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Service Training
Self-Study Programme 453
For the T5 2010


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   Summary of Contents for Volkswagen Multivan 2010

  • Page 1

    Service Training Commercial Vehicles Self-Study Programme 453 For the T5 2010...

  • Page 2

    The T5 from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Series production of the first Volkswagen Transporter Today, as in the past, the Volkswagen Commercial started in March 1950. An initial production of Vehicles brand stands for innovative technology and 10 vehicles per day quickly developed into one of the a product range that is tailored to requirements.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    At a glance Introduction ........... . . 4 The model family of the T5 2010 .

  • Page 4: Introduction

    The 2010 model year will see the launch of an extensive remodeling of what is to become the fifth model generation of the Transporter. Yet again, this vehicle will underline the pioneering role played by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the segment of people carriers and transporters.

  • Page 5

    The new T5 2010 consistently implements the new design language of Volkswagen. A clear face - high quality and timeless, Panel van, window van and platform van with ● ● The horizontal, clean lines make the vehicle robust and solid, grey grained front and rear ●...

  • Page 6: Technical Data

    Introduction Technical data Platform van Platform van Single cab S453_004 Platform van Double cab S453_104 S453_005 S453_006 The pictures only show selected variants and their dimensions/dimension ranges (e.g. with short and long wheelbase, etc.) - the chassis is not shown here. Please refer to the current sales literature for the complete set of technical data for the model range.

  • Page 7

    Panel van, window van, Caravelle, Multivan, California Panel van S453_117 Multivan With the launch of the T5 2010, the Multivan will also be available with a long wheelbase. S453_029 S453_031 S453_145 S453_030 The pictures only show selected variants and their dimensions/dimension ranges (e.g. short and long wheelbase, normal roof, medium-high roof and high roof depending on the versions, etc.).

  • Page 8: Body

    To a large extent, the body has been taken from the previous model. The front end is new - it has been adapted to the current face of the Volkswagen family and is the same for the Multivan and commercial vehicles. The engine cover and the exterior mirrors have been improved in terms of their aerodynamics and reduced wind noise.

  • Page 9

    Structure of the front end - exploded view Assembly mount Cooler for power steering Ventilator Radiator Condenser Intercooler (for TDI engine) Bulkhead S453_054 Bumper mount The attachments for all components on The double fan concept in the previous model will the assembly mount have changed.

  • Page 10

    Body Assembly mount In contrast to the assembly mount in the previous model, the one in the T5 2010 is no longer made from steel but from a composite material comprising plastic with a steel insert. The main advantage is the increased weight saving. In order to guarantee the necessary stability and crash safety of the assembly mount, the upper cross member of the assembly mount has been fitted with a steel insert.

  • Page 11: The Tailgate Emergency Unlocking Function

    The tailgate emergency unlocking function All model variants of the T5 2010 with tailgate are equipped with a tailgate emergency unlocking function. In case of an emergency when the tailgate can no longer be opened, e.g. because: The tailgate or the opening mechanism has been damaged due to a crash ●...

  • Page 12: Occupant Protection

    Occupant protection As a feature of the Volkswagen safety strategy, the occupant protection system in the T5 2010 has been improved in the form of a seat belt fastening warning and a modified airbag concept for driver and front passenger protection.

  • Page 13

    Belt fastening warning One feature in the safety concept is the seat belt fastening warning for the driver's seat which is installed as standard. An acoustic signal sounds if the driver's seat belt is not fastened. In addition, a red ISOFIX child seat restraint systems are warning lamp lights up in the instrument cluster.

  • Page 14: Engine

    Engine The engine/gearbox combinations As far as the gearboxes are concerned, there are 2 The engine range includes one petrol and four TDI manual gearboxes and one automatic. engines. The power plants are installed transversely. Engine 5-speed manual 6-speed manual DSG automatic gearbox 02Z gearbox 0A5...

  • Page 15

    2.0 l/85 kW petrol engine The engine has been adapted for use in the T5 2010 with the modified installation position. Technical features – Spray nozzles for piston cooling – Oil pump driven by chain from the crankshaft – Electrically heated crankcase ventilation –...

  • Page 16

    Engine 2.0 l/62 kW TDI engine The diesel engine is a further development (2nd generation) based on the 2.0 l TDI engine in the Tiguan or Passat, which has been adapted for the installation conditions and the specific commercial vehicle requirements of the T5 2010. Technical features –...

  • Page 17

    2.0 l/75 kW TDI engine The design of the 75 kW engine is based on the same engine as the 62 kW engine. The difference is only the modification to the control unit software used for the injection system. Technical features –...

  • Page 18

    Engine 2.0 l/103 kW TDI engine The design of the 2.0 l/103 kW engine is also based on the same engine as the 62 kW engine. The difference is only the modification to the control unit software used for the injection system. Technical features –...

  • Page 19

    2.0 l/132 kW TDI engine with bi-turbo unit The design of the 2.0 l/132 kW engine is based on the 2.0 l/103 kW engine, but it is equipped with a bi-turbo unit to provide a power boost. The control unit software has been adapted accordingly.

  • Page 20: Power Transmission

    Power transmission The gearboxes Two manual gearboxes, the 02Z and the 0A5 gearbox, and the DSG automatic gearbox 0BT are used in the T5 2010. They have been designed for transverse installation in the vehicle. 5-speed manual gearbox 02Z The 5-speed gearbox is already familiar from the previous model, and is used with the 4-cylinder 85 kW petrol engine and the 4-cylinder TDI engines with 62/75 kW.

  • Page 21

    Volkswagen, and is also produced within the company, to very high manufacturing standards. All-in-all, it represents a milestone in the gearbox strategy of the Volkswagen Group, which means it contributes to a further expansion in the technological lead enjoyed by Volkswagen.

  • Page 22: The Four-wheel Drive

    Power transmission The four-wheel drive In the T5 2010, four-wheel drive is available in all vehicle variants in conjunction with the 2.0 l 103/132 kW TDI engines. It can be used with the 6-speed manual gearbox 0A5 and now, for the first time, also in conjunction with an automatic gearbox - the 7-speed dual clutch gearbox 0BT.

  • Page 23

    Bevel drive The bevel drive has been adapted for the higher torque requirements in the T5 2010. Two different bevel drives are used, one of which is adapted for mounting on the manual gearbox and the other for the dual clutch gearbox. Propshaft Bevel drive Dual clutch gearbox 0BT...

  • Page 24

    Power transmission Bevel box The housing structure, the bearings and the gears of the bevel box have been adapted for the higher torque requirements in the T5 2010. At the same time, it has been possible to reduce the weight of the bevel box by 6.25 kg compared to the previous type.

  • Page 25

    Rear final drive The design of the rear final drive has been adapted for installation of the Haldex 4th generation coupling and for the higher torque requirements in the T5 2010, as far as the housing and the bearings are concerned. The reservoir tank for the Haldex oil is an integral component of the final drive housing.

  • Page 26

    Power transmission Ventilation Cutaway view – rear axle box Rear axle box Ventilation The rear final drive of the four-wheel drive T5 2010 Haldex coupling consists of the Haldex 4th generation coupling, the Drive to left wheel final drive and the optionally available differential lock.

  • Page 27

    Four-wheel drive control unit J492 Pinion Torsional vibration damper Drive from propshaft S453_130 Multi-disc pack of the Haldex coupling Oil space Pump for Haldex oil Haldex coupling V181 Double oil seal Oil space final drive oil Double oil seal Breather hole...

  • Page 28: Chassis

    Running gear Overview of the running gear The basic structure of the running gear in the T5 2010 corresponds to that in the previous model. Some important components of the running gear have undergone further development. This means it satisfies the demands of driving even more effectively.

  • Page 29

    The picture corresponds to front-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive now also with the new ● 7-speed dual clutch gearbox 0BT S453_076 The rear axle design is adopted from ● the Transporter 2004 New 17-inch dual piston brake ● on the front axle...

  • Page 30: The Brake System

    From model year 2010 onwards, all T5 vehicles will receive the latest generation of ESP (electronic stabilisation programme). This is a further contribution towards the continuous process of meeting the safety targets set by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The ESP system is not available at present in back-to-back cabs (T5 cabs) intended for subsequent completion, e.g.

  • Page 31

    The system has the following new functions in addition to those already named: Function Functional description ARP minimises the risk of rolling over when cornering. If the transverse acceleration (active rollover protection) threshold value set for the individual vehicle is exceeded during cornering, the engine torque is reduced and the front wheel on the outside of the curve is braked.

  • Page 32

    Running gear Front brake 16-inch front brake On its front axle, the T5 2010 has a 16-inch brake system. The ventilated brake discs have the dimension Ø 308 x 29.5 mm. S453_082 All T5 2010 vehicles with 132 kW engine or a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 3000 kg are equipped with new, revised 17-inch brakes on the front axle as standard.

  • Page 33

    Brake light switch on main brake cylinder Brake booster The mechanical switches on the pedal mechanism Tandem have been discontinued in all T5 2010 vehicles, and main brake cylinder replaced by a brake light switch on the tandem main brake cylinder of the brake booster. This brake light switch is one component that comprises two Hall sensors (to provide redundant backup).

  • Page 34: The Steering

    Running gear The steering All T5 2010 vehicles are equipped with hydraulic power steering. Servotronic is available as standard for all Multivan Highline vehicles and is an option for all other T5 2010 models. It is a feature of Servotronic that the steering support is reduced as the vehicle speed increases.

  • Page 35

    Adjustable steering booster pump The adjustable steering booster pump is mounted on the engine below the alternator, and is driven by the Steering booster pump belt drive of the engine. It is used in all T5 2010 vehicles with a diesel engine. S453_114 Structure and function The adjustable steering booster pump operates...

  • Page 36

    Running gear Function At idling speed … the cam ring of the pump is pressed against the outer ring by spring force and the internal pressure conditions. This produces the greatest possible delivery volumes on the suction and pressure sides. The delivery volume increases as the rotation speed increases, in proportion to the rotation speed.

  • Page 37

    As the rotation speed increases further … The delivery volume and pressure increase if the rotation speed continues to rise. The control piston is pushed further to the left against the spring force, and therefore the duct to the left chamber is connected to the suction line.

  • Page 38: Heating And Air Conditioning

    Heating and air conditioning The climate control The T5 2010 not only uses the manual heating and ventilation system but also the semiautomatic Climatic air conditioning system and the fully automatic Climatronic air conditioning system. Climatic The Climatic replaces the manual air conditioning system familiar from the predecessor.

  • Page 39: The Auxiliary Heaters

    S453_125 Auxiliary heater The basic structure and function of the Airtronic D3/B3 Plus Airtronic D3/B3 Plus corresponds to those of the Airtronic D2/D4S. For more information, refer to self-study programme no. 416 "Auxiliary heaters - part 2 Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles".

  • Page 40: Electrics

    Electrics The installation locations of the control units Control unit for right Amplifier and door TV tuner UHV control unit Airbag control unit MDI control unit Control unit for Control unit for left Engine control unit parking aid door Onboard supply Remote control receiver for control unit...

  • Page 41

    Control unit for voice amplification Control unit for Control unit for trailer detection and CD changer reversing camera Control unit for lane change assist right Control unit for right sliding door 453_089 Control unit for lane change assist left Left sliding door control unit...

  • Page 42: The Networking Concept

    Electrics The networking concept J362 J285 What the abbreviations mean E265 Rear climate control unit E313 Selector lever G24 Tachograph G85 Steering angle sender G303 Interior monitor send and receive module 1 G305 Interior monitor send and receive module 2 G384 Vehicle inclination sender J533 J519...

  • Page 43

    only for 2.0 l petrol engine J492 J623 J743 E313 J234 J446 G419 J104 J788 J769 J770 (Master) (Slave) CAN data bus driveline G303 CAN data bus comfort/infotainment G384 CAN data bus sensor LIN data bus G305 CAN data bus line LIN data bus line Data line G397...

  • Page 44: The Onboard Supply Control Unit J519

    Electrics The onboard supply control unit J519 The new onboard supply control unit J519 in the T5 2010 has had various functions added to it. In contrast to the onboard supply control unit in the previous model, it now also handles the functions of the convenience system central control unit J393.

  • Page 45

    Installation location The onboard supply control unit is fitted in a bracket on the left under the dash panel. The picture shows a view from the engine compartment through a cut-out opening in the bulkhead. S453_069 Function The range of functions depends on the equipment. More complex equipment extends the range of functions compared to the more straightforward equipment, as shown by the functions listed in the table.

  • Page 46: The Lights

    The external design and also the interior structure of the chambers of the headlight unit have been adapted to Volkswagen's new style. As in the previous model, it has a clear glass structure and is installed in the two variants with H4 and H7 headlight module.

  • Page 47: Tail Lights

    Tail lights Brake and tail lights Tail light P 21/5 W R 10 W The T5 2010 has two different tail lights. In conjunction with the H7 headlight module, a new tail light is used which differs from the tail light in the previous model by its more striking design, its internal structure and the resulting distribution of the illuminated surfaces.

  • Page 48

    Electrics E mergency brake display All model variants of the T5 2010 now feature the new "emergency brake display" function. The ABS control unit J104 detects an emergency braking situation based on the stored threshold values for deceleration and/or the ABS intervention time. It sets an emergency braking threshold if the speed is still faster than 60 km/h at this time.

  • Page 49

    Fog light - static turning light If the T5 2010 is equipped with fog lights then these are also used for the function of the static turning light. Indicator stalk < 40 km/h Steering wheel S453_099 Fog lights The static turning light is switched on by the onboard supply control unit J519 in accordance with the vehicle speed, the steering wheel angle and the turning request.

  • Page 50: The Lane Change Assist

    Electrics The lane change assist Warning light for lane change Lane change assist control The T5 2010 (closed bodies, short wheelbase and assist (front passenger side) K234 unit 2 J770 tailgate) is now available with lane change assist (Side Assist) as an option. The lane change assist warns the driver about Dash panel vehicles that are located to the side in the "blind spot"...

  • Page 51: The Reversing Camera System

    The reversing camera system As an extension to the previous, ultrasound-based system for assistance during parking, the T5 2010 with tailgate can be equipped with the option of a reversing camera system. The reversing camera system operates with a wide- The field of view to the rear that can be observed via angle camera in conjunction with a control unit.

  • Page 52: The Dash Panel

    Electrics The dash panel The dash panel has been revised for the T5 2010. Overview of new features: revised lines, surfaces, newly designed dash panel inserts, completely new radio/navigation range and updated controls for heating/ventilation and air conditioning systems. The joystick control in the dash panel has been retained. Two different equipment versions of the dash panel are installed: Some models like the Caravelle and platform vans have the dash panel shown adjacent.

  • Page 53: The Media Device Interface Box

    Dash panel insert Three variants of the dash panel insert are fitted in the T5 2010 depending on the vehicle equipment. Standard Medium S453_086 S453_133 Premium S453_134 Gearshift recommendation Depending on the equipment, the T5 2010 has a display in the multifunction indicator of the dash panel insert in order to provide a recommendation for the driver to change gear in order to drive more economically.

  • Page 54: Radio, Phone And Navigation

    Radio, phone and navigation The radios and radio navigation systems Technical data RCD 210 S453_061 Monochrome display 122 x 36 pixels Colour display, touchscreen ● FM, TP and RDS reception (single tuner) FM twin tuner for FM, TP and RDS reception with phase diversity ●...

  • Page 55

    RCD 310 RNS 310 RNS 510 S453_059 S453_060 S453_058 302 x 45 pixels 5.5-inch, 400 x 240 pixels 6.5-inch, 800 x 480 pixels ● ● ● ● ● ● depending on equipment ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●...

  • Page 56: The Aerial Concept

    Radio, phone and navigation The aerial concept The T5 2010 has a complete aerial system for radio, TV, phone and GPS integrated in the exterior mirrors. The mirrors are configured as module exterior mirrors or exterior mirrors on extension bars depending on the model variant.

  • Page 57

    Exterior mirror on extension bars for open bodies AM/FM S453_039 S453_116 FM2 or FM2/DAB Right exterior mirror Left exterior mirror The signal pathways of the FM2 or FM2/DAB aerials The AM/FM aerial is located on an aerial foil with are located on a shared aerial foil in each case. The associated signal pathways.

  • Page 58

    Radio, phone and navigation Aerial assignment - module exterior mirror Each of the aerial combinations shown in the picture is possible for the module exterior mirrors. Exterior mirror Exterior mirror right left without AM/FM AM/FM/GSM FM2/DAB/GPS AM/FM/TV/GSM FM2/TV/GPS S453_063 S453_062 Mirror aerials Impedance converter Plug connection...

  • Page 59

    Aerial assignment - exterior mirror on extension bars Each of the aerial combinations shown in the picture are possible for the exterior mirrors on extension bars. Exterior mirror Exterior mirror left right without AM/FM AM/FM/GSM FM2/DAB/GPS S453_139 S453_138 Mirror aerials Aerial mount AM, FM, DAB aerial with impedance converter...

  • Page 60

    Radio, phone and navigation Aerial - onboard power supply connection Aerial mount Earth pin with body earth The AM, FM, TV and DAB aerials need antenna mounts that are located inside the doors. To ensure a perfect earth connection to the doors, the doors have an earth connection to the body earth via a separate earth cable.

  • Page 61

    Aerials - radio RCD 210 and UHV RCD210 AM/FM Aerial mount S453_046 Left exterior mirror Right exterior mirror – AM/FM aerial – without aerials – GSM aerial (with UHV) Aerials - radio RCD 310 and UHV/DAB RCD310 AM/FM Aerial mount 456_047 Right exterior mirror (with DAB) Left exterior mirror...

  • Page 62

    Radio, phone and navigation Aerials - radio/navigation unit RNS 310 and UHV RNS 310 AM/FM 456_048 Aerial mount Left exterior mirror Right exterior mirror – AM/FM aerial – FM2/DAB aerial (DAB aerial is not used) – GSM aerial (with UHV) –...

  • Page 63: The Telephone Preparation Uhv

    The telephone preparation UHV The telephone preparations used in the T5 2010 are UHV with audio streaming and UHV premium. These must be paired with Bluetooth -capable mobile phones. UHV (Bluetooth low) with audio streaming Only J412 voice data CAN data bus via HFP J503 Stereo channels...

  • Page 64

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