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Hints And Tips - Electrolux EDC2096GDW User Manual

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Table of Contents
7.3 Change a programme
1. Press the on/off button to deactivate
2. Press the on/off button to activate the
3. Set the programme.
7.4 At the end of the
When the programme is completed,
• An intermittent acoustic signal oper-
• The indicator
• The indicator
• The Start/Pause indicator is on.
The appliance continues to operate with
the crease guard phase for approximately
other 30 minutes.
The crease guard phase removes creases
from your laundry.
You can remove the laundry before the
crease guard phase is completed. We
recommend, for better results, that you
remove the laundry when the phase is al-
most completed or completed.


8.1 Preparing the laundry
• Close the zippers.
• Close the fasteners of the duvet covers.
• Do not keep ties or ribbons loose (e.g.
apron ribbons). Tie them before you
start a programme.
• Remove all items from the pockets.
• If an item has the internal layer made of
cotton, turn it inside out. Make sure that
the cotton layer is always external.
• We recommend that you set the cor-
rect programme applicable for the type
of fabrics that are in the appliance.
comes on.
Laundry that is applicable for tumble dryer.
Laundry that is applicable for tumble dryer. Set the programme with
standard temperature.
When the crease guard phase is comple-
• The indicator
is on but does not flash.
• The indicator
goes off.
• Start/Pause indicator goes off.
1. Press the on/off button to deactivate
the appliance.
2. Open the appliance door.
3. Remove the laundry.
4. Close the appliance door.
Always clean the filter and empty
the water container when a pro-
gramme is completed.
7.5 Auto STAND-BY function
To decrease the energy consumption, this
function automatically deactivates the ap-
• After 5 minutes if you do not start the
• After 5 minutes from the end of the pro-
• Do not put fabrics with strong colours
together with fabrics with light colours.
Strong colours can bleed.
• Use an applicable programme for cot-
ton jersey and knitwear to prevent the
items to shrink.
• Make sure that the laundry weight is
not more than the maximum weight
that is in the programme table.
• Dry only the laundry that is applicable
for tumble dryer. Refer to the fabric la-
bel on the items.


Table of Contents