas lighters or
matches have been left in the pockets
of the clothing.
• Only dry fabrics which are applicable to
dry in the tumble dryer. Follow the in-
structions on the fabric label.
• Do not dry not washed items in the ap-
• If you have washed your laundry with a
stain remover start an extra rinse cycle
before you start the dryer.
• Do not drink or prepare food with the
condensed water. It can cause health
problems to people and pets.
• Do not sit or stand on the open door.
• Obey the maximum load volume of 9 kg
(refer to the "Programme chart" chap-
• Do not dry dripping wet clothes in the
tumble dryer.

1.4 Care and Cleaning

Risk of injury or damage to the
• Before maintenance, deactivate the ap-
pliance and disconnect the mains plug
from the mains socket.
• Do not use water spray and steam to
clean the appliance.
• Clean the appliance with a moist soft
cloth. Only use neutral detergents. Do
not use abrasive products, abrasive
cleaning pads, solvents or metal ob-
1.5 Internal light
Risk of injury.
Visible LED radiation, do not look
directly into the beam.
To replace the internal light, con-
tact the Service.
1.6 Disposal
Risk of injury or suffocation.


Table of Contents