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Thermal Laminating - Black & Decker LAM95 Manual

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1. Turn the laminator on by pressing the power button on the
control panel.
2. Select the appropriate thermal setting based on your pouch
thickness. The pouch thickness is typically marked on the laminat-
ing pouch packaging.
• 3 mil: For use with 3 mil thick laminating pouches when
laminating standard printer paper or other thin
• 5 mil: For use with all 5 mil thick laminating pouches or
for 3 mil thick pouches when laminating photo paper,
business cards or other thick documents
3. During laminator warm-up, the light on the selected thermal
mode will flash. Once the appropriate laminating temperature is
reached, the 3 beep audible alert will sound. The laminator is now
4. Insert the sealed end of the pouch straight into the in-feed slot
and gently guide forward until the machine pulls it through.
5. The pouch will automatically feed through the laminator and
exit through the rear. Allow the laminated item to lay flat during
cooling for a more professional appearance.
6. In the event of a misfeed:
• LAM95: Pull jam release lever and remove
item throughthe front in-feed slot.
(See figure B)
• LAM95FH, LAM125FH: Press and hold the
reverse (REV) button on the control panel
while removing the item through the front
in-feed slot. (See figure A)


Table of Contents

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