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Safety Instructions - Electrolux EDC2096GDW User Manual

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Before the installation and use of the ap-
pliance, carefully read the supplied in-
structions. The manufacturer is not re-
sponsible if an incorrect installation and
use causes injuries and damages. Always
keep the instructions with the appliance
for future reference.
1.1 Children and vulnerable
people safety
Risk of suffocation, injury or per-
manent disability.
• This appliance can be used by children
aged from 8 years and above and per-
sons with reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge if they have been given
supervision or instruction for the opera-
tion of the appliance by a person who is
responsible for their safety.
• Do not let children play with the appli-
• Keep all packaging away from children.
• Keep all detergents away from children.
• Keep children and pets away from the
appliance door when it is open.
• Cleaning and user maintenance shall
not be made by children without super-
1.2 Installation
• Remove all the packaging.
• Do not install or use a damaged appli-
• Obey the installation instruction sup-
plied with the appliance.
• Make sure that the floor where you in-
stall the appliance is flat, stable, heat
resistant and clean.
• Do not install or use the appliance
where the temperature is less than 5°C
or higher than 35°C.
• Do not install the appliance behind a
lockable door, a sliding door or a door
with a hinge on the opposite side,
where the appliance door can not be
fully opened.
• Always be careful when you move the
appliance because it is heavy. Always
wear safety gloves.
• Always move the appliance vertically.
• The rear surface of the appliance must
be put against the wall.
• Make sure that there is air circulation
between the appliance and the floor.
• Make sure the carpet does not obstruct
the ventilation openings in the base of
the appliance (if applicable).
• Exhaust air must not be discharged into
a flue which is used for exhausting
fumes from appliances burning gas or
other fuels.
• If the tumble dryer is put on top of a
washing machine, use the stacking kit.
The stacking kit, available from your au-
thorized vendor, can be used only with
the appliance specified in the instruc-
tions, supplied with the accessory.
Read it carefully before installation (Re-
fer to the Installation leaflet).
• Ensure you have good ventilation in the
installation room to avoid the back flow
of gases into the room from appliances
burning other fuels, including open fires.
• The appliance can be installed as free-
standing or below the kitchen counter
with correct space (Refer to the Installa-
tion leaflet).
• When the appliance is put in its perma-
nent position, check if it is fully level
with the aid of a spirit level. If it is not,
adjust the feet until it is.
Electrical connection
Risk of fire and electrical shock.
• The appliance must be earthed.
• Make sure that the electrical information
on the rating plate agrees with the pow-
er supply. If not, contact an electrician.
• Always use a correctly installed shock-
proof socket.
• Do not use multi-plug adapters and ex-
tension cables.
• Make sure not to cause damage to the
mains plug and to the mains cable.


Table of Contents